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The Budget Gamer's Repair Kit
-Things To Do While Waiting for Final Fantasy XI to Install
-Virtual Reality or Art?
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Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
-Wheel of Fortune
(More PS2 Reviews)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter
-Final Fantasy X-2
(More Previews)

Leisure Suit Larry Announced
-New Greatest Hits
-Unlimited SaGa FFX-2 Prologue Bonus
-XIII Multiplayer Details
-Acclaim Releases XGRA
-Sammy Ships Lethal Skies II
-SNK Announces King of Fighters Pack
-Chris Vrenna Scores Area 51
-PS2 Shipments Hit 60 Million
-Grand Theft Auto "Double Pack" Announced
-Soul Calibur II Ships
-New PS2 Bundle
-Soul Calibur PS2 Bonuses
-Atari Announces DBZ: Budokai 2
-Midway Announces NARC
-Midway Announces Area 51
-Lethal Skies II Dated
-Sony Announces PSX
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Latest News

Ball o' Mercury

Archer Maclean's Mercury (Review)
Is this puzzler hot enough to compete in the already-crowded PSP puzzle genre?

Samurai Western (Review)
East meets West in this fun, but shallow action title.

Stella Deus: The Gate of Eternity (Review)
Atlus' latest strategy RPG has arrived, but something's amiss this time around...

Help Wanted
We have several writer positions now open!

Samurai Western Ships
See above for our full review, or click here for the company line.

Chaos @ Retail
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory has shipped for all platforms.

More PSP Games Ship
Overdue press releases for a few more games, including THUG2 Remix, Spider-Man 2, and Lumines.

Sony Online Entertainment Ships Untold Legends
The only multiplayer Action/RPG at PSP launch will be on store shelves tomorrow.

Konami Ships Metal Gear Acid
Solid Snake meets turn-based gameplay.

PSP Will See March Release
Good luck getting one.

Makai Kingdom Shapes Up
NIS set to deliver another tactical RPG gem.

Suikoden IV Ships
The latest in Konami's venerable RPG series has shipped.

Atlus Announces Two RPGs
The latest in the Shin Megami Tensei series and a new strategy RPG are on the way.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Ships
One of the 2004's biggest has shipped to retail.

Get Ready to Answer the Call of Duty
Call of Duty: Finest Hour has shipped for all three platforms.

Atari Anthology Ships
Now that's a collection!

Crash 'N' Burn Ships
Budget priced racer now shipping.

King Arthur Ships
Hopefully decent game based on mediocre movie now shipping.

Nippon Ichi Announce Phantom Kingdom
Another one on the way from up and coming strategy/RPG developer Nippon Ichi.

Konami Ships Rumble Roses
Another wrestling game, but this one has mud wrestling and hot chicks.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory Dated
Now will launch on all platforms simultaneously.

Namco Ships Katamari Damacy
Definitely niche, but it sure does look fun.

Konami Ships DDR Extreme
First DDR title to support the Eye Toy.

PStwo Official
Redesigned PS2 to hit shelves on October 14th.

Shin Megami Tensei Gets "M" Rating
Atlus tells you why it really matters this time.

Get Ready to Take Another Test Drive
Latest in Atari's racing series to ship this fall.

Namco Announces Death By Degrees
Tekken's Nina gets her own action adventure.

Alias Ships
Syd and the gang now available in digital form.

Namco Announces Ace Combat 5
Namco's hit flying series is back.

New Dukes
Cousin Daisy and the Duke Boys are back courtesy of Ubisoft.

Ubisoft Ships Two Clancy Titles
The Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six franchises return to Sony consoles.

Konami Ships Cy Girls
Dual heroines star in Konami's latest release.

Konami Ships Firefighter F.D. 18
Billed as the ultimate firefighting game.

Gold Ghosts
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm has gone gold.

Midway Ships The Suffering
The most twisted game ever?

Rainbow Six 3 Goes Gold
Should be on store shelves March 23rd.

Rockstar Announces GTA: San Andreas
The name and release date for the next GTA are finally official.

Konami Ships Lifeline
Voice recognition technology continues to march forward.

New Teams, New Uniforms
Two of baseball's biggest stars have changed teams recently, and Acclaim's captured them in their new duds.

The Voices Behind Pandora Tomorrow
Three big names have signed on for the next Splinter Cell.

Next Splinter Cell Delayed
New release date undetermined for the PS2 and GCN versions.

R-Type Final Ships
One of the shooter genre's biggest franchises comes to an explosive end.

Airforce Delta Strike Ships
The latest in Konami's Airforce series has shipped.

Namco Ships I-Ninja
Unique ninja game now shipping.

Codemasters Ships American Idol
Now you can be a contestant on Fox's mega-hit.

Midway Ships Arcade Treasures
Never forget your roots.

Atari Ships Kya: Dark Lineage
Promising "real wind physics", Kya has shipped.

New Legends of Wrestling Announced
More old guys in tights, including the Ultimate Warrior this time.


The Other 25: Part Five
The final installment features some sequels and, you guessed it, more Japanese wackiness.

The Other 25: Part Four
Japanese weirdness dominates most of this installment.

The Other 25: Part Three
Enjoy juvenile humor or dream of running your own movie studio?  If so you'll love Part Three.

The Other 25: Part Two
Part Two features five more under-hyped games, from a crazy comic-based game to an even crazier fighting game.

The Other 25: Part One
Part One of a feature exploring the under-hyped games...the OTHER games J. Michael Neal is looking forward to in the next nine months.

The 2nd Annual One Man Awards
Before dashing to the post office to mail 2003's tax return, celebrate the year that was by reading this unique retrospective.

Installing a PS2 HDD: Part Two - Software
Part two of our PS2 HDD installation guide is now online.

Installing a PS2 HDD: Part One - Hardware
Got a shiny new hard drive for your PS2?  We walk you through the installation step by step.

Dear Mr. Byron
One writer's response to another insightful article from the mainstream press.

What Kind of Gamer Are You?
Are you hardcore, or merely casual?

Staff Picks: Favorite Video Game Theme Songs
In this massive special, we pick our favorite video game theme songs of all-time.


Silent Hill 4: The Room
Konami continues its scary series with perhaps the weirdest entry yet.

X-Men: Legends
Legions of X-Men fans have cried out for a RPG, and now Activision is delivering it.

The Lord of the Rings: The Treason of Isengard
Vivendi's second LOTR game based on the book series looks more promising than the first.


Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
Sony Online's handheld debut is a good one.

Devil May Cry 3
Capcom's devilish action series makes a dramatic return to form.

Metal Gear Acid
We kick off our PSP reviews with a look at Kojima's latest experiment.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2
Can this port succeed where past Clancy games have failed?

Suikoden IV
The 108 Stars of Destiny take to the high seas, but the waters are pretty rough.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant
If you like your RPGs dark, unique, and hilarious at the same time then you're about to read the right review.

Fight Club
So bad we can't even make up a decent "first rule of Fight Club" joke.

Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Doesn't pack quite the same punch as the PC version, but still a decent WWII shooter.

Katamari Damacy
Not the weirdest "weird Japanese game" ever, but one of the funnest.

The Bard's Tale
One of the funniest games of all-time.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
Play the game and know the entire storyline before the movie's even released.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
This is a rare example of an over-hyped game that is truly worthy of the attention.

Rocky Legends
You know how, at the end of Rocky, Rocky scored a moral victory by just lasting to the end with Apollo Creed?  Well...

The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General Lee
It's a mission-based driving game...what did you expect?  RPG?

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude
The series that started the trend towards "mature" gaming is back, but has time passed it by?

Midway Arcade Treasures 2
Another good collection of arcade classics.

Atlus' CAR-PG places too much emphasis on the RPG and not enough on the racing.

Van Helsing
It's a graveyard smash.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Jungle Storm
Do two expansion packs equal one great game?

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3
Was Ubisoft able to successfully bring this Xbox Live hit to PS2?

Silent Hill 3
Now that you've read our preview of the 4th installment, read up on the most recent entry in the Silent Hill series.

EyeToy: Play
Sony continues to innovate with this unique web cam gaming peripheral.

R-Type Final
One of gaming's most revered franchises takes a bow.

Kya: Dark Lineage
If you've ever wanted your Zelda French-fried, this is the game for you.

Dragonball Z: Budokai 2
It's not the most complicated fighting game ever, but it's still a blast for DBZ fans.

Lethal Skies II
Sammy's latest is a significant upgrade over the original.

Snuff film - characterized by the sensationalistic depiction of violence; especially : featuring a real rather than staged murder.
Snuff game - latest masterpiece by the folks who brought us Grand Theft Auto.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
Not since Metal Gear Solid has a franchise made the jump from 2D to 3D this easily.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
Yet another case of a great game getting lost in the Christmas rush. 

Tony Hawk's Underground
The first real innovation in the series in a long time, and excellent online support makes this the version to own.

The look is unique, but can the storyline stand out compared to other similar titles?

Midway Arcade Treasures
Terrible presentation, but you can't argue with the games included.

I'll take Good Interpretations of Game Shows for $1600, Alex.

The Simpsons: Hit & Run
The best Simpsons game ever, but is that really saying a lot?

Silent Line: Armored Core
Has Agetec's series focused on upgrading mechs finally received the upgraded it needs?
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