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What's Next: Life After GTA3
Written By: J. Michael Neal

This past Christmas season was a renaissance in the console world. September 2001 to December 2001 saw what could be the greatest release of quality, smash hits ever in console gaming history. It not only saw the release of an astounding number of instant PS2 classics, but also put to rest fears that the systemís initial quality title drought would stretch well into a year after launch.

Four months later, however, gamers are ready and waiting for the next batch of high-quality titles. Most of the holiday releases have either been long since beaten or exhausted of fun and the public is hungry for more. While January to now has seen some note-worthy releases like Virtua Fighter 4, Hot Shots Golf 3, Maximo: Ghost To Glory, Jax and Daxter, Burnout, Rez, Rayman Revolution, and Shadowman 2econd Coming, most PS2 owners still arenít satisfied! They want to know when the next Metal Gear Solid 2, the next Devil May Cry, or the next Final Fantasy X will drop. When the next Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3, ICO, or SSX Tricky will appear. When the next Ace Combat 4, Silent Hill 2, or Grand Theft Auto 3 will be released. Could anything at all be on the horizon to compete with these titles? Hell yeah! This is the PS2 weíre talking about!

To help PS2 owners everywhere, and quiet any detractors who claim that lighting cannot strike twice for the PS2, PSGF has compiled a list of all the games coming out with enough punch to break through the layer of over-stimulation created this past holiday season. These, my friends, are the titles to keep an eye on, to wait with baited breath for a new release of screenshots over, to camp out for, to talk about with lowered eyes and reverent gestures. These are the titles that will set your PS2 ablaze over the next several months, and while of course anything can happen to a game between announcement and release, you can be sure that the majority of this list will be worth the wait. So print, copy, cut, paste tattoo, and memorize this feature! Donít let these titles sneak by you on release day!

So Letís Bring On The Games!

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