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Seven Reasons to Own a PS2
Written By: J. Michael Neal

  1. Greatest Hits Line-Up: After 400,000 sales and a certain number of months on store shelves, a PS2 title gets marked down to $19.99 and becomes a Greatest Hit. That means that sooner or later every good PS2 game will be available at that dirt-cheap price. What better way to give new PS2 owners the chance to catch up on all the great games they missed?
  2. Hail To The King, Baby: With the PS2 seated firmly atop of the console sales chart, you can be sure that the PS2 is a sound future investment. No one is pulling support for this system anytime soon.
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Itís not joke how good this series is, and for the next year it will be PS2 exclusive. Sure, you could wait until development is complete on an Xbox or (gasp!) GameCube port after Sony's three year exclusive contract runs out, but why would you when you can bath in the warmth of GTA right here and now?
  4. Yearly Fees? We Donít Need No Stinkiní Yearly Fees: You have to pay Microsoft $50 dollars a year to play online. You donít have to pay Sony anything to play online. Which do you think is the better bargain?
  5. Plenty of Choices: The PS2 has the biggest line-up of any current console and the most diverse library out there. Throw in the ability to play the thousands of PSone games that have been released over the years and you have one hell of a large selection of titles.
  6. Fits In Tight Space: All your electronics taking up way too much room around your TV area? Never fear! The PS2 is incredibly compact and can fit into just about any space thanks to its sleek vertical or horizontal posture.
  7. DVD Extras: With the addition of the optional DVD Remote you can unlock a host of special features and abilities that the Xboxís playback just doesnít have.

Posted: 11-20-02
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