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-Midway Announces Area 51
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October 30th, 2002

Got a question? Got a comment? Got a concern? Got a beef? Be heard.

Q: I'm thinking of getting a RPG game for the ps2, which one should I get, Im new to console RPGs so which one will be easier for me to get into, Kingdom Hearts of Final Fantasy X?

A: Be a smart lad and buy Kingdom Hearts. It is one of the most refreshing games to come around in years, and while its not perfect, it comes pretty close. This is the "smart" thing to do because buying FFX now would be jumping the gun. It is due "Greatest Hits" status soon, which means a substantial price drop. That means by the time you are all finished with Kingdom Hearts you can pick up a brand new copy of FFX for under $30 bucks.


Q: For those of you that have gotten...or some how know... how do you get your Twisted Metal Black Online game? Does it get sent in the regular mail, by FedEx, or by UPS?

A: TMBO, which comes free after mailing in the special offer that comes with the Sony Network Adaptor, is sent USPS in a DVD case-sized cardboard sleeve with a manual glued to it, all of it shrink wrapped for your convenience. If you got a NA within its first week of release and mailed the offer away the very same day you should see it on your doorstep sometime soon.


Q: I really enjoyed Warriors of Might and Magic on PS2. I got it when I traded in some games and had $20 left to use so it was basically an afterthought. It reminds me of a less polished Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance. What would you say is the most under appreciated game on the Playstation 2?

A: Final Fantasy VIII. It is one of the best story-driven games ever made; yet few give it the respect it deserves. The plot, the pace, the suspense, and the imagery are the best Square has done this side of Final Fantasy Tactics. The game is a dark ride full of twists and turns that plays more like an action-movie or a Chuck Palahniuk novel than what youd expect of a Final Fantasy title. The combat is highly polished, and although many found the Draw system to be annoying it managed to give players reason to look forward to random battles as oppose to dread them. All in all it is one of the better games of the 32-bit era and one that is often dismissed by friends and enemies of console RPGS alike.
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