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December 19th, 2002

Got a question? Got a comment? Got a concern? Got a beef? Be heard.

It seems like the Play-Pak isnít all its cracked up to beÖ


Q: I ordered a Play-Pak from Division-1 over a month ago and have yet to receive it. Any idea what the deal is? Did they go under? How did you get your hands on one? They phone number they have on their website is for another business entirely, they've never heard of Division-1 or the Play-Pak. I ordered on October 11th, just got my bank statement showing they charged me for it November 14th... None of the email address they have listed work, it all gets returned... 

I was hoping maybe you could shed some light on the subject. I want one SOOOOOOOO bad. I wouldn't mind the delays but to not even be able to contact anyone at division-1 is making me queasy. If you as a reviewer cant contact them, or shed any light on the subject, speaking for any interested gamer, you should post something about my troubles (and possibly others) on your review.

A: Jared responds: Division-1 sent us the Play-Pak to review a month or two before it actually shipped in early 2001.  I can assure you that it was, at least at one point, a legitimate product as I still have it sitting here in my closet.

As you can see on our review page, we've already heard several complaints regarding orders placed but never fulfilled and as a result we DID post a warning message on our review.  I don't know how you could miss it really.

Once again, I urge everyone to ONLY purchase this product from a retail store.  I doubt you'll find one though, since it appears that very few (if any) actually made it to market before the company folded.

Does that mean mine'll be worth millions one day? *grin*


Q: I have been recently thinking of buying contra for PS2 but I donít know if the game is hard or challenging enough and I havenít got around to renting it yet. Is it worth buying?

A: In a word, Contra: Shattered Solider is one of the hardest games ever made. To beat the game as it was intended - no cheats, no codes, three lives, three continues, straight through, would take an act of God. I donít know how much lasting appeal it would have as a single player game, but on two players its some of the most fun youíll have sinceÖContra on the NES. Anyone who use to pump their milk money in those quarter munchers of yore should really give this game a look.


Q: I could use some help in my progress in the game Red Faction II.  I have made it to the room where you turn off the force field around the robot and then climb inside.  I go through all doors that will open.  I reach the room with all the stairs to climb.  I exit the robot and climb the stairs to the top.  I try to destroy the generator on the top level to no avail.  I go into the room with all the bookshelves to enter the door inside but it will not open.  I feel like I've missed something because when I rented the game I got onto an elevator with the robot and went down to another level.  Can you help me out?

A: Well, first you should note that a bug in the game causes problems on this level. It makes some doors stay closed even when you are standing in front of them, so if you try to go into a room, but the door wonít open, back up, then try again. Also note that everything must be dead before you can continue past blowing up the generator. Make sure youíve sent everything to the gaming afterlife before trying to blow up the generator with a satchel. After youíve done killed everything and blown up the generator you should go back down the stairs and take the door on your right. Itís only a few more steps to the end of the level after that.
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