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FINAL FANTASY VII: Lucky 7's guide.
By: Lyenhardt
Original Writing: December 30, 1999
Latest Writing: July 6, 2000
© 1999-2000

If you find any other way to do this trick besides the ways presented in this FAQ, please, by all means, send them to me, and I'll see about them working, and I'll probably put it in this FAQ. Remember, this is a revolution to outsmart the programmers and designers to cheat without the use of cheating devices. With your help, we can do this! (Sounds corny, I know).


      Table of Contents:

1. Legal Notice
2. Description/Intro
3. Items You Need
4. How to do the Trick
5. Alternate Method to do the Trick
6. Uses of the Trick
7. Miscellaneous Stuff
8. Thanks
9. Revision Notices

(1.) LEGAL STUFF TO TAKE SERIOUSLY                    To Top! *************************************

This FAQ/walkthrough/guide is copyright© of the owner, Seiferoth. It may not be redistributed in any form or fassion without the approval of me and me alone. Permission will definitely not be granted to reproduce this FAQ for personal, profitable, or promotional gain, unless a thorough agreement is made between the party wanting to use it and I. Failure to abide by these legal terms can and will lead to civil actions. If I agree to let you use it, it must be in its original and unaltered form, or action will be taken against you. Just to let you know, it is a crime to copy OR illegally redistribute protected work. This FAQ is protected by the International Copyright Law, and is punishable of no less than than $5000 if convicted in the court of law. You have been warned.

Final Fantasy VII Copyright© 1997 Square Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Final Fantasy and Squaresoft are registered trademarks® of Square Co., Ltd

(2.) DESCRIPTION/INFO                    To Top! ************************************

This is a trick to get Lucky Seven's, the very rare phenomenon that happens to FFVII players possibly once in their careers. That excludes those who use a gameshark code to do it, but I'm not exactly sure there is one, though. Anyway, I myself have never gotten lucky sevens normally. I wanted to for so long, but I was never "Lucky" enough to do so. One day, I was inspired to get it, no matter what...

I was having problems defeating the Emerald Weapon, and my friend defeated him with lucky sevens, in which he recieved halfway through the battle. So, I came to the conclusion that that's what I needed to finally put an end to its dark reign. So many times before, I came close to beating it. I've recorded over a million hit-points of damage, and he still would not die. Depression set in, but I soon pulled myself out of it. I kept telling myself that there was a way to do it, to get the ever elusive 'Lucky sevens'. I sat down at the game, and the first thing I tried doing was to get lucky, hence the name. That didn't work to well, and that certainly wasn't the way to go. It could take hours or days to get it. (But with my method, it would only take a few minutes, with virtually no risk of it not working.) From there, I had to look for a better way......

Strangely enough, I found myself at the basic roots of all that is evil.. ....MATH!!! Yessiree. You heard it right. Math. I needed the valiant and bold powers of math on my side to figure out this problem. As I pondered about it one day, I came to the conclusion that the answer to this puzzle was right there, just out of my reach. I knew that the programmers at Squaresoft figured that gamers like me would try to cheat and recieve lucky sevens without actually getting lucky, and they tried to stop that, because I noticed something they did with one of the items that is needed to do this trick. I will tell you about it in the Micellaneous Stuff section. Anyhoo, I tried all of the mathematical formula's I devised, but they weren't working. Yet, one faithful day, I had finally broken the code. The trick that I created is the only one of its kind I have seen. So far, I am the only one that knows of it. And now, without furthur hesitation, I present to you, one of the greatest tricks ever to be found in an FF game....

(3.) ITEMS YOU NEED                    To Top! ************************************

Here is a list of the items that you need, may need, or might want to use. I am sure there are better combinations of items to use besides the ones I have listed, but these are the ones I used. And since I haven't played FFVII in a long time or done the trick in a while, I will probably not list the better items that could be used, because I have simply forgot or I didn't thoroughly explore the different item possibilities that are availiable.

      You must have...

a. Cats Bell accessory = restores hp as you walk.(Get it in Chocobo Racing)
b. 15 High-Potions = restores 500 hp per use(Buy at most shops)
c. 2 Potions = restores 100 hp per use.(Buy at most shops)
d. Hp max OVER 7777 = (use hp-plus materia to help you out)
e. Demi 2 spell of Laser enemy skill = (Learn in the crater from dragon enemy.)

      Suggested items/wpns/spells/materia:

a. Demi 3
b. Time materia with stop learned, linked to sneak attack materia
c. Manipulate Materia
d. Mastered Cover Materia
e. Transform Materia with "Mini" learned

(4.) HOW TO DO THE TRICK                    To Top! *********************************** is the moment you've all been waiting for. It is time for me to pass on my vast knowledge to the world. So, here it is, the lucky sevens trick. I will list these in steps, in chronological order to be exact.


O.k. The first thing that you need to do is check your items menu to see if you have the following items listed above that you need. If you do not have any of those items, go get them. Also, if you do not have any of the suggested items, or only a few of them, it won't make the trick impossible, but just a bit more challenging and possibly longer. If you have all of the necessary items, you must now go into battle. I suggest that you go to the narrow strip of land jutting out near the Gold Saucer, were you can fight enemies called beachplugs. If you don't won't to go there, go somewhere were you can manipulate the enemy easily. While in battle, manipulate the enemy or kill off a few of them, then manipulate the remaining monster that is left. With that accomplished, choose the party member you want to have lucky sevens. Now, I suggest that you use 'Demi 3' on that party member and attack that member until his/her hp is below 154. I repeat, BELOW 154 HP! Once you have accomplished that, kill off the monster and get ready for step 2.


The next thing to do is to go to a place where there are no enemies, such as a town. I always go to the Chocobo farm, or you could go inside the Highwind. Now, equip the 'Cats Bell' accessory on the person that is getting lucky sevens. In other words, the one that you were beating up on during the previous battle. Here comes the tricky part. You must walk around really slow, monitering your hp, until it reaches EXACTLY 154 hp. Absolutley 154!!! Walk very slow and check the hp level constantly, because it is really easy to go over if you are not careful. Just to let you know, your hp goes up by 2 every step. Note that large steps may go over the 2 hp gain per step. When you get in the 154 hp vacinity, start taking jerky, small steps by slightly tapping the d-pad(Directional-pad). Once you have exactly reached 154, promptly un-equip the Cats Bell. If you accidently go over, just repeat step 1 and you'll be back on track. Go out of the town or wherever you are and save immediately. On to step 3.
{NOTE: Check out the 'Miscellaneous Stuff' section for info on the Cats Bell, and the mystery of the item.}


I strongly suggest that you go to Cactuar Island for this step. You won't to avoid enemies in groups, as you must not let the party member who will be recieving lucky sevens take any damage whatsoever. On Cactuar Island, you will most definitley run into one enemy alone, the elusive and evasive, Cactuar! Another great reason that this place is a good place is because the Cactuar is susceptible to both stop and manipulate, especially manipulate. When you go into battle, try having the combination of Time materia with Stop learned, and Sneak-attack materia. If your sneak-attack materia isn't at a high level, there is a small chance that it will succeed, though, so get ready to use maniplate as soon as the battle begins. Once the Cactuar is manipulated or stopped, cast either demi 2 or laser on the party member recieving Lucky 7's, and that will take their total hp to 77. Kill it or run from battle and save. If your Lucky 7's guy was hit, start over at step 2 if they didnt die, and if they did die, start over at step 1. But, most likely, you will succeed if you followed this guide correctly. {NOTE: Check out the 'Miscellaneous Stuff' to find out were the location of Cactuar Island is.}


Here is the final step. Go to your item menu and use 15 high potions and 2 potions on that member, totalling exactly 7777 hp! And there you have it, easy lucky sevens without the use of cheating devices or pure luck. BOO-YA!!!

(5.) ALTERNATE METHOD TO DO THE TRICK                       To Top! ************************************

Here's an awesome alternate method to get Lucky Seven's, sent in by Dyedo. This method is pretty much a flawless tactic, and should help out those that are confused with my original method. Here it is....

Step 1:

Have characters max HP over 7777, naturally.

Step 2:

Next, go to a battle where the enemies are maniputable, and kill all but one, manipulating the last one.

Step 3:

Now, at this point, you have to do this....

If you get your HP below 7777, you then have to get it at a number that has the two ending numerals as "77". To do this, you should cast "Mini", a spell that shrinks your character. When you do this, all attacks done by that character now will equal '1' HP in damage. Now, attack the character that you want having Lucky Sevens until their number reaches the ending numerals of "77", i.e., "3477". (You might want to get as close as possible to "77", so that it will cut down on your time to do this trick.) Once you reach the ending numerals of "77", kill the enemy, and do the math. Use the right amount of potions and Hi-potions, and you should reach the ultimate number, "7777"!!!

(6.) USES OF THE TRICK                       To Top! ************************************

Well, there aren't many uses for the trick. You just can't get lucky sevens, go down to the crater, and beat Sephiroth with it. The reason for this is because, once you enter the first battle with it, it will automatically be used before any other battle commands are executed, including the enemies. Once it is used, your hp total will sadly drop down to 1, and you have to do the trick all over again to get it back. But, for me, there was one very significant use though. The total annialation of the omni-potent Emerald Weapon. I'll give you the lowdown and statistics of the battle listed below, with the help of lucky sevens of course.

Emerald Weapon recieved 1,079,669 total damage before dying.

Used only 1 Mega-Elixer during fight.

Lucky Sevens at first of battle.

6 Knights of the Round.

No party members died.

Emerald Weapon got off only one attack the entire match, which was emerald shoot.

Beat Emerald Weapon on April 2nd, 1999, Friday 10:50 P.M., after 1 year, 5 months,
   and 23 days after first getting and playing the game.

My basic strategy was to hit him hard and fast, and that I did. With the materia mime, I mimed Cloud's Knights of the Round and kept doing it until he died. The E. Weapon couldn't recooperate from my ballistic wailing, and I owe most of the victory to the Lucky Sevens, as it nearly took away 50% of its hp. So, the basic main use of 'lucky sevens' is to really wup-up on the E. Weapon, and the prize you get from doing so is well worth it. (The total damage I dealt him is an actual number. I added up every bit of damage delt with a calculator. The way I did this was pausing the game after damage was dealt by any character or source, typed it in on the calculator, and got the grand total, 1,079,669. Also, I recorded all of that info on a piece of paper, because I was so excited and I wanted to remember that moment as one of the greatest videogame moments ever.)

(7.) MISCELLANEOUS STUFF                     To Top! ************************************

This section is devoted to miscellaneous things, like where and how to get the items that are listed, among various other topics.

*The Cats Bell*

To get the Cats Bell, you must race in the Gold Saucer at the Chocobo races. You have to have an S class chocobo and win an S class race. I suggest that you have a gold chocobo, since there is a very tough oponent in there that randomly appears to race you. After winning, the prize you get is randomized. Just keep trying and you'll eventually win it. Also, about the mystery of Cats Bell. If you noticed, whenever you walk with the Cats Bell equipped, your hp goes up by 2. But, if your hp is an odd number, say 51, your hp will not stay odd. It goes up by 1 then 2 from there on. They did this because, if you eventually walked around enough, the number will reach 7777, and therfore, you could easily recieve LS(Lucky Sevens).


You can learn this enemy skill from the dragon monster on the first level of the Crater, on the part were the path spirals down to the bottom. Manipulate him and cast it on the party member that has the enemy skill materia on him. Laser has the same effect as Demi 2.

*Cactuar Island Location*

Cactuar Island is located south of Cosmo Canyon, in accordance to the world map displayed at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It is undetectable on the map, much like the materia cave that holds the ancient and powerful Knights of the Round materia. It is at the border of the southern part of the map, on the ocean, below Cosmo Canyon. Just search that area until you find it.

*Other Additional Info*

  •   If you're thinking about getting all of your characters lucky sevens, you can! But....there is a catch to this. With one character that has lucky sevens, they will attack around 64 times, dealing 7777 per hit. With 3 characters, it is not cumalative. They will divide up that number among theirselfs, and that is not the best thing to do, so just stick with one charcter with LS.
  •  FYI, you cannot mime Lucky Sevens. I believe the character will just do nothing or perform a regular attack, if memory serves me right.
  •   Here is a little tip that always seemed to help me. The character that is recieving LS should be placed in the third slot, or the bottom slot in other words, on the main menu screen, by using the order command in the menu. For some reason, the enemies do not attack the party member in the 3rd position as much as the others...
  •   Another little bit of information: Whenever you are trying the 3rd step of the trick, make sure that you do not have any kind of elemental defense against "GRAVITY" If you don't know, go to the 'status' option on the main menu and click on the character you are wanting to recieve Lucky Sevens. While on that menu, press the circle button to bring up another menu, which tells you in detail what you are strong against, weak against, etc. If it says anything under gravity beside the "halve" damage setting, it needs to be taken off.
    The main item that could be causing this might be the linked materia combo Elemental and Gravity, linked on your charcters armor. Take it off and your problem should be solved, unless there is another armor/accessory/other thing that gives you protection from gravity. Just find it and take it off, and the demi spells should deal normal, specified damage.
  •  If you have a mastered Cover Materia, and you equip it on the character that is beside the one that is recieving LS's, then there is pretty much no chance at all that the character recieving LS's will be hit by physical attacks. So, make sure you're fighting physical attacking enemies, and make sure the "protecting" character is beside the one getting LS's. Also, combine this of course with all of the other tricks mentioned above in section 4, and you have easy LS's!


I will most likely be writing more FAQ's later on, so be sure to check them out. Games that I am currently thinking about writing FAQ's for are as follows:

Gain Ground (Old Sega Genesis game) {*IN PROGRESS*}

Super Smash Bros. {*IN PROGRESS*}

Crazy Taxi

FFT Transcript

Any Others I Feel Like doing

(8.) THANKS                     To Top! ***********************************

Well, you're definitely going to be suprised on who I thank this time. My number one thanks goes out to.......(drum roll)........All OF MY PRESCHOOL TEACHERS, for teaching me the basics of math that helped me break the code of the lucky sevens! Also, all of the other teachers that kept nagging me and telling me to never give up on all of those impossible math questions. There....with that off my chest, I'm going to thank Squaresoft for a superlative RPG that, in my opinion, was the best FF to date. Oh, and about the programmers. Sorry guys, but I guess I out-smarted you. Or, was it that you guys actually meant for there to be a way to get lucky sevens without cheating. Oh well, the world may never no......

Another thanks goes out to 'Emptyeye', a contributor to Gamefaqs, for raising the question about miming the Lucky Sevens.(Refer to the Miscellaneous Section about 'miming' LS.)

Yet another thanks goes out to i_novak85 for pointing out the problem with having gravity nullification equipped while doing the trick. (See the Miscellaneous Section for more info on this topic, which is under -Other Additional Info.-)

A very good trick has been sent in by Psycho Monkey. It involves using a mastered Cover Materia and protecting the reciever of LS's. Good job, Psycho!

Thanks to Dyedo for giving me the awesome alternative to get LS's. Try it out if you find the original way to difficult or not accurate enough to work. Heck, it's pretty much surefire!.



(9.) REVISION NOTICES                    To Top! ********************************** ==========================
v1.0--December 30, 1999:

This was the original writing of the Lucky Sevens FAQ!

v2.0--January 15, 2000:

Added the Revision Notices section, fixed some spelling/grammer errors here and there, deleted a possible FAQ that I was going to write (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ain't gonna happen, since there is so many already up around the web.), Added a FAQ that I will do (Gain Ground anyone.), Put some additional text that needed to be put in, and added new info. in the Miscellaneous Section

v3.0--January 17, 2000:

Updated Revision Notice (Well Duh!), updated Legal Notice, updated Thanks section, updated the Miscellaneous Stuff section--adding something about defense against gravity attacks, Put the original date and current up-dated date at top of FAQ, put some more additional text I thought was necessary, and added little things you most likely wouldn't notice.

v4.0--February 27, 2000:

MAJOR reworking done. I HTMLized this FAQ, which took me about 3 days to do. I updated a bunch of things, adding little insignificant things. I also did some secret corrections that I shall let no one know of....Mwuhahahaha!!!

v5.0--April 16, 2000:
Well, this time, I fooled around with the links, and they should work flawlessly now. But, the biggest update is the addition of the alternate method for getting Lucky Sevens. It might be easy for some, and the original way might be easier for some. Who knows? Also, I updated the "Items You Need" section, the Miscellaneous Stuff section with a very easy way of protecting the character that is recieving LS's, and the Thanks Section. And, I also got it set up to go up on my site, too. Simply put, it's a BIG update.

v.5.5--July 6, 2000:

A few corrections were made, and it was converted especially for VGH, again. Not much, however. A few link changes, colored words converted to bold words, but nothing special. VGH READERS: Refer to Update 5.0 just above this one to find out what you possibly missed, since version 4.0 was the only one that made it to VGH.

This FAQ is copyright© of Lyenhardt/Seiferoth(1999). Any resemblance or relation to any other FAQ is purely coincedental, so don't try sueing me or anything like that. I also detest plagiarism, and I wouldn't want anybody ripping off my work, so I advise that you don't do it either. Final Fantasy VII copyright© 1997 Square Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Final Fantasy and Squaresoft are registered trademarks® of Square Co., Ltd
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