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PSGF Mailbox Ė Edition #2
Oct. 9th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to

Hi - I've searched all over the web, but can't find the answers to these PS2 hardware questions... Does the PS2 have component video outputs? SVHS? RGB? Just composite? Will the US machine output 480p video from DVD movies and/or games? Does it have both stereo analog and AC3 digital audio outs? Thanks for the help.

Joe: Component = Yes. I think by SVHS you mean S-Video, which is Yes also. RGB - yes to that also. 480p is. Digital audio and analog outs I believe so. (not sure about 480p and AC3, however.)


I was just woundering, what is the difference between the original Resident evil 2 and the dual shock version. My friend told me that the original one doesn't have the extrem battle mode (survivor mode) and the dual shock one does. Is it true? and by the way, you can still play hunk the forth
survivor and tofu on the original one, right?

Yes that's true about the battle mode and yes you can still play as those two


Hi, Do you know of any web sites where I could buy a copy of the unreleased Playstation game Thrill Kill?

Joe: You can search long and hard but chances are that youíll come up with nothing but mirrored warez sites. About two years ago when the game was cancelled you could find some bootleg copies on the Ďnet, but since then the game has disappeared off the edge of the earth. So no, I do not know of any sites with it hosted.


hi, please respond 2 this query as soon as u can. I am desperate 2 know if the ps-2 accepts and plays pirated cds of ps1.My dad is leavin for japan in a week if there is some mod-chip available could u give me some details abt it as 2 where can i get it please please respond quickly.

Joe: No, the PS2 does not play any CD-R games whatsoever. In the future Iíd imagine that a mod-chip would be available (there are probably some out right now, as a matter of fact) which will allow you to play copied games.

Notice, however, that VGF in no way promotes piracy of videogames at all. It's one of the largest crimes in the industry today, and in the end no party really wins.


in WWF smackdown 2: know Your Role, what type 
of new matches are there? And any new wrestlers,
 if so who?

Joe: There are tons of matches in Smackdown 2. 
New  to the game are the Hell in the Cell match, 
Ladder match, Table match, Iron Man match, 
and a hidden TLC (Tables, Ladders & Chairs) 
match. Man, if Smack-2 came with just those 
matches itíd still be worth purchasing!  As for 
the roster, that too will be getting an update. 
Tazz, Lita, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit (!), Too Cool, 
Saturn, Eddy G. plus many more will be 
implemented into the game as well.


You say in your GT 2000 preview it will still have about 500 cars. I've heard it may not since the more detailed cars take longer to make. Where did you get that number and how sure of it are you?

Joe: Yup, you're right. At the time of the preview the total number of cars had still been in speculation, but now that Gran Turismo 3 (more on that in a sec) is further into development, the car count has been greatly minimized to a point between 150-160 cars. This is due to the fact that the visual improvements and advancements over the original PSX GT2 car models take a much longer time to create (possibly multiple weeks) as opposed to under a day's time on the PlayStation GT2 game.

Now, as I said before GT 2000 has been renamed to Gran Turismo 3. Taking into consideration that the game won't be hitting shelves until early 2001 this is a no brainer on Sony's part for marketing terms.


i was thinking if i should buy dreamcast or wait for psx2, is it worth it, or do you think dreamcast is better? i have psx and i dont know if i will just be wasting my money on psx 2 or not? what do you think is a better system? thanks alot!

Joe: Man, if only it was simpler to answer this...

Well, it all depends on your tastes. Naturally it would be easy to say that each system has a certain set of games you might like, but Sega's Dreamcast has just about everything you could imagine in terms of quantity of games.

The DC has the best fighting game in the world (Soul Calibur) best sports games (NBA/NFL 2Kx), some of the best racing titles (Crazy Taxi, Sega GT), plus many, many, many more great games in other genres.

While the PS2's early launch looks kinda lame, the future for PlayStation 2 software is very bright. Every known developer is on board to make a game for it, so you will see some high-quality work on the machine in 2001.

So basically the best system right now is *gasp* the Dreamcast. It has unbeatable quality games and a very good price. The PS2, on the other hand, is not a waste of money. It plays CDs, DVDs, and a lot of good games will be out for it late this year and into next year. Neither are wastes of money, though. Hope this helps any.


What does Sony have in store for pack-ins on launch day? Iím so skeptical about the launch games so Iíd at least like to have a demo CD to try them out before I buy them. Thanks

Joe: For some reason, Sony has chosen not to include a demo disc. While the original PlayStation featured one, the PS2, oddly, is very plain when it comes to specialties. No memory card, no demo disc, nuthiní Ė just the machine itself and a controller (plus wires, of course).

In my opinion, I believe Sony should have at least included a disc with, for instance, a movie of Metal Gear Solid II: Sons of Liberty. What better way to show off your hardware than with Konamiís next game thatíll change the way we look at games forever? Iím betting that Sony thought of that, but considering a mystery MGS game was announced for Microsoftís XBox (most likely a port of MGS II) it wasnít a final selection. Also, Sony should have included a DVD with possibly a few snippets from various flicks to show off the capabilities of the PS2ís internal DVD player. But what do I know? Iím just a game journalistÖ


HEY, Iíve heard that squaresoft isnít going to develop for the PS2 anymore and that they are porting FFX and FFXI to the gamecube or even the Xóbox! Is this true?

Joe: HEY, calm down there. Square isnít leaving anytime soon Ė Sony has a leash over them (or at least Square has a leash over Sonyís wallet) so donít expect this tandem to be breaking. However, it has been rumored that some head-honchos at Square are indeed interested in Nintendoís Game Cube and the Xbox.

-Joe Rolfe thinks that Sony should listen to game journalists more often.
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