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My Final Fantasy 7 Chocobo Raising and Mating Strategy Guide


|Table of Contents|

|1) Version|

|2) Disclaimer|

|3) Introduction|

|4) Background Info|

|5) Chocobo Raising Guide|

|6)Types of Chocobos and how to get them|

|7) Things you will need and where they are found|

|8) Notes from the Author|

|9) Credits|

1) Version:

1.0- 5/23/99 Started it off. Finished it up Still waiting for comments that could be helpful to add in the next update.

1.1- 5/30/99 I fixed a few minor things, not much!

Current Version: 1.1

2) Disclaimer:

This guide is Copyrighted by InsaneKlowny 1999. Any reproduction of this guide on to any site with out written consent of InsaneKlowny will not be tolerated. This site was originally written for InsaneKlowny's The PLAYStation© on May 23, 1999/


3) Introduction:

Okay guys, I am sick of seeing all these chocobo guides that have phony information and such things. I am just writing this because I am bored and have nothing to do. This guide will be for catching and raising chocobos until you reach your ultimate goal of getting a Gold Chocobo.

4) Background Info:

Chocobos are fun loving creatures. They are found throughout the fantasy world of Final Fantasy 7. They are extremely shy and do not like to be approached by humans. If you encounter one, approach it with the utmost care, you don't want to go around hitting it with your huge sword, that would not be would it?


5) Chocobo Guide:

Well, here it is. My Chocobo Raising and Mating guide. The purpose of reading this guide is to get a Gold Chocobo and then the strongest materia in the game (Knights of the Round Table). I am a little late with this guide, but I am sure you will like it.



Starting off


To start off, you will have to visit the Chocobo farm in disc one. Here, if you talk to the chocobo, it will give you a Summon Materia called Choc/Mog. This materia is cool, but not powerful. If you talk to another one, it will drop the "Chocobo Lure" materia, this is the one you will need. It saves you alot of money (well, it is alot if you are in the beginning of the game). Then when you have that Chocobo lure Materia, you will be able to catch chocobos. You ask me,"How will I know where I can encounter a Chocobo?" In return, I say "You just look for the foot prints that look like Chicken prints, and you will find Chocobos. When you encounter a Chocobo in a battle, make sure not to frighten it, or hit it. That will make it run. You need a chocobo in the early part of the game to pass the giant serpent that will crush your guys (for now).


Being prepared for Chocobos


Well, after you get the Highwind, you can rent out the chocobo stables. To do this, you must fly back in the Highwind (the airplane) to the Chocobo Farm. Have at least 60,000 Gil with you, because there are 6 stables costing 10,000 gil a piece, and you want them all. So, you go and talk to Chocobo Bill (not the young man the elderly man). You will have the option to let him take care of your Chocobos. In a nut-shell, this means that you can rent out a Chocobo Stable. You want to keep doing this until you have rented out all 6. It is not really renting, it is buying, because you never pay again, and you never have to move out. After this, you will want to equip your Chocobo Lure Materia (if it is not already equipped) and go Chocobo hunting.


Where to get the best Chocobos


The Chocobos that you want are Wonderful and Great, they are the only ones that are really worth catching. To get a suitable female, you must go to the Gold Saucer,and go a little bit south. You will see a patch of desert with a beac stalk in it. If you fly around a little more, you will find Chocobo tracks YEAH *grins* Land the Highwind, and walk around (make sure you have the Chocobo Lure Materia equipped) and find a chocobo. When you do, catch it, and then press the 'x' button, when you get off, you will have the option to send it back to the stables. Do it. Repeat this process once again, and you will have to pack up, and find a male. To find the male, you will have to go to Midell (or the Life Stream depending on your progress in the game). When you get here, go around to the left and you will find Chocobo tracks. Get down on the ground and catch 2 Chocobos. The reason for only catching 2 from each place is that you can only hold 4 outside of your stables. Make sure that you do get 4 before you head back.

6) Types of Chocobos and How to get them:


Standard Yellow Chocobo


This Chocobo is the one that you always will catch, nothing rare about it, it is pretty neat looking. But, all Chocobos look the same. You will not have trouble finding this little guy, he is very shy though. He is used just for walking on the ground (flat grasslands only), so this one is no use to you except passing the shallow water in the beginning of the game. But don't get mad if you catch one, because you need it! For what (see below)


Blue Chocobo (Mountain Chocobo)


This chocobo is a great little guy. You will get him by breeding a Yellow Chocobo with a Yellow Chocobo, or a Green Chocobo with a Yellow chocobo,using the Carob Nut (see below for location) This guy can climb mountains, and he is useful for the game. You will need this guy to get a Golden Chocobo. It might take a few tries to get him, but it is worth it. Don't get TOOO frustrated *smiles*


Green Chocobo (River Chocobo)


This chocobo can cross rivers. He is nice to be around. I like the Blue color better, but you need this one to get a gold one too! How do you get this guy you ask, well simple. You just breed a Yellow Chocobo with a Yellow Chocobo, or a Blue Chocobo With a Yellow Chocobo using the carob nut (see below for location). This chocobo will be a great friend.


Black Chocobo (River and Mountain Chocobo)


This chocobo is better than the Blue and Green put together, considering it is the Blue and Green Chocobo *grin* To get this, you must mate a Green Chocobo with a Blue Chocobo using the Carob Nut (see below for location). With this guy, you will be able to go almost any where. You will want this, but once you get a Gold Chocobo, you will not need this.


Gold Chocobo (Ocean Chocobo)


Wow, this Chocobo is great. It can go any where on the whole world map. To get this you must mate a Black Chocobo with a S-Class Dashing chocobo (found in the northern continent) You must use a Zieo Nut (see below for location). You will have to race the Dashing Chocobo to make it S-Class, but believe me, it is well worth it. This Chocobo is fully versitle and you will fall in love with him.

7) Things you will need and where they are found:


Carob Nut- This item is found In the little area around Chocobo Sage's house in the Northern Continent. You Have to steal it from a Dinosaur like Creature


Zieo Nut- This item is found to the North West of the Chocobo Farm, you will have to fly there on the HighWind, and fight little monsters that have boxing gloves on, they are abundant, and they are not rare.


Chocobo Lure materia- This items is found in the 1st disc, although you can get it later on, you want it in the beginning. You can get it from one of the chocobos. This item is crucial to the game.


Various Greens- These items are called Greens, they are food for your chocobo. You can buy some from Chocobo Billy (at the Chocobo Stables) and some better ones from Chocobo Sage (at his house). You can also steal some, but not good ones.



8) Notes from the Author:

Some people say that if you catch a Chocobo in the Northern Continent where the weather is harsh, it will be better, they are sometimes. I mean, there are mostly poor chocobos here, but there are few Wonderful Chocobos, and this is the only place to get them, you have to be patient, but it is worth it!

9) Credits

This Chocobo Raising guide was brought you you by InsaneKlowny. It's first post will be on his site at
Feel free to e-mail me when ever you need to ask me question. Send the Questions to and I will answer as many as possible. If you want to have this on your page, please ask me first, unless I send it to you.
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