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December 10th, 2002

Got a question? Got a comment? Got a concern? Got a beef? Be heard.

Vice City. Vice City. Is there anything else worth talking about right now in the world of the PS2? I think not!


Q: Does anyone know anything about some scuba gear on Vice City? I heard something about it somewhere but I can't seem to find anything on the Internet about it.

A: The ability to not die as soon as you touch water would have been a nice one; especially with all the boat rides and over water flights you do in the game. As far as I can see, though, this "scuba gear" thing is simply one of the hundreds of rumors floating around the Internet.


Q: How do you delete Vice City saves within the main file?

A: There actually is no option to do that in game. You can either overwrite them with another save, ignore them, or do this little trick: put a second memory card in your PS2, load the saved game you want to keep, then save it to the other card. Go into your PS2 browser and delete the old file, then copy the new Vice City file you created to you main card and there you go!


Q: Iím starting to build my criminal empire and I want to know what apartments you can buy and what assets you can buy. I already have Ocean View Heights, Pole Positions and the Kaufmanís cabs, what else is their and where?

A: Some of the businesses you can own are the Print Works (found in Little Havana), Inter Global Films (Prawn Island), Sunshine Autos (one of my personal favorites) found near the entrance to the airport, Cherry Poppers Ice Cream (right off the main bridge to Little Havana), and The Boatyard (near the docks down the road from Sunshine Autos). Assets are always better to own then homes, but there are a few apartments worth going out of your way for. These are the Skumole Shack (located Downtown far away from other save points), El Swanko Casa (in Vice Point), and by far the best in the game, Hyman Condo, located near the very end of the Downtown area. It has three two-car garages, a helicopter pad on the roof with a regenerating Maverick, a police bribe, street clothes, and weapons pick ups!


Q: Someone told me you get pictures of Candy Suxxx at the end of a mission, and that you can get naked dancers in the strip club. True?

A: Picture of the infamous adult actress Candy Suxxx after the Inter Global Film missions? Yes, though itís nothing much to talk about. Naked dancers at the strip club? No. Yes, you can buy a "private show", if you know what I mean, but no disrobing is involved.


Q: Auntie Poulet sounds a lot like Miss Cleo.

A: Thatís not a question, but Iíll answer it anyway. Thatís because she IS Miss Cleo. In all honesty Iím not sure if she did the voice for the game before or after she was on trial for defrauding $1 billion dollars from poor, hopeless saps, but itís sort of ironic either way the truth falls. If it was recorded BEFORE the trail then she even pulled one over on Rockstar Games, if it was recorded AFTER than she was acknowledging her unlawfulness and criminal involvement. Either way, itís a whole lot of funny!
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