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November 27th, 2002

Got a question? Got a comment? Got a concern? Got a beef? Be heard.

The Mailbag! seems to be more irregular than an old man’s bowels, but what can I say? All great things are. Spawn comics were highly irregular for years. The Sopranos has a new episode and a new season when they feel like it. Doom sequels and Tool albums come out willy-nilly too. We are no different…


Q: Which game character can kick all other game characters ass?

A: Well, from a strictly technical standpoint, the "player" in Black and White, since he is god. Also known as the "little hand" that moves around the screen, he, she, or it can't be harmed, has all sorts of god-like powers, commands a large animal, and has swarms of followers to do his bidding. He could smite Solid Snake with a lighting bolt, pick up Alucard and throw him about a million miles into the sea, have his giant creature step on (or eat) Dante, have Samus sacrificed, and cook himself a Pikachu burger with a well-placed fireball. The only way he can be destroyed is if his save game file gets corrupted…

If you mean strictly "cool factor", my list would go:

10. 47 from the Hitman series
9. Samus from the Metroid series
8. Jimmy Patterson from the Medal of Honor series
7. Hotsuma from Shinobi
6. Cloud Strife, the Kingdom Hearts incarnation
5. Garrett from the Thief series
4. Cate Archer from the No One Lives Forever series
3. Dante from Devil May Cry
2. Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
1. Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series


Q: What is the most under appreciated game for the PS2?

A: Shadowman: 2econd Coming. That game did everything right, got some great reviews, and had a cult following from the original Shadowman, but seemed to be passed over on store shelves for other titles. If you can, try checking out Shadowman: 2econd Coming, it’s worth the trouble.


Q: A friend of mine wants to know if it is ok to buy a refurbished PS2 from Electronics Boutique?

A: If saving $30 dollars means that much to you, by all means go ahead. But if you think you’d rather put out a little extra money and get a console that wasn’t bought by some unknown guy, broken, sent back to Sony, repaired, than sent to EB where it can be sold once more and make them double the profit, just get a new one.
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