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1.) Scope (Binoculars)
These help Snake see up to 1000 yards off.
You use your O button to zoom in.
You use your X button to zoom out.

2.) Cigaret (Cigarettes)
Solid Snake's favorite brand.
Smoking is hazardous to your health.

3.) Ration (Military rations)
Restores your life gauge.
Press the 0 button while the Item Menu is open to increase your LIFE a certain amount.  If your Life Gauge reaches zero while you have rations equipped, they will be used automatically.

4.) Card Lv? (Level ? security card)
Equip this card to open all security doors Level ? and below.
You will need to acquire higher level cards to progress.
Use First Person View Mode to check the door's security levels.

5.) C.Box A (Cardboard Box A)
"To the Heliport" is written on it.
Equip to have Snake hide inside the box.
It may fool the enemy soldiers....

6.) C.Box B (Cardboard Box B)
"To the Nuclear Building" is written on it.
Equip to have Snake hide inside the box.
It may fool the enemy soldiers....

7.) C.Box C ( Cardboard Box C)
"To the Snow Field"  is written on it.
Equip to have Snake hide inside the box.
It may fool the enemy soldier....

8.) Therm.G (Thermal Goggles)
Night Vision equipment.
Employs thermal imaging to enhance the heat signatures of items and enemies.

9.) Stealth Camouflage (Stealth suit)
Renders wearer invisible through Light
Reflection System.

10.) Bandana (Bandana)
Words "Limitless" is sewn on it.

11.) Camera (Digital Camera)
You can take pictures whenever and where ever.
Use your 0 button to zoom in.
Use your X button to zoom out.
Use your square button to take picture.

12.) Medicine (Cold Medicine)
Snake will need this in case he catches a cold.
While Items window is open press your 0 button to take medicine.

13.) Diazepam (Anti-Anxiety Drug)
Temporarily stops involuntary trembling

14.) Pal Card (Pal Key)
Emergency input and override device.

15.) Rope (Rope)
Long durable rope, made from nylon fibers.

16.) Mine D. (Mine Detector)
When equipped buried mines show up on radar screen.

17.) MO Disk (Optic Disc)
It contains Metal Gear exercise data.

18.) Gas Mask
Reduces Speed of 02 Gauge in a poison gas environment.

19.) B. Armor (Bulletproof Vest)
Reduces damage upon impact.

20.) Ketchup (Ketchup)
Italian tomato based food condiment.

21.) N.V.G. (Night Vision Goggles)
Image intensifier.  Allows sight in extreme low light.

22.)  SOCOM Suppressor
A silencer for your Socom Pistol.

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