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Written By Sean Murphy

Start off by running through the streets avoiding the zombies. You can pick up some ammo and a shotgun after you reach the shop where the owner dies. For a twist in the story, don't pick up anything. Brad from the S.T.A.R.S Team is a zombie and will be under the tunnel to the R.P.D entrance. Take him out and search his body for the Secret Key. This only works if you didn't pick anything up. Once in the P.D. collect bullets and ink ribbons at the front desk and enter the small door on the left side of the main hall. Get the keycard from the injured cop and go to the computer in the main hall to unlock the two other doors. Head for the doors on the left side. Get rid of the knife, and get a health spray from the storage box. Continue down the hallway, and watch the creepy thing move across the window. Go through the hall and to a pool of blood. A Licker will drop down and attack you. Use the shotgun or pistol to kill it. The best idea is to run away into the next door.

Go into the double doors in the middle of a U-shaped hallway. Use the lighter in the back room to get the first red jewel. Collect the file and some pistol ammo. Load your pistol and proceed to the next room, kill the zombies. If you are hurt, use the health spray, otherwise continue down the hallway and go under the stairs.  Collect the herbs and use if still hurt, and go into storage room. Store extra herbs, keeping one, along with the jewel. If you got the Special Key from Brad, use it on the locker. You can change your clothes like in the first game. Go upstairs and down the hall. Move the statues so that they face each other on the pressure plates. Collect the red jewel.  Head through the door and greet the zombies with your pistol.


Go into the S.T.A.R.S office. Collect Diary, Medallion, ammo, shotgun, and spray. Meet up with Claire and go back to the main hall. Store the spray and jewel along the way. Use the Unicorn Medallion on the fountain and collect the Spade Key. Go back where you came from and open the doors with the spade key. The first should lead you to a room with papers and books. Get the crank, ink ribbon, and ammo. Go upstairs to other Spade Key room and blast the zombies. Get more ammo at the end of a narrow red corridor.

Go upstairs and through the door. Continue down the corridor and into the attic. Use the crank to drop the stairs and get rid of it. Go back to the library and walk across the balcony till you fall down. Check out the picture and hit the switch. Using the switches, move the bookshelves to match the picture in the diagram. Collect the Bishop Plug and go through the double doors. Kill the zombies and drop the ladder. Run into the room on the other side of the balcony.

Once in the room, store the Bishop Plug and look for a small key. Go back to the library and open the desk for a Hand Gun Kit. Head back to the store room. Go through the store room and enter the hall, go through the door and directly across. Go toward the end and and get some handgun bullets, dodge the crows and run all thee way down the hall and onto the roof.


Go downstairs and head for the Power Cabin, dodge the weak zombies. Grab the valve handle, bullets, and ribbons. Return to the roof and use the valve to pour the water on the helicopter. Return to the store room and ditch the valve, collect the red jewels. Return to hall and go left were the flames used to be. Go through the door and place the jewels in the figures to get the King Plug. Grab the Diamond Key and some shotgun shells. Go back to the Crow Corridor and through the grey door.


Take the herbs if you need them and enter the East office. Ammo is on the dead guy. There should be lots of zombies, so watch out. Grab the ink ribbon and go into the small office. Enter the combination as 2-2-3-6. Get some ammo and the map. The waiting room is full of zombies, and make sure to have 4 available slots. Go through the door at the end of the hall and watch out for more

Go into the first door on the right. Rook Plug is on the shelf, Grab the Electric Cord and Spray, prepare for a surprise.Exit and enter the next door on the right. Grab the small key. Head back to the main hall and through the double doors. Use the small key to get some ammo for your pistol in the locked desk. Continue down the hall and use the electric cord to shut the iron window gates. Go the to stairs and to the locked door on the right. Have shotgun ready.

Kill the zombies and search the drawers for film and shotgun ammo. Move out the opposite door and return to the West Office, use film in the Dark Room. Inside the inner entrance an old friend will meet up with you. Grab the Heart Key and the bullets and note in the outer office. Go to the locked door located at the rear of the East Office and enter the Back Hall and go to the end. There are shotgun shells on the shelf; go downstairs into the basement.


The Basement Hall is patrolled by those damn Hell Hounds, so take caution when wandering through it. Go through the brown double doors to the west and enter the Heating Room. Grab the map of the basement on the wall. A Control Panel with the five switches will activate a Key Card Panel on another door. The order for the switches is: Up, Up, Down, Down, Up. Then leave.


Continue going west and go into the Garage at the end of the Basement hall. Meet Ada and assist her with the truck, then enter the door. Ada will run. Follow her to the end of the hall and through the gate, take some time to grab pistol ammo on the desk. Inside the Cell Block, Ben will explain how to get into the sewers. Collect the manhole opener from the shelf next to the cell and go back to the door just before the Cell Block. Inside the Kennels is a manhole. Use the opener and go down.


In The Raccoon City Sewage Disposal Plant, two of those creepy giant spiders will be lurking around, blast them or dodge them. Go up the stairs at the end. At the top of the stairs to the left is a Storage room. Straight ahead is an "I" shaped room. Grab all the chess pieces and enter it. Use each of the Chess Pieces on the Control Panel and exit the same way you entered. Ada is here and she will introduce herself. A sequence will play and then you will get to control Ada.

As Ada go through the only openable door with two dogs. Shoot them and head to the door opposite of where you entered. Don't press the switch just yet. Instead go down the ledges into the Pool Area. Climb on the box to the left and push the center box to the left. Line up the other boxes from left to right and move back up the ledges and hit the switch. Walk across the box bridge and get the Club Key and leave. Move straight through the open door and down the elevator. Grab the shotgun shells. Toss the key and shells to Leon. As Leon again, grab the key and shells. Head back to the garage via Basement Hall. Watch out for killers and and proceed through the double doors at the east end of the Basement Hall. Once in the Autopsy Room, inspect a cabinet in the far corner. Grab the Red Key Card. Exit and move to the opposite end of the Basement Hall.


Use the Red Keycard and enter the armory. Find bullets, shells; Submachine gun and side pack are in one of the lockers. Equip them. Return to the first floor of the R.P.D. Enter the door next to the stairs and collect the Magnum and File. Get some shells from the locker. Inspect the amp to figure out where to use the Club Key. Move back to the East Side of the RPD and to the Media Room. Use the Club key and enter.  Use the lighter on the stove in the corner and hit the three lamp switches in the correct order: Middle, Right, Left. A Golden Cog will drop from the picture. Grab the cog and go to the third floor of the PD. Once in the attic, head upstairs and place the cog in the machine.

Grab the Knight Plug and answer Yes and slide down the Dust Chute to the Basement.Go to the Cell Block to check on Ben. Get the file and go down the manhole. Once through the sewer corridors and up the stairs, arm yourself with the SMG (submachine gun). Also make sure you have the Knight Plug.

The Boss is no match with the SMG. Keep a good distance, and shoot the rats that come from it's mouth. Place the Knight Plug in place and enter the totally new area. Ada will be waiting for you. Go downstairs and exit.

Move through the sewers and into the storeroom. Inside is a fax and some handgun bullet. Push the locker and go into the hidden door and down. Locate the 2 Alcohol Lamps and use the lighter to light up the rooms. Collect a magnum clip and some shells and go back up the ladder.

Get the Valve handle and use the elevator to go down. Control of Ada will return. Follow the woman out the door and up the ladder. Once inside the corridor, run to the to her side and avoid bugs. Go down the ladder. Ada will meet with Annette, move across the catwalk and down the ladder.


Control will return to Leon and . Head through the door back out into the canal. Near the ladder is a small alcove with a Wolf Medal and shells on the dead officers. Go to the opposite end of the canal and to the left. Spiders can be avoided. Go through the door and two more spiders are lurking below. Straight ahead is a waterfall and Clearance Identification Panel. Put the Wolf Medal in the panel and go through the double doors in the alcove behind you.

Go to the red light and use the valve to lower the catwalk. Go across and use it again to raise the catwalk. Save your game and grab the shells and herbs. Head out the door. Go to the end of the corridor. Run like hell from the crocodile and to a red switch. Hit it so a gas canister falls down. When the Croc tries eating it, shoot it, blowing him up.

Go back down the corridor and press the switch switch to open the door. Path yourself up and go up the ladder. Head across the catwalk and up the ramp. Grab the Eagle Medal from the dead guy and File from the console. Backtrack through the Alligator hall to a room with a typewriter. Lower the catwalk and go across and exit.

Use the Eagle Medal on the panel to stop the waterfall, and exit through the door. Keep moving and hit the Power Switch to the right of the Tram. Enter the Tram and take a trip to the other side. Exit the Tram and turn left. Use the Lighter to ignite the flare gun. Pick up the Weapon Box Key and proceed through the door.

In the new corridor, zombies will be waiting. To the left at the dead is a Custom Shotgun Kit. Combine it with the Shotgun. The other side holds an exit. You'll come out in a similar corridor. More zombies will be present. To the right it some herbs and to the left is a ladder. Take the ladder up to a Store/Control room. Grab the shells, magnum clip, and spray. Make sure to have one inventory slot available. Enter the Train Cabin and at the opposite end grab the Control Panel Key and a Magnum clip, exit. There is a control panel next to the train. Use the key to power the elevator. The train descends, and there are some rumblings on the outside. Go outside and easily ice the boss with the magnum, but take careful aim.


Return to the train to check on Ada. Leon will carry her tot he store room in the lab. In the store room grab the magnum clip from the desk and shells from the locker. Go down the corridor marked Main Shaft and enter the door. Go down the center and down the East Shaft ( Blue ). Go down the corridor and enter the "frosty" door. Inside the Cold Room us a Fuse Case. Use it on the machine directly behind you to obtain the main fuse, Take the spray if needed. Exit to the Main Shaft. Use the Main Fuse on the machine in the middle of the floor. Now go down the West Corridor ( Red ). Move to the right and enter the door at the end. There is a Flame Thrower in the locker. Pistol ammo and File are also around here. Grab Security File and turn on Gas Sprinkler. Use the flame thrower or the lighter to burn the tentacles. Enter the new shaft.

Two Lickers will be waiting in the room. Torch them and grab some shells out of the steel cabinet. Ribbon on the desk. Leave and proceed down the hall to a large steel door. Hit the switch to open and dispose of poisonous plants and continue down the hall to the door. Go through the door onto the ledge, down the ladder, and enter the door at the bottom. Move through the corridor and watch out for Lickers. There is only one way to go. You should pass a typewriter and a storage box. Grab the Map on the way. Continue going down to a metal door and enter the research room. The outer room contains a weapon box and custom magnum kit. The smaller room leads to a larger lab filled with zombies. Toward the back of the room is a Lab Keycard. Grab it and exit.  Move straight ahead and avoid the slugs that drop down. Use the Keycard to enter. Inside is a giant moth that is easy to kill. Head to the corner with a computer. Kill the slugs and use the computer. Enter the User ID as "Guest" Exit and return to the Lab. return to the Blue east Shaft and switch the door on the right, Go to the control panel and initiate the security switches. Return to the door prior to this and use the keycard to enter. Go straight and dodge the zombies. Turn on the lights and grab the MO Disk, spray, and magnum clip before exiting.


Annette confronts Leon and drops the G-Virus. Grab it and after a self-destruct signal, go to the West Shaft. Continue through the West Shaft and down the ladder. Move down the corridor and look out for zombies. Go the to Computer and Terminal next to a huge door. Use the MO Disk to. open it. Enter the opened passage and go through the door.  Head forward and hit the switch next to the elevator. Prepare for a boss fight. Keep a distance from it and shoot a couple of times and run away. Keep this pattern up till it dies. Exit the lab through the elevator. Now you will have to play as Claire.


Claire will begin in a strange new area on the streets, but the scenery becomes familiar. You have to get to the main hall of the PD via the crow hallway and the second floor waiting room. The bazooka will be here. On the second floor you will find the Unicorn Medal at one end. Find the Valve Crank in the East office on the first floor. Go up the to the second floor and down the stairwell on the far east side of the building. Use the Valve Crank and get ready for an enemy. Run like HELL! Get the Blue Keycard in the room the was accessed by putting on the fire. The second door is opened using a detonator and plastic explosives. These are located on the first floor in the West office. Combine the two and use it on the door. A panel will open behind the desk.


Go down into the basement. Go beyond the Autopsy Room and down a manhole. Find the power switch for the elevator and go up. Find the platform key in the back of the train and proceed though the gate, over the catwalk, and look for an electric panel.Get the two fuses and head though the white door. Place the fuses and fight the boss.  If you've beaten the first, no worry, if not. Evade the monster as long as possible until a Rocket Launcher is mysteriously given to you. Equip, shoot, and escape to the train. Ta da! You beat it.
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