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PSGF Mailbox – Edition #5
March 16th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

Is The PS3 really going to come out next year if it is I am VERY VERY MAD I just got a PS2 and come to find out that they are coming out with a PS3 That is not right besides I think Sony should look at making enough PS2 for everybody instead of looking at what they are going to do next I mean Come on!! Is it known if it is going to be a simply a upgrade or is it for sure that there is going to be a PS3 next Year Please tell me that is not true!!!

Joe: Don't worry, Sony's next-next generation console won't see the light of day for at least a few years. The PlayStation 3 (if that's even what it's called) will not even be a glimmer in our eyes until at least 2004. Right now Sony is concentrated on nothing but PlayStation 2, so you won't have to worry about getting a new console for at least a few years.


hi i just bought your game a month ago and i want ot know when the cheats for it is coming out please write back

Joe: Honestly, sometimes I question the intelligence of my readersÖ


How do game developers parse button presses in fighting/wrestling games? It seems like a player can do just as well by mashing buttons versus someone who reads the manual and studies the moves (there might be some exceptions to this rule, but not many). It seems like whenever I play against human opponents, we always end-up going wild on the controller. I hate this because it takes away all strategy. So can you explain how fighting/wrestling games are differentiating between a series of "I know what I'm doing" button presses and "I'm just going wild on the contoller" button presses?

Also, could you be so kind as to tell me what I should do in the following situation: I'm fighting a human opponent, we are approaching each other but not quite close enough to make contact. Should I start pressing the attack button as fast as I can, or should I start pressing the block/reverse button as fast as I can?


Joe: It really depends on the player of the game and the game itself. On one hand, seeing a veteran go up against a rookie in a match up of Virtua Fighter 3 can easily show the skill difference between the two since itís technicality plays an overwhelming part of the gameís strategy. However, watching a more "masher" game like WWF Smackdown! or Tekken reveals that, on a general basis, pounding away at buttons can bring you general success. Then thereís the in betweens, such as Soul Calibur and WWF No Mercy, where a controller masher can come out on top in some lucky instances, but more so than not someone with a grander knowledge of the game can usually win, although the matches themselves may come down to the last straw.

As for your second questionÖ Iíve always been a defensive player, so a standing block will usually do you good. Of course, this all depends on what game youíre playing, but on a general basis blocking an opponent'í attack and doing some type of opposite counter will work better than an all-out blitzkrieg.


I bought a PS2 not too long ago and I really love megaman games and the 2D
Is there any plans for releasing Megaman or that style of game on the PS2 ?
I already bought MegaMan X4 for the playstation, but I was hoping for something with better graphics and everything.
Thanks for any information you can give !


Joe: Honestly, I wouldnít count on it. Sonyís never been a strong supporter of 2D games, and I highly doubt with the added power of the PlayStation 2 that they would urge Capcom any time soon to do another rendition of the famed series. Although I would love to see another Mega Man 2D game, I would want Capcom to really update the game and not just add new bosses and levels. Iím sure Capcom would be more interested in pushing their Resident Evil series or Onimusha games than just another mild seller of the blue bomberís franchise, so the only place youíll see a new Mega Man game on any of the next generation platformís would be Nintendoís Game Boy Advance.


If I were to order a Playstation 2 console today, What kind of Back Order Delays can I expect? I'm in St. Louis, Mo. USA

Joe: Since most of the huge PlayStation 2 hype has dwindled down, finding a PS2 with ease shouldnít be much of a problem any more. I recently scoped out local Electronic Boutique and Software Etc. and saw a stock of a six or seven non pre-ordered PS2s, so look around and you should find one after a few different locations.


Since sega recently stopped making dreamcastís and jumped on the ps2 bandwagon, what can I exxpect from Sega in terms of games for the Playstatio2n?

Joe: So far, it looks as though Space Channel 5, Virtua Fighter 4 and Crazy Taxi are the only real confirmed titles for Sonyís black box. Itíll be interesting to see how Sega spaces out itís largest franchises over the GameCube, Xbox and PS2, respectively. In my honest opinion, however, I wouldnít expect Segaís biggest name sakes, such as Sonic, to appear on Sonyís console and rather become an exclusive for either Nintendo or Microsoft.


hey I think ur an idiot for giving nba live 20001 itz grade. u shood have givin it a 10 its da bomb is the best basketball game ever. Nba2k1 and dreamcast sux

Joe: Well, looks like the Retarded Reader of the Month has found its winner!


Do you think there will ever be a football game based on the XFL?

Joe: To be honest, I would say no. Considering how bad itís getting for ratings currently and the flak that mainstream media has given it, the fledgling league has as much chance of getting itís own game as a snowball does in hell. The only publisher that would likely do it is THQ, who own the license to Vince McMahonís other "league", the World Wrestling Federation. Still, THQ doesnít have any proven sports games, so one based on the XFL instead of a more popular NFL license is not likely.


how come u guys donít have any nintendo 64 reviews anywhere???????!!!!! I need to see if I should buy banjo 2ooie or not!!!!!

Joe: Err, I think I should re-direct you to our friendly affiliate, Nintendo Gamers First.

Jared adds: Heck, I'll even link you directly to our Banjo-Tooie review.  Aren't I nice?

-Joe Rolfe thinks readers should use a bit of common sense before writing in.
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