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PSGF Mailbag – Edition #8
July 5th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

What's Up. I got ATV Road Fury from Blockbuster, and it didn't work on my PS 2. So, I figured it was a lemon, then bought a new one, which also didnt work. I returned it to the store, and told them what happened, and they said a couple other people brought that same game back and said it had done the same thing to them, and that ATV Road Fury, as well as 2-3 other games, dont work with some PS 2 systems because of programming gaffes. Also, some old DVD's that have been out for awhile, like Animal House and Usual Suspects, dont work as well, but the newer ones do. Ever hear of this???????? Help me out bro!!!

Joe: I don't think a handful of games are incompatible with some PS2s. At least due to programming bugs, but possibly because of a faulty PS2 lens (highly unlikely) or just a bad DVD/CD disc (which is very possible considering a rental outlet would have multiple people handling a game and would therefore heighten the game's chances of being scratched).

As far as your DVD question goes, there have been many cases on some DVDs that refuse to play on certain PS2s. There isn't a straight reason for this so far. I personally have never encountered a problem with a DVD on my PS2 [Ed: nor have I], but your case is obviously difference. You may just deal with certain DVDs that might not just work.


Since both Gamecube and Xbox will be getting Madden 2002, and they wonít be out until November, will EA Sports delay the PS2 release until nov. so they all ship together? Or will it come out at the beginning of the NFL season like it usually does?

Joe: Nope, Madden 2002 should be hitting shelves right on time for opening kickoff of the season. Expect it to ship in the last week of August.


What ps2 wheel would you recommend I use to play Gran Turismo 3 with?

Joe: Unquestionably Logitechís GT Force. It was designed with GT3 in mind, and from most hands-on reports it plays well with the game.


Does Capcom have any new Resident Evil games in the works?

Joe: Currently the next step in the series, RE4, hasnít been officially announced. However, keep your eyes on their next game of the same mold, Devil May Cry.


whhen is zelda coming out for ps2!!!!!!!!!???!???????

Joe: Right after you start using proper punctuation.



I really enjoy NASCAR, and the PlayStation 2 seems to have quite a few NASCAR games. Of the bunch which won would you recommend I pick up?

Joe: From my experiences the most fun title so far would be NASCAR Heat.


 - Joe Rolfe normally has a semi-catchy tagline here, but is too lazy to think of one this week.
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