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Fear Effect Strategy Guide
By: Bronco

Table of Contents:
Copyright Stuff
Lam Building
Lam Building Part 2
Lam Building Part 3

Welcome to this Fear Effect strategy guide. In this guide, I will describe how to get through all 4 discs. This guide will only have a couple
of the parts of the game on how to beat, but that will change when I finish it!

This whole guide is the sole property of me, Bronco. If you wish to use this guide, please contact me at If you decide to use it without my permission and I catch you, you will be fined. So I suggest you
don't do it.

You are Hana in this part and you arrive at the Lam Building to meet with Jin at the rorship pad. But Jin isn't there. So Hana gets off the hovering craft and exits in search for Jin. Glas stays behind. Now you are in control, walk to the left of the screen then to the right onto the next. Now you're at your first save point. Save the game (select the cell phone in your inventory). Now continue walking forward to the small exit door to the right. You see that bright light to the right of the door? That bright light
is a switch that controls the rotoship pad. Use the action button while you're against the switch and it raises the rotoship pad. Next is a scene where Glas waves goodbye to you, and next you'll be at the base of a set of catwalks.

Now, walk to the right and then down, following the catwalk. Now equip your knife or pistol because some enemies might be coming your way. Now you'll see more catwalks. Keep following them.

Now you're at some enemies! But they are just some henchmen. Sneak up on the first henchmen. wait for the red targeting cursor which signifies that it will only take one shot to kill him and you want as much ammo as possible. You could use the knife which wouldn't attract attention to the second henchman. If you use gun, the second henchman will see you and hurry up and kill him. Pick up the ammunition and continue down the catwalk.

A ladder and a window will appear in the next screen. Approach the window until you activate the look function. Use the action button and Hana will look in the window and spot a red lever. When you regain control again, get your pistol out and shoot the window to pieces. Press the action button to get inside.

Approach the red lever. Activate the use function , press the action button and Hana will pull the red lever. A short scene will appear which shows steam pouring through some pipes near near a wheel valve. Turn around and search the shelves on the opposite side of the room with the red lever. These boxes contain a fuse which you'll need later. Take it and go to the broken window and go back outside.

You can't go through the gate to the right of the ladder so you have to go
over the storage shed. Walk up the ladder. Then press the action button to
ascend the ladder. Press the direction button up to climb the ladder and
reach the roof of the shed. Walk very quietly and carefully to the far end
of the roof and you will spot a henchman. Go to the right top of the roof
and you'll spot the wheel valve. Press the action button to turn the wheel
valve which will release steam from pipes next to the henchman. It will
knock the henchman out and you will go safely.

Find the ladder on the far side of the roof over where the henchman was. Use
your action button to go down the ladder and press the down button to go down it. Walk over to where the henchman was and grab the gate key from him. Go to the right side of your screen and go to those grey and red pipes. You'll see the a steel gate and now you use the key you got from the henchman and open the door.

Now, two henchmen await your arrival. Their backs are turned so attempt a
silent or one hit kill. Kill those henchmen like that and grab a red keycard
from them and also get the ammunition.

Continue to the screen at your left and you'll approach the security door and
with a slot to put the red keycard in. Put the keycard in the slot by using
the action button and you'll be inside the door. Another henchmen will be at
your arrival with his back turned too! Kill him with the knife or pistol.
Grab his ammunition and there will be a save point in the middle of the room
and save your game.

Walk to the left side of the room where there are security cameras. Use the
action button to view what's going on on the monitors. Jin is getting beat
up by some henchmen and he evidently drops a key marked 67. When control is back to you, I'd recommend you save your game again and go out the door left of the security monitors.

Now you're at a new set of catwalks. You should see two henchmen next to a
sign/ Get rid of them and pick up the machine pistol and their ammunition.
Then proceed through the path of the catwalk. Then the catwalk path takes a
left then to the top right. Now you should see an elevator to the right.
Don't bother messing with the elevator and the controls and continue to the
bottom of the screen.

Approach those power cells on the lower left and there's another henchman.
Kill him and stay behind the power cell and shoot the other guards. There
will be a lot of gunfire so learn those techniques like dodging to dodge the
bullets. When all the henchmen are eliminated and you pick up the
ammunition continue through the power grid to the right.

Keep following the catwalk as it turns to the right and head left inside a
doorway and a storage room. Then you'll see a point to save your game. Save
it and head to the bottom of your screen to see more of the storage room
where those security cameras were. In a corner of the room, you'll see a
locker key. Take it and go and proceed down the tunnel to the left of the
save point.

There will be two henchmen on the ramp. Kill them when you get to them.
Grab their ammunition and head toward the left of the screen. You'll see
another henchman that guards that small alley. No easy kill behind the back
this time, you'll have to face it out. Also, don't bother going to the door
at the end of the alley, it's locked.

Go to the power grid fuse box which is against the wall in front of the
henchman's alley. This is where that fuse comes in, place that fuse inside
that box to activate the power grid. It will kill a henchman who is on top
as you will see in the brief cinema. Return to that storage room which is at
the top of the ramp. Save your game again.

Part 2

Walk through the doorway that's past the save point. You'll see a hanchman
waits outside with his back turned. Kill the guard silently. Keep follwing
the catwalk to the left until you reach that reactivated power grid. Stay
there and don't run across it, you'll be killed.

Watch that pattern of electric bolts on the grid. It keeps repeating itself
and ofers a safe passage across the grid so you won't be killed. First, walk
on the first rectangle while those electric bolts aren't activated. Wait for
the bolts to dissapear above the start position and then move on to it. Turn
to your lower left and wait til the bolts leave the center rectangle. Then
walk onto it. Then face the left side and wait for the bolts to move out of
the last rectangle. Walk onto it and then walk safely onto the other side of
the grid.

Now kinda retrace your steps up the catwalk past the now activated life which
you can't use just yet. Keep following the catwalk until you arrive at the
security office door. Go inside and walk to the right of those security
moniters and go to locker 67. Open the locker with your locker key 67 in
your inventory. In the locker are a pistol and a blue keycard. Save your
game which is in the center of the room. Exit the room and head back torward
that lift. Approach the lift's controls and use the action button and get

There will be a little cinema of Hana riding on the lift. Exit the lift and
go to your left. You'll see a yellow toolbox on the wall with some wire
cutters inside. Grab those wire cutters and walk to the right of the screen
and continue the path. You go past the lift and again to the right. Then
walk past those flashing lights to the tight corridor. Then when you enter
the next screen, there will be a door locked on the right wall. Keep moving
toward the bottom of your screen and then go to the left as your path winds
through the machinery.

Get out a pistol or knife. As you turn to the left and onto the next screen,
a henchman will bne waiting with, yet, his back turned. Kill him silently
and pick up the ammunition and keep walking the path. When you are at the
next screen, walk forward and then to the left. There will be a brief
cineama of Hana seeing a guard at the end of the corridor. Get your knife or
pistol once again and kill him.

Go to the bottom of the screen and there will be another locked door. This
is where that blue keycard will come in handy. First, though, save your game
to the right of the door and then open the door.

Now there will be a cinema showing Jin being strapped to an explosive device.
Hana scares the guardswhich all throughout the room. Now you'll have to
face all of them. Kill them all and go to Jin who's tied to a chair with an
explosive device.

Now another cinema plays as Hana explains how to deactivate the explosive.
And the end of the cinema, a timer will start for 6 minutes. This is where
those wire cutters will come in handy. Approach Jin and grab your wire
cutters out of your inventory. Use the wire cutters on Jin to activate the
close up screen of the explosive.

Now it's time to deactivate. Move your directions pad to your left until you
notice a green square on a purple circuit. You then select any of the three
wires to the right of the purple circuit. Cut the red one and blue one by
using the action button. Now move to the right and select that orange
circuit. Cut the red and then the yellow one. Now move to the right and
select the green circuit. Cut the yellow and green wires. Now the explosive
device will be deactivated and Jin will be saved. Now there will be a cinema
where it shows Jin revealing he has a hidden disc with some info about Wee
Ming. Moments after that, Jin is shot down by a hanchmen's stout leader.
Then after a chase, you regain control near the lift.

Part 3

Now your're back here where the lift was. Since that lift is not there, it's time to see what's in that locked door. Before you do anything, save your game at the save point next to the door where Jin was before he died. Now go to that locked door and use that explosive you got off Jin on the door.  Hurry up and get away or you'll die from the explosive. After the explosion, enter the burned up door.

Follow the path and you should recognize this location. Retrace your steps through this section and go up that ramp. There's a hanchman at the top of the ramp so get rid of him. There's a save point here, so save it and lets move on.

Head through that exit door to the right of the save point. Run through that power grid which is now deactivated. Now you will see two henchmen with their backs turned. Kill them and pick up the ammunition and continue past the lift. There will be another henchman so terminate him.

Walk along the catwalk until you see a hatch with the "Sign Access" sign has been opened. So do down that ladder. Now walk towards the botom of the screen and you will see a hanchman, so terminate him. Also, there will be a save point so save it. Now your outside with those lighting Chinese symbols. There will be two henchmen in your way so terminate them. Now go inside that door and keep going the path.


Now your're at the bald guy which killed Jin. Beware, he has a machine gun so get out your machine pistol and just start shooting him and dodge his shots. This took me a while to kill and is very difficult and will easily frustrate any gamer. Once you kill him though, pick up the machine pistol and sign key.

So go to the door and you'll will see you have to get the right combination of Chinese symbols to open the door. Look outside and you see those lighting Chinese symbols? There's your combination and enter it at the door and the door will open, simple as that. Now there will be a cinema as a guard sneaks up behind Hana with the gun raised.


Now your Glas who's still waiting on the rotoship pad waiting for Hana.  Since she's taking so long, he decides to go after her. Save your game at the save point and go to that switch. Now a cinema will play as a flying craft will appear behind you and will start shooting at you. After the cinema, hurry up and go to the ladder next to the switch and hurry up and go up it. If you take too long, a blast of fire will kill you.

Now your're at the top where your're safe.After the cinema, you'll regain control and armself with the 2 pistols. Follow the catwalk to the right and towards the bottom of the screen. Now there will be a guard that spots you and there will be another guard emerging from the right side of the screen.  Terminate both of them and pick up their ammunition and keep following the catwalk to the right side of the screen.

Keep following the catwalk past the next screen and you'll see the broken window Hana broke earlier. But go up that ladder. When you reach close to the top, the flying craft will be there shooting its machine guns at the roof so just stay at the top of the ladder. Wait for it to turn to the left and then go up to the roof. Then the screen switches to overhead view and walk very quickly to the ladder at the bottom of the screen and go down it.

After the cinema of the flying craft flying away after shooting you, you'll regain control at a save point so save it. So head to the left side of the screen and pick up that pipe. Now go to the big orange tank at the right side of the screen. Now use your pipe at it and it'll release a pressurized gas. Now get out your pistol and shoot the tank and an explosion will occur, opening a hole in the catwalk. Now look at the hole and Glas will fall down the hole and now you'll have control of Hana.


Now your're with the guard and you dropped your knife at the center of the room. Now hurry and go to the center of the room and pick up that knife and start slashing that guard until he's dead and pick up his assault rifle.  Head out the room by proceeding wo the lower right corner. Now your're at another henchman so terminate him.

Walk out onto the ledge under the neon sign where two guards patrol the ledge. So eliminate them and head right across the ledge and turn into the corridor. A save point is here so save your game. So head to the ladder at the end and go up it which a door opens revealing Mr. Lam who's not too pleased and several guards surround you from behind.


Glas now stands up and shakes off those cobwebs and you regain control. Now your at a pipe maze which different pipes at different times heat up. Once the first pipe cools, run down and turn down the long section. Your destination is at the end of the long pipe where there is a wheel valve.
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