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PSGF Mailbox – Edition #3
Nov. 19th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to


How can Aladar and friends release the water`? The river is dry and we cant get further

Joe: Easy – suck it up with a straw.


My name is Adam Burton, I e-mailed you before and you were quick to answer so I figured you would be the best to contact. I have plans on getting PS2.. I think, but the price is resulting a bit of a problem and I don't feel like letting my parents pay that much for a machine. I mean they still might but I am not sure, I am suggesting to them for Christmas (this is suppositly from Santa lol) to get the playstation cause it is cheap and more affordable and is coming out with NHL 2001. But my fear is if I get playstation how long will games keep on coming out for PS, is this only going to be for a year or so? I mean I am 14 and really I should only be looking for games for the next four years or so lol. So my question to you is, how long will games come out for playstation, and if they stop when will they stop? also about what time will the price of playstation 2 come down? (In Canada, I don't know where you live it is $549.99) This is all I have to say and your answer will be greatly appriciated.

Joe: From this standpoint, I see the original PlayStation as being heavily supported for the next 5 or 6 months. After that, publishers will be putting all their resources into their next PS2/DC/X-Box/NGC projects. Sony is going to market the PSX as "Your little sister's console". In other words, it'll be a machine for kiddy games and just about nothing else.


I was wondering what will the quality of watching DVDs be like in the PS2 compared to a standard DVD player.

Joe: I have very little knowledge of DVD lingo, so my answer will be brief. Official reports from Sony say that the PS2’s DVD playability is on par with most of their top of the line players. From personal experience I honestly see no difference at all between my PS2 quality and my friend’s standard DVD players.


Hi, I just bought the game fear effect. but Im having a problem. hopefully you can help me out. I finished the first disc. but there is no save or anything on that first disc at the end of it. it tells me to put in disc 2. but when i do. I cant seem to play the game, it tells me to put in disc one. help!!!!!! thanks

Adrian: I’m not sure what I can do for you here. I do know that many multiple disc games require you to put in the first disc every time you play, (so that the game can load) and then install the second disc once you have loaded your saved game. Try playing from the last save and then inserting the disc to see what happens. If things don’t work out, you may have a faulty disc, so I would suggest returning it


Is it safe to play your PS2 on your projection television?

Joe: As long as you yourself are not physically affected by it, then by all means it’s safe.

Jared adds: The only possible damage to your projection TV could come if you leave a static image on the screen for hours and hours at a time.  As long as the image changes frequently (and you don't fall asleep with the game on a screen) you should be ok.



what % of psx games will not work on the ps2

Joe: About .02 percent.


Go you bloody legend

Hey mate can you PLEASE give me a full reaport on the GameCube and PS2, you can make a message board made specially for Nintendo fans to argue with PS2 fans, please, please, please!!!!!!!!

Your a legend mate.

Hey e-mail me back as soon as you get this and tell me, should I buy the PS2 or the Gamecube

I'm 13, i love action, blood and guts. I despise Zelda, Mario and Pokemon and Donkey Kong and I hate most cartoon games. I absaloutly hate the Nintendo consoles and I always have, but i'm prepared to swap over (not swap over but if you recommend it i'll buy the PS2 and the Gamecube). Help me man, I wanna show all those Nintendo freaks in my neighbour hood what console kicks ass, GO THE PS2.

Joe: Okay, so you think I’m a legend (?), you love blood and guts, and you call me "Mate"? Please, don’t write back to me again.


I would like to know where I will be able to purchase PS2.

Thank you.

Joe: You can buy a PlayStation 2 at practically any retailer, online and off, that sells videogames and the likes.

Jared adds: Assuming you can find one of course...


I am looking for a playstation system in and around the city that I live in as well as internet sites that have online ordering for playstation 2. Do you know of any place that I can go to find this in stock on an internet site? If you have any information could you please e-mail me to let me know. Thank you.

Joe: Your best bet is to check out online auction sites such as, but don’t expect to find any cheap.


Could u send some pics of Smack Down2 to me. My E-mail address is Midget1melvind and my scereen name is SilentD....

Joe: If you promise in return to send me a box full of beer and green, unmarked bills.


Hi. I was wondering if you know when sony will have their second shipment of playstation 2 due in stores?  thanks

Joe: Considering that Sony is actually having problems with living up to the whole 100,000 a week deal, you should personally check with each individual retailers to see what they are planning on doing.


I would like to know when the NASCAR RACERS game 
for playstation is coming out and where it will be sold? 
Thank you, BIG CHARGER FAN!!!!!

Joe: The PSOne version should be out in February 
of 2001.

hi guys! i was wondering if u would know where i could find a move list for WWF Smackdown 1. i have no idea how to do anything!!! see if u could help! Thanks

Joe: Try checking out I’m sure there are tons of FAQs based on THQ’s first WWF grappler.


Hiya! My name is john and Im from the UK. I love football (what u Americans call soccer) and I hope to pick up a playstation 2 when it launches over here. Are there any planes for some football games to come out on the Ps2?

Joe: You bet. EA Sports should be bringing over FIFA 2001 MLS for the PS2 as soon as the PlayStation 2 hits European territory.


Hi i was wondering if you knew of any place that might still have the game "monster rancher2" i have been looking everywhere for it, it a xmas present for my nephew....if you have any info please let me know if not thanks for trying

Adrian: All right. I feel much sympathy for people attempting to locate games, especially when it is a gift. However, you have to understand the difficulty this presents us when you ask us for assistance. How exactly will we know the inventory of stores in your location? This problem is multiplied when we have absolutely no clue where in the heck you live. (Don’t anyone take that as an invitation to start telling me your home town, because I’m not going to call stores for you long-distance.) I will give the benefit of the doubt and assume that you don’t purchase games regularly, and will therefore give you a list of possible stores.

Best Buy
Toys ‘r’ Us
Software Etc.
Electronics Boutique

Give these people a call, and ask if they have the game, and if that doesn’t work, go into the phone book under video games-entertainment or something similar like games or electronics, and find smaller local stores and ask them. That’s the best I can do.


-Joe Rolfe is _hoping_ that it’s safe to play on a projection TV…
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