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May 27th, 2002

"Nothing can stop me now"

Hey, hey everybody! Time for yet another installment of the MAILBAG! Howís everybody feeliní tonight, feeliní good? Glad to hear it. Right now itís about a billion degrees under the shade for some reason, I believe the earth has spun out of orbit and is heading into the sun, but Iím not sure. Itís a little hard to tell when you canít step outside without bursting into flames! Anyway, letís cool off with some smooth, refreshing letters, huh?  And, uh, send me some while you're at it.


Q: I need help with a Playstation game I am very lost. The game is Legend of Dragoon on disk four. I was supposed to get 4 spirits on disks 3. But I forgot and I went on to disk 4 just wondered if I could finish the game without the spirits.

A: For those who donít know, the spirits in LOD allows you to transform into a wicked dragon-like creature and kick some major ass. Short answer is " yes". You can finish the game without having them. However if you are up to disc four and only have as many spirits, you are long past the point of wondering if you missed them. Most of them are located in disc one and only 1 can be found in disc four. My suggestion is just finish the game, and try to collect them all on your second try around. To help you out, here is a list of there locations:

-Lavitz: Disc 1

After you defeat Greham in the Dragonís Nest.

-Shana: Disc 1

After you defeat Drake and Shirley in Shirleyís Shrine.

-Albert: Disc 1

After a shocking story sequence in Hellena Prison during your rescue of King Albert.

-Haschel: Disc 1

After you defeat Emperor Doel in the Black Castle.

-Kongol: Disc 2 or 4

You can receive it early by paying a hefty price in the Commercial Town of

Lohan during disc 2, or you can wait and receive it for free during disc 4 after you defeat Kongolís brother.

-Meru: Disc 2

After defeating Lenus and her dragon pal in the Undersea Cavern.

-Miranda: Disc 3

After another shocking story sequence, this time taking place in Deningrad with Shana.


Q: I have a PS2, and I'm wondering whether the GC* is worth it. I've done some research, and the only game I think I'll like is Super Smash**. Not into star wars, and I'm one who knows that Fps' are way better on the PC.

(*That would mean the Nintendo Gamecube.)

(**And that would mean Super Smash Bros. Melee.)

A: Well, Iím not really as biased as you would think working for a Playstation site, but I feel the same way that you do. At only $150 bucks the Gamecube is a great deal, and I want to buy it, but itís nothing much on it to excite someone who already owns a PS2, at least not yet. Thatís because most of the games on it, and most of the games coming out for it, are also slated for a PS2 release, which leaves all the purchase persuading up to the exclusive titles. Nintendoís strength has always lay within their strong first party line-up, but those franchise are a ways off from release on the ĎCube. If you want my honest opinion, Iíd say do what Iíve been doing: put the money you would have spent on a new system back into your PS2. I say you take this opportunity to take some chances and buy yourself some top-notch PS2 titles you wouldnít normally buy, like Rez, Frequency, Guilty Gear X, Spy Hunter, Dynasty Warriors 3, Shadowman 2econd Coming, or Burnout. And pick up a few DVDs to go with that, might I suggest Fight Club or the complete first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?


Q: Hi, Iím a bit stuck on a game of mine for the Playstation... itís called Vanishing Point, Iíve got lots of cheats but I donít know how to put them in!!!!!! The codes are for all cars, but there are individual codes (e.g. for an Alfa 146 GTV 3.0 20v === 3003cbfc0007). Please help me?????

A: Well, well, well. After doing a little research I found all those codes you were talking about. Problem is they are Game Shark codes. A Game Shark is a device (similar to the old Game Genie) that plugs into your console and allows you to input codes through a menu interface for nearly every game imaginable. Without a Game Shark, though, you are unable to use such codes. Most places list Game Shark codes separately from regular codes, but some sites fail to differentiate the two. Game Sharks are pretty useful for anyone who likes to play games in "God Mode", and if you want to pick yourself up a copy and unlock all those fancy new cars, you can check out
Cheat Codes
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