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PSGF Mailbag – Edition #10
September 27th, 2001

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

I was wondering if nascar thunder is going to be on playstation one

Joe: Pee Ess Too only.


Is bob burnquist going to be in tony hawk three?! heís my fav sk8ter and heís no listed on activisionís site for the game!

Joe: Sorry to say but he sold out to Konamiís X-Games title. No more Bobby in Hawkís game.


when will sega bring out itís nfl 2k games for ps2?

Joe: NFL2K2 (PS2) is on track to come out this fall sometime. In case you were wondering, NBA2K2 will be out in November, just in time for the season.


Hi there. I debate a lot with my friends about who will win the upcoming console war on a constant basis. While Iím no system loyalist, I do stick by the PS2ís side in this case just because of the numbers. They have such a huge installed base and a lot of great games out that I donít think Nintendo or Microsoft have a chance of catching up with. Whatís your opinion? Thanks in advance.

Joe: You hit it right on the money. While Iím sure that Nintendoís GameCube will see great success (better than N64) and the Xbox will find itís place (at least in America), I think itís safe to say that Sony has won the battle before the war even started. The one year jump they had on the Big N and Bill Gateís baby is extremely important; by the time both consoles launch in America, the PS2 will have a nearly 20 Million worldwide installed base. Thatís a lot of consoles to play catch up to, and considering the huge amount of AAA titles already released (and even more on the horizon), I donít foresee a lead change any time soon.


hey! I just dropped my Ps2 out the window in my room the other day and it still works perfectly! sony made an indestruktable machine

Joe: Weíve now just located our Retarded Gamer of the Month.


Quick: whatís your prediction for PS2 game of the year?

Joe: Personally I think Jax and Daxter will surprise a lot of peopleÖ although Iím sure 98% of the rest of the public vote would either go for MGSII or Gran Turismo 3.

 - Joe Rolfe wants money, lots and lots of money
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