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June 5th, 2002

"Well that was a scary couple a minutesÖ"

After a little down time weíre back and better than ever! And to prove it weíll treat you to yet another Mailbag!  Send letters!


Q:  Dear Sir,

I have a Playstation 1 in my house. I bought my Playstation about 3-4 yrs ago in London, England. I am living in Mumbai, India now. There seems to be a problem in my Playstation. Whenever I insert a game CD in my console my console doesnít read the CD. I brought my Playstation to India almost 2 yrs ago. After bringing my Playstation to India it used to work fine but after a few months this problem occurred. I will be grateful to you if youíll help me in solving the problem.

A: You have a few options to try to deal with this problem. First I would check and see if it isnít your games. Turn your games over and check and see if they are scratched, dirty, or damaged in any way. If they are try using a disc cleaner or disc repair kit to correct this problem. If they are fine, then you can narrow the problem down to your Playstationís lens. First I would try a dry lens cleaning kit to see if itís not dust and dirt clogging up your lens and keeping it from reading your discs. Although lens cleaning is NOT recommended for the PS2 it is very much essential to keeping your PSone healthy. If this still doesnít help you can try an old trick that some Playstation users have had to rely on to get their systems to read games again: try turning your system upside down before turning it on. It may sound crazy, but try it. If that doesnít help, it may be a more serious problem. You might want to consider upgrading to a Playstation 2, seeing as how it can play old Playstation games and all the great PS2 games available, plus DVD movies.


Q: How long you can keep a Playstation 2 on till it overheats? I heard it was about 6-7 days. But I want to make sure.

A: Well, although the PS2ís internal fan will keep your system safe from heat issues during normal use, it is relatively unknown how long a PS2 can stay running before it overheats. Sony, however, recommends that you "take a break at about 30-minute intervals."  I guess thatís less for the systemís safety and more for your own.

Personally Iíve had to leave my PS2 paused for 8 or 9 hours before I could get back to it without any problems whatsoever, so I think itís very possible you can leave a game on for days without damaging your system.


Q: Is TimeSplitters 2 gonna only be on Xbox and Gamecube? If so, Free Radical are traitors!

A: Donít start throwing stones just yet! Recently TimeSplitters 2 was announced as a multi-platform game, meaning it will now appear on the Xbox, Gamecube, and PS2 when itís released this September. So far the only high-profile Eidos title that remains PS2 exclusive is Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness.
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