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September 17th, 2002

Last week’s launch of Sony’s official Playstation 2 Network Adapter brought with it a lot of questions. If you have any question about the Network Adapter why not direct them towards me, and I’ll see what I can do about them.

Q: Has anyone tried attaching a hard drive to the network adapter? I found an OLD 1 gig hard drive but my ps2 didn't recognize it. Will Sony even utilize the hard drive?

A: Sony’s official response is:

"There is no information regarding a release date for the hard disk drive at this time, aside from the drive that is currently packaged with the LINUX Kit for the PlayStation 2."

A hard drive will eventually need to be released, but when it will hit store shelves is anyone’s guess. There is some question, however, as to whether Sony will actually release their own PS2 branded hard disc drive, or simply release driver and browser updates that will allow one to use any IDE hard drive, much like you can on a PC. This might actually be the wisest decision, as it will save Sony manufacturing, advertising, and stocking fees while allowing gamers to get the most hard drive space for their dollar.


Q: Does anyone of you know of any online retailer that has [Network Adapters] in stock? I start to seriously dislike Sony and their strategy of constant availability problems. No PS2s, no memory cards, no remote controls, and now no network adapters.

A: You’ll have a harder time trying to find one online than if you simply hit all your local retail stores. That’s because Sony’s low initial sales expectations for the Adapter caused them to only have 250,000 ready for launch, and most of those were sold through pre-orders taken at national gaming chain-stores like GameStop and Electronics Boutique. Those orders, therefore, became Sony’s first priority. Other retail and online stores fell down to the bottom of the list, and are now receiving Network Adapters in small, random shipments. However, while online stores have completely stopped taking orders until large shipments begin to arrive, retail stores are putting them on shelves as soon as they receive a shipment. Therefore you have much greater odds of getting one today at your local CompUSA than trying to find one by chance on Amazon. When a store does get a shipment in there seems to be no more than five at a time, so only the tenacious and the lucky are getting their hands on them. My best advice to you is to do the rounds every morning until you find one, either by calling up any store in your area that sells gaming items and asking if they have any, or by physically going to each and every store right as they open. You should have one within a week.


Q: What do you play the online games on? Do you play it on your TV or can you hook it to a monitor, because my cable modem is in a completely different room than my TV, so what’s the deal?

A: You play it on whatever you play your PS2 on now, which is most probably your TV set. If you want to play it on a monitor you could do it by either using a video card with video in capabilities, or a converter box/cable to give your card video in like abilities. However my suggestion is to follow our setup guide and learn how to do it the right way.


Q: Does the Network Adapter Work with PAL ps2? Yes or no? I can boot up any region DVD so that’s not a problem.

A: Are you willing to take a chance and find out? Maybe it will work, maybe it won’t, but that chance will cost you a pretty penny to import, won’t it? I say play it safe and wait for a domestic release, because then you will at least have twice as many compatible games to buy.

Jared adds: Given that the setup software is in NTSC format, I doubt it will. It's certainly possible, but I'd heed his advice.


Q: In SOCOM, am I supposed to be able to talk to my teammates or does the game just have preset messages? From what I've read on here there are people actually talking to each other. I've tried speaking to my teammates but it hasn't worked and also I've never heard an actual human voice. I am talking about the online multiplayer by the way.

A: Some people have encountered problems while trying to use SOCOM’s headset online. Routers blocking the ports have caused them all, and it can be fixed by opening your router’s forward ports from the range of 6000 ~ 6500.


Q: How long is the headset cord for SOCOM? Cause I sit across the room and I have an extension cord for my controller. Also, are there such things as extension cords for USB cords, for my keyboard and headset?

A: If your Dual Shock 2 cord can reach across your room, so can your SOCOM headset, as it as at least one and a half times as long as your Dual Shock 2 cable. If you would like a little extra length you can pick up extension cords at any store that sells computer cables.
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