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PSGF Mailbox Ė Edition #1
Sept. 19, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your name in print? Forward all letters to


We are owners of both Sony Playstation & a Personal Computer - I heard through the grapevine that there is something that we can purchase for our PC that will enable us to play Sony games on it.

Please e-mail us as much info as possible.

Joe: Yes, there is a product for the PC called bleem! ( that allows you to play most of the American-released titles on your own computer. Though itís a pretty decent item, and retails for just $20, it requires a little power under the hood, not to mention that compatibility with your PlayStation library isnít always 100%. Just check out the compatibility lists on bleem!ís site to see if your favorite games work.


I live in the UK and I am considering ordering an NTSC PS2 over the net, but I am unsure with regards to the compatability with my PAL TV.If it is possible to use an NTSC US PS2 on a PAL TV,I would be grateful if you could tell me how,and what,if any,devices I might need.Any advice would be much appreciated.

Joe: Iím sorry, but Iím not so sure I can help you out here. Us Americans donít touch PAL-related software/hardware, so your best bet is to contact a local store that specializes in video games and ask them directly (someone has to know). From what Iíve been told you need a special SCART cable or transmit device for a North-American PlayStation 2 to work on a PAL television, but donít quote me on it. Any readers have the answer?

Jared Adds: Just wait a month and get the PAL version.  Otherwise, you're going to face a lot of compatibility problems throughout the life of your PS2.


I have a PlayStation (dual shock)..I just purchased Final Fantasy VIII. First disk ran fine.

When i load disk two, it doesn't recognize it.tells me to load disk two?

I got a replacement set of disks from the place i purchased it...same problem?

Disk two runs fine on my neighbour's older playstation..(both are chipped)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Joe: Hmm, that's a weird situation. Try to return that copy one more time to see if it works. Also, your FF VIII save file *may* be corrupted, meaning that the data on it doesn't transfer right and the PSX doesn't read the 2nd Disc correctly (this is just a guess, mind you).

Also, do you keep your PlayStation in good condition? If not, the laser inside the PSX may possibly be scratched or tainted, which could be a good reason considering that Disc II runs fine on your friend's PlayStation. So try out one more copy, and if that doesn't work then call Sony's hardware help line for more information on what you should do.


I'd forgotten about this game until about a week ago a friend of mine mentioned it, does anybody know if this game ever came out on any other platform besides the Sega Genesis?? Thanks for any info, Brent

Joe: Yeah, I know that game, but Iím not sure where itís at right now. The developer is currently doing a sequel for that machine, although we donít think the publisher will fund much for it. Trust me, This Game looks HOT right now.


I'm having trouble getting out of the school, can someone help me? Plus what are the little "ghost children" for. Thanks, Wess.

Joe: Woah bud, I donít know what school you go to but if itís got little ghosts running around then I suggest transferring soon.


When does Smackdown 2; Know your Role come out? What new features can we expect? I liked the first Smackdown, but I heard a rumour of a Hell in the cell and ladder match will be included in the 2 nd one. Plz respond

Joe: Yup, Know Your Role should be a hot one. Hell in the Cell and Ladder matches will be in full force, respectively, as THQ is quite honestly trying to put every mode available into itís sophomore PlayStation effort, not to mention a large roster update with the likes of Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, and Rikishi to name a few. Look for it in early November.

-Joe Rolfe is glad he never went to school with little ghost children.
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