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July 19th, 2002

OK, time for another MAILBAG! This week has been different for me because it was my first week of college at lovely Rutgers University, but Iím still here to answer all you questions, so ask away!

Memory cards, dual shocks, network adapters? This week itís all about peripherals baby, yeah!

Q: I have a Memory Card from Sony (black, 8mb). Is it possible to save two different games in one slot? I.e.: MGS2 on slot 1, and GTA3 on slot 1?

A: I think you are a little confused about what games mean when they refer to "Slot 1" or "Slot 2". What this is referring to is which memory card to save the file to, the memory card in your PS2ís first controller slot or second controller slot. So if you tell Metal Gear Solid 2 to save a file to the memory card I slot one you are telling the game to save to that particular card, not some sort of slot system within the card like the PSone had. The PS2 memory cards can hold a maximum of 8 MB worth of game saves. You donít need to worry about where the file is saved because the PS2 will just keep pushing files onto the card until it runs out of room. It is a wise idea to delete unused files after you get down to a few K left, or just go out and buy a second card.


Q: I started playing Xenogears (a PSone game) on my ps2. I went to save it and I couldn't it said I didn't have a memory card, but I do have a PS2 memory card. I was wondering if I needed a regular ps1 memory card to save the regular ps1 games that I play or what?

A: Yes, yes, yes; a million times yes. I hear the same question all the time: "Why canít I save my PSone games to my PS2 cards?" and the answer is always: Playstation games saved on slots within the card, usually at a game per slot (which is what confused Question One Guy). The PS2, however, uses a free memory system in which a game can take up as much or as little space on the memory card as they see fit. Because of those two differences you still need a PSone card to save and load PSone games, so I hope you kept all your old cards. If not you can always go out and buy one; the cost is around $14 bucks.


Q: I currently have a PS2 with two Sony controllers. I would like to have a multi-tap and two more controllers for four player gaming, but I don't want to spend that much, since I would not use them very often. Do you recommend buying a third party multi-tap and controllers?

A: Iím sorry but I really wouldnít. First of all the majority of 3rd party controllers actually cost more than the standard PS2 pad because of extra features. The pads that cost less tend to beÖwell, let me just say you get what you pay for. I have two pieces of advice I can offer. The first is that you might want to dig out your old PSone dual shocks to serve as extra controllers. They will still work on PS2 games as long as they donít require pressure sensitive face buttons. My second piece of advice is to have your friends either BYOP ("Bring Your Own Pad") like I do, or ask them to pitch in for the cost. If you have friends that are over often enjoying the fun of your PS2 it wouldnít be too much to ask them to pitch in $15 bucks or so to cover the cost of a multi-tap and a few more Dual Shock 2s.


Q: Isn't the ps2 network adapter supposed to be released in august or something? I saw it for $40 on this one website, and it is in stock.

A: The official release date of the network adapter is August 27th. If you saw it "in stock" at an online store it was either because 1) they were selling the Japanese version which was already released, 2) it was an honest mistake on the part of the site, 3) they were merely taking pre-orders and you neglected to read the fine print, or 4) the site you were looking at is out to run off with the money of suckers who think the adapter is out already. Apply whichever explanation fits the best.
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