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Written By Barry Lewis

This is from the point-of-view of Chris!

After the initial exchanges, take the far exit from the dining room and see the cut-scene for the Zombie. Before you attack, run back into the hallway and pick up Jill's gun.

Go upstairs and right, and take the far door. This leads out to the balcony and the decaying Forest. take the clip from the floor and go back inside. Head across the landing and go through the opposite door.

Shoot two zombies and push the statue over the edge. Go down and pick it up and return to this room and through the door in the far right.

Kill three zombies and go downstairs. Don't bother killing any of the next three as they can be dodged. Go into the room under the stairs to see Rebecca. Say yes to her following you and pick up the key from the bed.

Continue through to the room outside and go into a green colored hallway. Shoot all zombies and go into the small passage. insert the gem into the eye of the tiger to get the first crest.

Go through the door at the end and into a familiar hallway. Go left and into the red door. Push the cabinet at the back of the room to reveal the music notes and use them at the piano. Leave Rebecca to play and return to the dinning room.

Pick up the emblem from above the fireplace and return to the piano room. Rebecca plays the tune and a door will open. Take the gold emblem and replace it with the old one.

Put the gold one above the fireplace and the clock will move to reveal a key. Go back into the hallway and through the blue door. use the key on the door inside here and it can then be discarded.

Shoot the dogs and walk through the winding corridor. Shoot two zombies inside the next room and go through the the double doors into the Crow gallery.

Look at the pictures in order of newborn Baby to Bold looking man, pressing the switch each time before you reach the final picture at the end of the corridor. It will fall down to reveal another crest.

Go out and through the the grey colored door. Shoot the zombie and go into the room around the corner. Store the crests and anything else you don't need. Pick up the chemicals and leave.

Return to the green room (where the tiger statue is) and go to the farthest room. Use the chemicals on the open tank to kill the plant. Walk around the back and take the key from the clock.

Go back to where you first met Rebecca and dodge all the zombies again. Now go into the locked room and pick up the clip and broken shotgun.

Head for the room where the dogs jumped through the window and into the room joining it. Go all the way to the end, and go into a small room. Continue through that and take the shotgun from the wall, replacing it with the broken one. Any small you have picked up now can be used on various desks around the mansion. these all hold shells for the shotgun.

Go back upstairs via the main hall and go through the only door you haven't been in yet. Run around the U-shaped hall and enter the green double doors.

Push the two statues over the grates in the floor and hit the switch. The next crest is now yours. Head back to the second storeroom (the one that had the chemicals in it) and go upstairs.

Go left and in the first door you come to. Shoot the zombie and take the door on your left. Pick up the lighter from here. Now go back to the U-shaped hall.

Take the first door on your right and examine Richard to get the clip. Go through and kill a zombie and use the key on the door then discard it. Don't go through the door though!

Go left, into the room and use the lighter on the candles. Move the case to go into the secret room for more ammo, and go back into the room you unlocked.

Fight the Snake! You don't actually kill the Yawn, just scare him off. Go to the fireplace where he came from and pick up the final crest. If you got poisoned you now take control of Rebecca and have to run back to the room where you first met her and pick up the serum. Take it back to Chris and cure him.

Take all the crests back to corridor near Crow gallery and exit via the small corridor. This should take you outside, where a dog is patrolling the room. Shoot it and insert all of the crests into the wooden block next to the door to open it.

Go through the door and use the stairs to get the crank from the top shelf. Go through the door and take out three dogs.

Go through the gates and use the crank on the switch next to the pool to drain it and give you a path across. Run past the snakes and go down the elevator. Take out another group of dogs.

Keep going through the courtyard taking out all dogs and go into the courthouse. Push the statue down the corridor and use it to cover the small hole. The door you pass on the left is the storeroom.

Go into the room opposite the storeroom and drain the tub to get the control room key. Shells, a small key and a red book are all in the bedroom too.

Leave the room, go right past the hole and statue and through the door. now enter the first door you come to and once inside run to the left. Quickly grab the key below the wasps nest before they can attack and leave the room where you came in.

Go right and into the room using the key. Once inside pick up all the items and push the cabinets to reveal a ladder down. Go down it.

Push three boxes into the water so you can get across. Go through the door and into the water filled room. Run like crazy to avoid the sharks and head for the two doors on the other side of the room. Take the left on first.

Pull the lever to drain the water and then press the switch next to the door to open the adjoining room. Go inside and pick up two clips, two boxes of shells and a key. the key is the most important.

Exit and head back the ladder to get to the courthouse once again. Go back into the first room inside the courthouse, and go into the big red doors at the end of the corridor. Run around the other side of the pool table and shoot the spiders from there.

Go back to the room where the wasps were and enter the door directly in-front of you. Replace the V-Jolt report with the red book inside this room and go through the door to Plant 42.

Chris will get captured by the plant and Rebecca will come to rescue him. You have to mix up the V-Jolt to free him. Go to the only room in the wasp hall you haven't entered and light up all of the buttons on the panel to unlock the door.

Now go inside and start to mix. The order in which you have to mix things is written on the wall by the door and the jars are located inside the room. Remember that number 1 is water.

Take this back down to the room with the sharks and go inside the only room you haven't been to. use the V-Jolt on the roots and watch it crumble. Go back up to Chris and you'll resume control of him. Simply kill the plant for a second time and pick up the key from the fireplace.

Go back into the mansion, and you'll be treated to a cut scene and introduced to the Hunters. Kill the first one you see quickly! Go into the room on the left of this corridor and turn on the light in the desk. Collect the doom book and leave.

Go through the grey door and take out another Hunter Go into the storeroom for loads of ammo and health. Store the doom book. Work your way back to the passage where the dogs came through the window, killing any hunters on the way.

Ignore the spiders and go into the main hall. Go upstairs and into the room on the left, above the dinning room. Kill one of the hunters and you can dodge the other. Go through the door and get ready for more hunters.

Don't go down stairs yet. Instead go left and into the door. Pick up the rounds and turn off the switch by the door. Move the stairs and pick out the gem from the eye of the stuffed head on the wall.

Leave and go down stairs, and be prepared for more tough hunters. Taking them out now will save you more time later on in the game. Use the storeroom if you have to and go continue through into the green walled room.

Run right when you enter the door so you can turn and shoot at both of the hunters as they come at you. Go back into the tiger room and put the red gem into the other eye to get the colt.

Remember the greenhouse in this corridor if you need to get some life. Now you have to trek all the way to the other side of the mansion and to the second storeroom. Go upstairs once you get there and turn left.

Kill the hunter and go on, through the door at the very end of the corridor. Use the key on the door and it can be discarded.

Once inside, investigate the piano and Yawn will appear for the second time. This time you have to kill it completely, so try and stock up on all ammo and health before you go in.

Drop down the hole he left and hit the switch by the gravestone to reveal a ladder. Go down it and take out the two zombies at the bottom. Go through the door and round the corner to see two zombies eating a body. Kill them and go through the next door.

Shoot the floored zombie in the back once inside the kitchen and go into the lift. Kill the zombie once you get out and go into the door directly behind him. You need some ammo. Pick up the battery too.

Go into the door on the far right and kill the zombie inside. Colt rounds are in the desk and behind the bookshelf is a zombie. Pick up the scrapbook and go through the door in the left corner. You'll notice a red switch in the corner of the room, that makes a beam of light once you push it. Push the statue into the light and you'll see a small office open. Pick up the MO disk from the table.

Go back a room and push the bookcase to reveal a secret room. Look out of the window and you'll see the heli-pad you'll have to get to.

Go back into the left and head down again. go to the door in the left corner of the kitchen and you'll get a small cut scene of a zombie coming up the stairs. Go down the stairs.

Move around the lift and unlock the double doors. You'll emerge in a familiar hallway with two hunters waiting for you. Fire a few shots down the hall anyway, because they'll attack really quickly.

Head back to the 'Rebecca' storeroom, store any unwanted items and pick up some health if you have any. You need the crank, the doom book and the battery as well.

Now head back to the outside passage and the courtyard. Run past the snakes again and go down the lift to the lower courtyard. Now go to the broken lift and insert the battery and go back up.

Go back up to the pool and use the crank on the pool again to fill it up. Return to the newly functional lift and return down. The small fountain of water that was blocking you path before is now open and you can go underground.

Go through the door next to the ladder and take the flame thrower. Take the top exit, and walk into the room to get the F-aid spray and shells.

Go through the door at the end of the room and walk round the corner to find Enricho and he'll go on about double crossers.

Leave the room and you'll encounter two hunters. Pick up the crank ahead of you and go back to the room with the entrance ladder.

Walk around the other side and use the crank so you go through the door. Pick up another flame thrower from the wall.

Walk to the end of the room to trigger the rolling rock and then duck in the passage at the end of the hall to avoid it. Go through the door and kill the giant spider.

Burn down the webs by the door and go through. Turn left and run to the end of the hall to avoid the falling snakes. Go in to the save room for extra health pickups.

Exit the room, run past the snakes and put the flame-thrower back on the wall to open the door.

Move right and down the passage and use the crank three times to give you access to the rest room. Run down the hall to trigger a boulder and rush back to dodge it. Get the map and MO disk from where the boulder came from.

Enter the last room and move the statue level with the highlighted area. Use the crank two times on the cog to push the statue away from the wall. Now push it onto the actual beam of light to open a panel in the wall and get the second doom book.

Go back and get doom book one from the storeroom. Have at least three empty spaces.

Return to the room with the second boulder in it and go left where you should find a lift. Go up it and you'll emerge by the fountain. Examine both doom books and press X when the pages are facing you to open them. Put both medals in the side of the fountain to open it.

Ignore the door in the lab and go down the ladder. Store any unwanted items at this point and go through the door. Three zombies await you and there is an MO disk on the table at the end of the room.

Go down, through the door on your right at the bottom of the stairs and into the first door on you left, once inside turn on the switch to reveal the researchers letter. A clip is in the box next to the sink.

Go out and back to the bottom of the stairs. Run forward, kill any zombies and go into the first door on the left. Turn on the computer and enter the following codes. Enter your name as JOHN and the password as ADA. Select floor B2 and then enter MOLE as the final password. Now open B3 and leave the machine. Pick up the slides and exit the room.

Go back up the stairs and go into room along the corridor to the left of you. Use the slides on the projector, then open the flap on the wall and press the switch.

Get the lab key.

Head back down the stairs and into the room on the opposite side where you emerge and use the lab key. Kill all of the zombies and the room directly in front of you is a storeroom if you need it.

Take the door on the first left and get some shells. Position the two boxes over the grates and push the stairs over the switch. Climb the stairs through the vent shaft. Use an MO disk on the password machine and go back into the storeroom if you need it.

Exit the storeroom and go left, into some factory style rooms. Get password three from the terminal tucked around the corner and go through a couple rooms to a rectangular room with a big computer in the center.

Activate the terminal on the left hand side and go back to the bottom of the stairs. Go in and take the go to the end of the corridor. Use the two passwords on the machine.

Go into the first room on the right, kill four zombies and use the final MO disk to get the last password. Use it and go through the door. Run around and see Jill in her prison.

Go back to the storeroom on this level and go to the lift on the left corner of the room. Rebecca should join you. Go up the lift and Wesker will reveal his true self.

Shoot the Tyrant while running away from him and turn off the computer terminal. Now go back and release Jill.

Go back up through all of the levels and remember that door I told you to ignore? Now's the time to go through it. Run through the room, pick up the battery and put it in the slot to power up the lift. Pick up the flare from the box and go up

Ignite the flare on the helipad and wait for the tyrant to appear. You have to run around the helipad, continuously dodging his attacks until Brad drops the rocket launcher. Shoot the tyrant and it's game completed!


Complete the game in under 3 hours and you'll be given the Grenade Launcher with Infinite ammo.


Complete the game with rescuing two characters, and you'll be given a special key. Now you can open the closet and where different clothes.
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