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Written By Sean Murphy

Welcome to the world of survival horror, Resident Evil. This guide will provide a walkthrough and help for Jill's quest.

Mansion Part One

After speaking with Barry and Wesker, go to the dining room ( door on the left ) and run down the room. Barry will want to inspect the blood by the fire place. Go into the room next to the blood, you'll encounter your first zombie. Shoot it to death and collect the clips near Kenneth's body. Go back to Barry, the zombie should follow you. Let Barry shoot it and run back to the main hall. Wesker is gone and then Barry will give you a lockpick. Go into the room with the blue door. Move the stool over to the statue. Climb up and grab the map of the first floor of the mansion. Move the desk; enter the room. Save ammo and just let the zombie bite you. Jill will kick it's head off. Grab the ink ribbon on the shelf.

Use the lockpick and go through the other door. Walk backward, a dog will burst through the window. Take your time and shoot it down. Run around the way, but be careful, another dog will jump out. Kill it and move the desk to get a clip. You can run right by the dogs to save time and health, though. Enter the door and run down the winding hallway, you should come to two doors. The one of the left will lead you to the shotgun. Grab and run out, but the ceiling starts to come down on you, don't worry, Barry will save you.

The other door will have two zombies in it. Practice shooting their heads off by aiming the shotgun high. Run down the hallway and take the door on your left. It should be an L-shaped room with crows. Don't shoot at them. Hit the switches in this order under the pictures: Newborn, Infant, Lively boy, young man, middle-aged man, bold old man. A small picture should fall revealing a crest. Grab it and leave. Across the hallway there should be a door that leads to a pathway. Kill the dog and place the crest into the panel at the end of the pathway. Leave this area and enter the grey door you passed earlier. Kill the zombie and take a right into an inlet inlet. Grab the herd and use it if you are hurt and enter the storage room. Grab the chemicals and two clips in the storage box. Save your game and store the ink ribbon.

Exit and run up the stairs and kill the zombies. Head right and exit, turn right and enter the room. Take the Botany Book and exit the way you came. Run down the new hallway killing the two zombies. You should come out into the second floor of the main hall. Barry will give you some bazooka rounds. Head for the door on the same side you came out of. It should be a small hallway. Run down and go through the door. You should be outside on a balcony. Examine Forrest's body and grab his bazooka. Run away from the crows, they are hard to kill. Exit and run across the main hall to the double doors. You should come out on a balcony above the dining room. Kill the two zombies and push the statue over the ledge.

Run to the door on the opposite side of the room. Kill the zombies and go down the stairs. Kill the other zombies and turn right. Go into the small room. Collect the ribbon on the bed and save. Exit and run down the corridor and kill the other zombie. Shoot the zombies and run straight and turn. Enter the room. There should be a large plant in the fountain. Put the chemicals into the pump and watch it die. Grab the key behind the plant. Use the herbs in the room to heal yourself. Exit and run back down the hallway and turn. Shoot the zombie and enter the room. There is a clip on the bed. Walk to the book on the desk, a zombie will pop out of the closet. Kill it and read the book. Grab the shotgun shells in the closet. Exit and run down the hall, unlocking the door.

You should now be in a familiar area. Go back to the dining room and pick up the blue jewel and grab the wooden emblem above the fireplace.. Make your way back to the hallway you came from. There should be a inlet with a door. Go into that tiny room and put the jewel into the tiger statue. Grab the crest and leave. Head back to the hallway before the dining room. Go left and enter the room with the red doors. Run into a the corner and push the bookshelf away and grab the piece of paper. Use the music sheet to play the piano, opening a hidden door. Go in and take the Gold Emblem. The door will close. Insert the wood emblem into to re-open it. Go back to the dining room and put the gold emblem in the place above the fireplace. The clock should move. Grab the key.

Run upstairs and back into the door on the right side. Run down the hallway and open the green doors. Push the statues over the vents and hit the switch on the floor. Grab the crest in the little box. Exit and go back the way you came and open the door. Watch out for a zombie. You will find Richard who has been bitten by a large snake and requires the serum. Go back to the storage room with the bed and and shelf full of medicines. Grab the serum and rush back to Richard. Poor Richie dies anyway, but he gives you a radio, which is worthless, but necessary. Search his body for a clip. The collect some of the nearby herbs, as much as you can hold is best.

Enter the old wooden door and take your time while movie about the attack. Arm yourself with the bazooka and wait for the giant snake. Shoot it with everything you have and heal when necessary. It won't die, but it does flee. Run to where it escaped and grab the crest. Look for ammo and herbs around the attack. If the snake kills you, it will swallow you whole. Once you leave you will be poisoned and collapse.

You wake up in the serum room. Make your way back to the pathway with the panel were you put the first crest. Insert the rests of the crests and open the door. Push the stool up to the shelf and grab the crank. Go outside into the courtyard. Kill the two dogs and go through the rusty gates. Use the crank to drain the water from the pool and run across the path. Once you climb up run to avoid the small snakes and go down the lift. Kill the next two dogs and follow the path until you come to a door. Go inside.

Guard House

Upon entering the guard house, use the herbs to heal yourself. If you have space grab them. Push the statue over the hole that is down the hallway to prevent a vine thing from grabbing you. Go through the door on your right to a save and storage room. Store the herbs you took or use them. Grab the first aid spray and hang on to that just in case. You will also want to grab the bazooka rounds. Exit and enter the room opposite of the S/S ( Save and Storage room ) and kill the two zombies. Take the shotgun ammo in the drawer and the red book. Enter the bathroom and take the key in the tub. Enter the red door at your own risk. It contains two large spiders. Go through the door past the statue and enter the first door you come to. There should be three doors in this room. None of the rooms are important at the moment. Look for a gigantic wasps nest and grab the key. Run away from the wasps to avoid being stung. Upon exiting the room head down the hallway again until you come to a door marked 002.Unlock it and enter, Push one bookshelf back and the other to where the first one was. Make sure you have the key you found in the bathroom and one open slot. Descend the ladder. Push the boxes into the water to form a bridge and cross over and down into the double doors. DO NOT GO TO THE LEFT! Run like hell to your right until you come to two doors, enter the one on the left, and don't waste anytime. The sharks will kill you instantly. Once in the room, take a second to relax and pull one of the levers to drain the water. Haha, take that shark. Hit the flashing switch and exit. Enter the door to the right and grab ammo for the shotgun, berreta, and the key to the 003 room. Walk out and look around for those sharks. Kill the three sharks ( 1 big, 2 little ) and then run all the way back from where you came and into the room 003. Put the Red Book into the bookcase and don't forget the ink ribbon in the desk. Enter the the secret door and prepare for another battle. Run around and take good shots at the plant, but don't stand in one place too long, or you're going to get burned, by acid that is. After you take it out, Barry should come in and the plant grows back and grabs Jill. Barry will finish it off automatically. Take the key above the fireplace and it's time to go back to the mansion.

Mansion Part Two

Upon entering the mansion, a "Hunter" will chase after you. Ice it quickly or it'll take your head off, literally. Unlock the dark door next to the grey door and turn on the lights. Take the red book and the python ammo. You want to find the almighty Python now.

Follow the first floor path to the main hall and go upstairs, into the dining room. Kill any hunters that can't be avoided. Go into the far door on the balcony and kill them. Enter the door near the stairs. Push the stool up to the deer head and turn the lights out. Take the Red Jewel. Go downstairs and head for the tiger statue room. Kill the hunters that block your path. Put the gem into the tiger and take the Python. Woohoo! The Hunters have become the Hunted. The Python will drop them in one shot if well place.

Go back to the area where you re-entered the mansion and go through the grey door, kill the hunters in the room. Go up the stairs and kill the hunters. Enter the door to your right. Check both of them for a lighter, shotgun ammo, red plant, and bazooka ammo. Go down the corridor after leaving the two room areas and enter the room with a fire place. Start up a fire and take the map for the second floor of the mansion. Go through the red door into a second piano room. Inspect the piano and the large snake will be back for more. They Python is your best weapon, and the shotgun and bazooka work well too. This time it will die for good.

The snake should leave a large hole in the floor. Inspect the hole and Barry will drop by. He will help you down with a rope, but it drops down. Don't leave this area if you want the best ending. Barry will return and drop another rope down, climb up. Talk to Barry and he gives you a passcode. This is worthless because it brings you to the same spot the rope will sooner or later. Descend the rope again. Go down the ladder under the gravestone. Around the corner is some shotgun ammo.

Travel down the corridors and you will hear two zombies taking a lunch break. Kill them and take the herbs if you need some healing, you may need them anyway. Go through the next door and you will wind up in a kitchen.Ignore the door in front of you, you will exit this way. Go onto the elevator killing the zombie on the ground. Exit the elevator and kill the zombies in the surrounding area.Go right, enter the door, and you will find some shotgun ammo and a battery.

Head back and to your left there will be a zombie. From the elevator go left and into the blue door. The library contains two zombies. Kill them both. Look in the desk for Python ammo. If you want an ink ribbon, clip, or cool view out a window, go forward and push a bookcase to your left to find a door. Go through the other door. Find a switch and press it. Push the statue into it the light and collect the MO Disk. Look in this desk for Python ammo. Go back the way you came back into the kitchen. Enter the door you skipped and you should wind up in the hallway where you found your first zombie, You will want to get back to the courtyard. Make sure you have the crank with you.Go down into the courtyard. Beware of Hunters. Place the battery into the slot where the broken lift is. Take that lift up and use the crank to flood the pool again. Use the other lift to go back down and into the sewer, where the water used to fall.


Barry should meet up with you early in this area. When he asks to help, say yes, and have him go first. You must follow him and go through the door to the left.Going through another door will lead you to Enrico who is near dead. He'll say some things to Barry and Jill, then he gets offed by a hidden gunman. Run back the way you came and pick up the crank that he dropped. The sewers are infested with Hunters , so keep your guard up. Run back to the main corridor and down it until you come to a typewriter. Save your game and use the crank to make the path crossable.

Run up to the boulder backward, then run away and ducked out of it's path as it rolls after you. Go to where the boulder was, be prepared for a Hunter, and collect some bazooka ammo. Go through the wall past the boulder. Arm yourself with the Python and enter the room. There should be a gigantic grey spider in here. Run around and take well aimed shots, it doesn't take that many to bring it down. Avoid the tiny spiders, you can step on them to kill them. Blast the web on the doorway with the bazooka, or collect the knife on a barrel and cut them away.

Go through the door and head left, avoid the snakes. You should end up in a save room. Collect the ribbon and save your game. Collect the health spray and store it. Used the blue herb if you are poisoned. Make sure you have the Hex Crank and the Red Book. Inspect the Red Book. Turn it side-ways so the pages face you. Check it and it should open to reveal a medallion. Exit the room and go through the far door. Turn right and use the crank to turn the corridor. 3 turns will be needed.Go up to the boulder backwards and run away, duck out of it's way. Go to where the boulder was and collect the MO Disk. Run into the room where the section was turned with the crank. Move the statue away from the wall using the crank and onto the switch. Take the Blue Book and do the same with it as the Red Book. Go back to the door and turn left and head for a lift. You should come up to a pool. Place the medallions in their respectful places, and go down into the laboratory.

Umbrella Labs

You should be in a room with a storage chest, so store all unnecessary items like the cranks. Make sure to have the MO Disks. Go into the next room, watch out for the two zombies, they spit acid. Use plants if you are injured. Collect the MO Disk on the desk and go downstairs. There are lots of naked zombies that are pretty strong, so watch out, don't waste Python ammo, use your shotgun. Take a right after the coming down the stairs and into the door. The first door on your left will contain some clues on finding a password. Turn on both lights so the room turns blue and you can read the words on the picture. There is a clip and a plant in this room. Take them.

Exit and at the stairs go straight forward. Go through the door and walk over to the computer. The login in JOHN, password ADA. Unlock the floors with the password ADA and MOLE. Collect the slides on the floor and go back upstairs and into the door that was locked earlier.The slides will just give you some background info on Umbrella. Go over to the vent on the wall to push the switch, get the key it reveals.

Go back downstairs, to your right, and through the other door. You should find yourself in a room with four zombies. Ice them. Use an MO Disk on the machine and grab the Fax on the wall. Exit and go back out to the main hall, look for a door with a red marking on the floor in front of it. Enter and go left. Solve another box-over-the-vents puzzle and push the stool up to the wall and climb through the duct. You should be in a room with "mummies" on the bed. Use the MO Disk and collect some Python ammo. Exit and you will be back near the red door.

Enter the red door again and run straight ahead. Kill the zombies and enter the first door you see. You should be in a save room. Grab your most powerful weapons, a couple of herbs or spray if you have them, and the last MO Disk. Leave and go to your left. Get ready for Super Hunters. These can walk on the ceiling and slash you from above. Use the Python to off them. Exit through the other door and look for an MO Machine. Use it and look for another door, watch out for S-Hunters.

You should be in a power room. Hit the switch and exit. Back in the first room there should be a terminal, send power to the elevator. Leave and go all the way back to the stairs and into the room. Use the passcodes and go into the room. Talk to Chris and go to the elevator, near the storage room.

Go into the storage room first, stock up on Python ammo and healing herbs. Hop on the elevator. Barry should come up soon and go with you. You meet Wesker, the traitor. Don't be so shocked, he was the one in the slides. Wesker and Jill and Barry too will exchange some words, in the end, Barry should knock out Wesker, and you enter the room. Barry will drain the tube and the Tyrant bursts out, knocking Barry to the side. Run away and use the Python. Place your shots and stay calm, he isn't that tough.

Run all the way back to Chris after talking to Barry, beware of new monsters. Rescue him and run upstairs, up the ladder in the first storage room. Grab ammo and mainly herbs. Go out the door near the ladder and collect the battery and use it on the door. Grab the flare from the box and use it. There should be a timer ticking down. Don't sweat. Tyrant will bust out of the ground, this time he is harder though. Shoot at him and run to keep him at bay, with 30 seconds to go, Brad in the helicopter should drop a rocket launcher down. Grab and arm it. Don't screw up and miss. It's time to send him back to Hell. He blows up rather cool. Sit back and enjoy the Jill's best ending.

If you beat the game in less than 3 hours, you will get the Rocket Launcher with infinite ammo. With the ending you should have if you followed the guide, you will receive the secret key that opens a closet, you can change your clothes.
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