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PSGF Mailbox – Edition #7
June 26th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

is NCAA Football 2002 for PS2 coming out July 22?

Joe: Yesh.


Everyone is ranting about how beautiful Final Fantasy X looks.........but is it any good?

When Final Fantasy 8 came out the previews went on and on about the visual, not about the story or gameplay.  It turned out to be crap...well here is the question...are we replacing games that play well with games that look well?

Joe: Nah, I would go that far. While itís true that with the current generation of consoles, the emphasis on visual quality is being pushed more and more with every game release. However, there are still plenty of games and series as well that still include quality gameplay to go along with the sharp graphics. In Final Fantasy Xís case, Square has never been the company to truly dissapoint us with the [FF] series (excluding FF8), so I wouldnít worry much about FFX unless the release date rears its head soon and you know more about the graphical quality than the gameplay expectations or storyline.


tommy rolls: I what a bag

Joe: Na brah.


Can we expect EA Sports fall lineup this year to have more options and game selections than the early ports that came out last year? Mainly about Madden, NBA Live and Fifffa soccer. any help would be graytfull.

Joe: Yeah, itís true that Madden 2001 was the only real EA Sports title for the PS2 that had a quantity of game modes and options in comparison to the sparse offerings of itís sister games. However, look for most of that to change this year, as EA will be putting their complete focus on the next-gen systemís capabilities, so expect nearly Ė if not as many Ė modes and options for the PS2 titles as their PSone versions would naturally have.



Joe: No, is better than you. Remember folks, buddyhead is for the children.


I heard a rumor that tony hawk wonít be in pro skater 3 for ps2/xbox/whatever.

Joe: Yeah, considering itís titled Tony Hawkís Pro Skater 3, I would seriously doubt that heíd be in it.


Is duke nukem forever coming out for the playstation 2 or just PC???

Joe: Well, itís still on track for PC, but also (oddly enough) the Nintendo GameCube. Weird considering that youíd think Sony would want such a mature and adult-themed game on their box.


When does ea sports BIG expect to release the ssx sequel?

Joe: Expect SSX Tricky to hit shelves this fall, probably around November.


i know a site thatís better than yours

Joe: Heís right, itís called


PS2 is too frigen expensive. When do you guys expect a price reduction?

Joe: Either A) After Sony attempts their new Gran Turismo 3 + PS2 bundle this summer, or B) Possibly this fall when Xbox and GameCube hit the streets. However, Sony still denies that theyíre reducing any prices in order to compete with the new consoles on the horizon.


Does lucasarts got any of their good franchises coming to ps2?

Joe: They just released Escape From Monkey Island, plus a few Star Wars action titles are expected as well.


 - Joe Rolfe would like to know what exactly tommy rolls are
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