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PSGF Mailbox – Edition #6
April 23rd, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

what is the date that ps2 will be sold agen

Joe: Never, ever, ever again.


Dear PS2 I want one so bad can you send me one. is there serten games it cant play.

Joe: Sure, weíll send you oneÖ

[Follow up to previous reply from same sender]: when can you send it to me . how much will it be
p.s right me

Joe: Why do I suddenly feel so helpless about our countryís society?


I bought a PS2 a month ago and it was faulty so i sent it back and got a new one but it damaged my game and the game was made by namco and i had to wait two months to get it ! So i got fed up and sent the whole lot back and got my money back again to buy a X-box or a Nintendo dolphin cube whatever is it worth it because i like Final-Fantasy!

Joe: It's really too early to call which machine is worth your cash. To be honest, staying with a PlayStation 2 IS your best call since we know it currently has great software and even more is on the horizon. If you have to decide between the 'Cube and Xbox, though, just wait until the E3 trade show in May when you'll be able to see some of the final games in action.


Yeah, just bought Final Fantasy IX for my PS2, and it won't save games. . . Am I missing something, or weren't all PS1 games supposed to be compatible with PS2? Any help for this Saving problem?

Thanks for the help :)

Joe: The culprit doesn't seem to be the system or the game itself, but most likely you're trying to save onto the PS2 memory card, right? Well, PSone games and the PlayStation 2 8MB memory card are incompatible. You need a standard PlayStation memory card in order to save PSone games to it. Hope that solves the problem.


I was just wondering if the V3 FX racing wheel for PS2 by InterAct will work with Gran Turismo 3, because Gran Turismo is making a Gran Turismo wheel as if their wasn't one out for PS2 already!

Joe: I think youíre referring to Sony making a wheel. Regardless, itís impossible to say what peripherals will be compatible with GT3 A-Spec until the game itself actually ships.


I am trying to find some cheat sheets on tomraider 4 the last revolation and when the page came up it showed some cheats by using all these letters well, i dont have those on my controller, so what do i use in substitution? for playstation ? if you could help it would be appreciated.

Joe: I think Iíll do the good deed and forward you to You should find whatever help/cheats you need for the game there.



Joe: Say please?


hey which ps2 game should i of enders or star wars starfighter

Joe: If youíre into shooting and Star Wars games, grab StarFighter. If you dig mech games and intense action games, pick up ZOE. If possible, grab both : )

Jared adds: Don't forget the incredible MGS2 demo with ZOE too...


Hi. You have a Preview for DDR on your website, and I was wondering how widely spread the release of the game will be?... do you expect the demand to be big, therefore almost every store will stock it, or do you expect it to be a quiet game that I'll have to order from specialist gaming stores (being that stores such as KMart and Target and Harvey Norman wont stock it) such as Video Gaming Heaven? also, I found this site by going to (I think) and I was wondering if you were in any way affiliated with them. Like, say, able >to say what is happening in the VGH stores and such? or even place orders with them via this site? thanks in adv. for any help

Joe: Although I canít say for sure, depending on your area I doubt Dance Dance Revolution is currently a huge smash. Itís really a niche title so you shouldnít find a problem in locating it. I doubt many retail chains will carry it since itís not a huge, hyped game, so check out your local EB or Babbages.

Jared adds: BTW, we are in no way affiliated with


The Crash Bandicoot 3 said to be for the PS2 sounds weird to me. There's already a "Crash Bandicoot 3" for the PSOne. Its called, "Crash Bandicoot: Warped!".  Why would they put "3" on this title?  I don't care if the game now has new developers. The title should be changed.

Jared: Actually, there's no "3" in the title.  It's just called "Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex".


-Joe Rolfe thinks readers should use a bit of common sense before writing in.
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