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PSGF Mailbag – Edition #9
August 8th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

Will Sony make a special version of Windows for PS2's HDD, like the one showed in this picture of the desktop?

Joe: No. Windows is a Microsoft product, so the only place youíd be seeing a Windows desktop is on the Xbox .


Hey there,

I was just wondering if you know how to work for the Videogame Industry?? I am a hardcore gamer and have been playing videogames for a long time and I want them to be my future. I am starting College in the fall and I just want to know if you guys know what do I have to have or do to work for it. Thanks!!!!

Joe: The easiest way into most positions (although you didnít specify) is by becoming a gaming tester. Although the pay sucks and many times the job can be annoying by having to repeatedly play crappy games, itís probably the best first step you can take. Testing can lead to many different areas (developing, PR, etc.).


hey on dark cloud i cant get past the first duel HELP!

Joe: Sucks to be you.


Is it true that the PS2 network adapter, that will be in the U.S. later on this year, have 56k and broad band capabilities; will the adapter connect onto the hard drive or can it connect with out; and what is the price of the adapter (if you don't know it in U.S. dollars, give me the price in yen).

Joe: From my understanding the adapter is only broadband. Too bad for those without the fat pipes, but Sony really wants to be the first to head into the next generation of net connection. A final price is yet to be determined.


Yo Joe you know what a game sometimes has some crapy graphics but it is how interising the game is not if it has some crapy graphics.Why do you that that FF7 had the recored for most games sold in the frist week i think but that is not the point the point is that the game can have some pretty gay graphics but if the game has a good story and good game play who cares.So that is one thing that i realy have to say look man well bomber man has some gay graphics but i alot fo people still like the game.So no that one thing about your thing about the cunersal about that thing and saying that the graphic are gay no one care people only care about who the game is and if it can calange there so called gameing abelitys so this is to you Joe saying that no one cares alot abouy 3D or stuff like that it can be in 2D and still be a great game so don't jugdea game by the graphics jugde it by the gameplay as you said just like everyone else so this is a real person saying real stuff about games and i an out

p.s. if you want to talk just e-mail me at also i am a 13 so don't think that i don't know how to play PEACE!

This is Pokefighter8 over and out!

Joe: I didnít know graphics could be homosexual? (Or for you literals, happy).


well i want to know if playsation2 is ever going to get zelda and if yes tell me cause it would be cool if they do make it for playstation2 well thanks

Joe: Yup, also look forward to PS2-exclusive releases of Mario, Metroid and Star Fox, respectively.


why does everyone diss on FF8. is it because they couldnt figure out the junction system or how to make the GFs learn abilities. I do not understand. I thought FF6 kicked ass and i thought FF7 kicked even more ass. FF8 was even greater and then FF9 was on about the same level as FF7. Anyhow i just dont understand why everyone disses on FF8. It had awesome gameplay and an awesome story. Ive read the FFx is goin to be made by the same team to made FF7 and FF8 so hopefully it will be even better than those two. anyhow i know my grammer is bad and this email will probably end up on the joke page but i just had to say that i am regular 22 year old who isnt some kinda video game nerd, i just like a good game with a good story and i know that ff8 kicked ass, enough said.

Joe: No one liked FF8 because FF8 sucked donkey pooh.

We donít have a joke page by the way, but if you think my untimely, stupid responses are actually humorous, thanks!


ok..ok...i hope you guys can help me out........i would like to know if there a shark code for Dr.B in tekken tag....psx2 i know that i can bowl him in the game witha 280 or better score......but you you for your time..........BuZz

Joe: You donít even need a gameshark for the code! Of course, Iím not telling you. Then it wouldnít be a secret anymore.


i have a question. My friend and i both own PS2 consoles. i purchased mine on release night, he got his in like the second or third wave. i am an avid gamer, who waited on a list for a year before i got mine. i take great lengths to ensure a high calibur gaming experience. Power line filtration, gold cables, video modulator, i even found a DVD upgrade that works on the DVD driver in the PS2! So you can imagine my dismay when, while trying to show my friend my superiority, i found every driver on his PS2 upgraded to 1.2. He doesn't know how or why, and i have been searching and cannot find the answer

Joe: Everyone come together, point a finger and laugh at him!


uh, this concerns my playing Armored Core on PS2. first off, if you've played it then please write a review so every one else will know how sorry it was compared to AC one on PSx. The gameplay was pretty good, along with the graphics. the arena battles was a nice touch. but what bothered me was the Missions. the original Missions were more of a tactical challenge. this was just literally "shoot and destroy." the ac's were way to easily destroyed. in AC 1, you had to actually try to destroy the enemies, but in this game it was mostly one hit kills. if you've ever played the original AC then you'd see that the sequel was a big disappointment from the original game. i would say that it's a good rental but not one for keeps. P.S. versus mode was horrible.

Joe: Thank you very little.


Why does gran turismo 3 have crappy graphics? I hope sony dos a better job with gt4 to make it look better!!!!!

Joe: Someone shoot this person in the face.


 - Joe Rolfe normally has a semi-catchy tagline here, but is too lazy to think of one this week.
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