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The Budget Gamer's Repair Kit
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-Midway Announces Area 51
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August 6th, 2002

"Absence makes the heart grow fonder."

Well I sure hope so! With all the server trouble weíve been having lately that would mean a whole lot more love in this room! Anyway, donít be afraid to ask me any questions, Iíll always be ready to answer them.

Q: Is one 8mb memory card going to be enough to save all my games to, or do I need several cards?

A: For most people one PS2 memory card is more than enough to last you, as long as you delete files that are of no more use. But if you are really serious about your gaming you might want to buy two. Youíll be able to do all sorts of neat tricks with games like Gran Turismo 3 and Way of the Samurai by swapping files between cards and generally taking advantage of the computer.


Q: I have been told that I can buy PSone games and they work fine in the PS2, if this is true thatís freaking awesome. I assume that Playstation 3 will be compatible with PS 1 and 2 games then.

A: It is freaking awesome isnít it? Although a hand full of older games canít seem to run on the PS2, for the most part you can rest assured that all your old favorites will still work on your new console. You will also find an added bonus within the PS2ís system bios that allows you to smooth over the graphics and decrease load times of PSone games as well. You also guessed right about the PS3 probably being backwards compatible, although little else is known on Sonyís mystery machine.


Q: What is the best VGA converter available at a reasonable cost? I want to play the PS2 on my 19" monitor instead of my crappy TV.

A: If you hunt around you can find some cool products that will allow you to hook your game console to your PC monitor. This one by Innovation Technologies may be a little expensive compared to other converters, but it allows you to connect up to 4 different AV devices to the same monitor AND uses battery power to give you the option of hooking your PSone (or even PS2) to your laptopís screen for on the go gaming!


Q: What was the first game you ever played that got you HOOKED?

A: There was this little Star Wars, vector-based, arcade shooter in a pizza place at a local mall that had me hooked like crack. I was five at the time. Not only was it (at the time) the most realistic recreation of the movie I had ever seen, but I was also hella good at it, holding the number one spot to this very day.
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