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Written By Bernard Ozarowski

Special Thanks To Tarun Bhan For His Help With This FAQ.


LIFE-HP max, slightly increases longevity
STR-Increases power of power based attacks, helps to clear obstacles in expeditions
DEF-lessens damage taken, slightly increases longevity, decreases chances of getting killed/hospitalized when KO'd
SKI-increases hit percentage
SPD-increases ability to dodge attacks, increases responsiveness
INT-increases power of intelligence based attacks, helps to find items/hidden paths during expeditions, monster runs away less often, learn new techniques faster, monster gets lost less often


The expeditions are kinda like a sub game where you can find some amazing items as well as find out how to create 3 of the game's 5 hidden monsters (not counting other CD's). in order to start going on expeditions you need to get your monster into C class. afterwards, on the 2nd week following an official tourney (except during APRIL) you will be allowed to take your monster on one of 3 expeditions--during winter is TITUS, summer is DESERT, and fall is JUNGLE. in order to make the most of your 1 month trip (but only 14 days to search) you need to have a monster with high INT.(600-999) in order to find all the hidden paths as well as the hidden items. also, if your monster has low INT. he will get lost more often.


The best time to combine monsters is after you get them to B class or better. this increases the chances that you will get a better monster. also, the higher the stats of your 2 monsters, the higher the starting stats your new one will have, BUT ONLY IF THE STAT HAS REACHED LEVEL 12 OR ABOVE FOR BOTH MONSTERS AND ONLY IF THE LAB GUY SAYS IT'S A NICE COMBINATION. if both monsters are maxed out (999) in STR for instance, there's a chance that your new monster will have extraordinary starting STR.(300-450). This does not work for all combinations, unfortunately, so it may take some time before you find the one that suits you best.

SECRET TO A LONG LIFE--there are 2 items found in the game that will increase your monster's life span. the first is the PLANT EGG, found in the jungle expedition, which increases your life span by 1-2 years. the second item is the GOLDEN PEACH, also found in the jungle but can only be found every 10 years, which increases your life span by anywhere from 1-5 years depending on your monster type and how well you've bred him. using a lot of pills/vitamins will cut your monster's life span by anywhere from 1-5 years. The better you treat your monster (give him meat the month of his birthday along with an apple cake, after you win a tourney, etc.) will increase his life span as well. if you combine 2 monsters who have been loaded up on drugs, your new monster will only live about 60-75% of the time he normally would. during your monster's first couple of years, you should only punish him every 3rd time he messes up. After his first couple of years, he should mess up only rarely.


To get the APE monster you need to combine 2 spoiled monsters and use the MAGIC BANANA found during the expedition. APEs have good LIFE, SPD, & SKI, but low power. all of his attacks, however, take WILL away from your opponent.

To get the DRAGON you need to first beat the TRIAL CUP in B class. afterwards you will be invited to the INVITATIONAL in A class with the DRAGON HORN being the prize. beat the dragon in that tourney and use the DRAGON TUSK when breeding together a STINGER(NAGA/DINO) with a GRAPE(DINO/NAGA). DRAGONS have good STR, INT, SKI, and good long range attacks. however, they only live for 3-4 years.

To get the NYA, combine any 2 monsters and use the CAT DOLL item purchased at the item shop. NYAs have good STR, DEF, SKI, but only live for 2-4 years.

To get MAGIC, you need to find the OLD MIRROR during the TITUS EXPEDITION. afterwards get your creature into A class and you will be invited to the GOLD CUP. beat the MAGIC monster and you will learn that you need to breed a pure-breed GALI with a pure-breed MONOL and use the OLD MIRROR. MAGIC monsters are average in all areas and have an equal mix of power and intelligence based attacks.(combine with a NAGA, SUEZO, HENGER, OR PLANT for some cool looking creatures)

To get HENGER (my personal fav) you need to find the 4 DOLL PIECES during the DESERT EXPEDITION. Next,get your monster to A class and you will be invited to the WINTER INVITATIONAL with the DOLL HEAD as the prize. after you win, Tesca will put the 5 pieces together for you and give you the CLAY DOLL. he explains that you need to take an intelligent creature (550-999), along with the CLAY DOLL, to the previously unreadable STONE TABLET in the DESERT EXPEDITION. after reading the TABLET, that monster will have a circular mark on his back. combine that creature, along with any other one and use the CLAY DOLL. HENGER has high STR, SKI, SPD, INT and lives for 6-9 years.


CD FRAGS are found during expeditions or won as prizes in tourneys. each cd frag has a color. that color represents a monster-GREEN=DINO, DK.BLUE=TIGER, WHITE=GALI, PURPLE=NAGA, DK.BROWN=WORM, PINK=PIXIE, LT.BROWN=HARE, GREY=GOLEM, LT.BLUE=JELL, MULTI=PLANT, YELLOW=SUEZO, BLACK=MONOL. cd frags increase your odds of getting a particular monster. for example--mixing a DINO with a NAGA will give you either a GRAPE or a STINGER. if you want the GRAPE you would use a GREEN FRAG since GRAPE's main breed is DINO. if you want the STINGER, use a PURPLE FRAG since his main breed is NAGA. CD FRAGS usually come into play when combining 2 half breed creatures since there are many possible outcomes and therefore a smaller chance that you'll get the one you want. cd frags also increase your monster's starting stats when combining. the rarer the cd frag the better your stat/s will go up. the rare cd frags are WHITE, BLACK, PURPLE, MULTI, and the rarest one is the PINK one (it will net you 2000 at the store)


There are 3 "GOD" statues found in the game. these are used when combining monsters. FURELIA GOD, found in the TITUS expedition, will increase your LIFE and INT by 50. PARAGOMA GOD, found in the JUNGLE expedition, will increase your SKI and SPD by 50. finally the GADAMON GOD, found in the DESERT expedition, will up your STR and DEF by 50. (NOTE:DRAGON TUSK will up your STR,SKI, and INT by 20. OLD MIRROR will up your SKI and SPD by 10 and INT by 30)


These items are considered automatic since they work for all of your monsters and don't have to be used. The WINDDRUM, found in the DESERT expedition, will keep your monsters more focused. This means that they won't mess up as often, loyalty goes up a tad quicker, and they learn new techniques faster. CALM STONE, found in the JUNGLE expedition, keeps your monsters from getting stressed out.


These 4 items, all found during expeditions or as tourney prizes, are simply for selling. You get 8000, 10000, 4000, and 6000 respectfully.


These items can all be eventually bought at the shop or won in tourneys.

MEDICINEB=doubles POW for one tourney.(if monster gets KO'd, there is a great chance that he will die. Found during JUNGLE expedition.)

Be careful when using any of these items in excess--your monster will die much younger.


These can all be bought, found on expeditions, or found while training or working. MANGO,CANDY,AND APPLE CAKE increase loyalty and condition (EVEN,GENTLE,ETC.), but may fatten your monster or spoil him if used too much. HERB burns the fat off of your monster, cures spoiled condition, and drops loyalty. TAFFY heals fatigue without rest but may stress your monster out if used too much. MINT LEAF heals stress. MYSTIC SNAKE drops loyalty and condition.


Your monster's condition is a reflection on how well you are breeding your monster, with EVEN being the best.Condition also determines how good they work, fight, train, and how often they run away, get injured, or get lost. The list goes SPOILED, GENTLE, GOOD, EVEN, FIRM, HARD. the higher up on the list, the better your treating them, and so on. You generally want to keep your monster at GOOD or EVEN to prevent any of the negative things to happen.


To become a MASTER BREEDER like myself, takes patience, dedication, skill, and a love for all monsters. First off you need to get your monster in tip top shape by lots of training and numerous battles (where else are you gonna get the money for training). then you must battle your way to S class and win that official tourney. after you do that you must win "THE BIG FOUR", a set of 4 tourneys sure to challenge even the best of breeders. each one has monsters of great abilities. you'll want to have your monster (preferably MAGIC, NAGA, DRAGON, GOLEM, HENGER, OR NYA) with AT LEAST 300LIF, 500-600POW OR INT, 500-600DEF OR SPD, AND 600-700SKI. this might seem impossible at first glance and might even seem to be unnecessarily high stats, but after one fight with the Tourney's Great Monster , will surely change your mind. Persistence is the key here, people. If your monster keeps getting beaten, take some time to train and beef up your monster. remember, finesse is better than brute strength. Pick SPD over DEF, but don't neglect DEF. You might be able to dodge 80% of your enemies attacks, but if you DO manage to get hit with low DEF, it's RIP time. Also, does your monster have better power or intelligence based attacks? if he has better power based, pick STR over INT and vice versa. You also want to find out early what your monsters best stats are and capitalize on those strengths. in deciding which attacks to use, you should go with ones that hit more often rather that ones that hit hard. sure, your golem's chop does 999 damage, BUT ONLY IF IT HITS!! While your wasting will trying to get in that one big hit your enemy is pinging away at you and the clock is ticking away. Get the picture??? if you keep these pointers in mind while breeding and use the strategy outlined earlier, MASTER BREEDER STATUS WILL BE YOURS IN NO TIME!!!!!!
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