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PSGF Mailbox – Edition #4
Dec. 30th, 2000

Got a question, a rant, or just feel like seeing your letter in print? Forward all questions & letters to


[about Castlevania: SOTN] i'd like to know where do i go next..i'm in the room where their are skeleton heads coming at me but i can't get all the way over the top by jumping because the floor falls under me..i have no idea where to please!!!!!!

Adrian: Okay folks...let me make something clear. While I don’t particularly relish the idea of scouring the net looking for the answers to these dilemmas, I am willing to put forth the effort to help you out. Unfortunately, to do that, I need more information. Things like the name of the level/mission/scenario and some very specific elements that distinguish that particular section of the game. Since I am not about to read through an entire walk-through of Symphony of the Night (I just bought it last month since it was so cheap, and haven’t gotten around to playing more than the first level yet) I will instead direct you to the ultimate resource for your needs on the web, This is a wonderful resource and I give many kudos to those who run it and provide content. However, you’re going to have to do your own leg-work on this one.


I was just wondering is the government really banning gun accessories for playstation 2 or is that a rumor because my mother told me the people in the store told her that was happening. PLEASE fill me in if this information is true because i was really looking forward to using it for time splitters on PS2!

Adrian: I have heard no such thing, and in fact, I am aware of at least one lightgun peripheral in development. Interact is making the Thunderstrike Light BLaster with auto-reload and multiple rates of fire options and will release it for the suggested retail price of $29.99. So, what I can only assume is that your parent was the victim of one of the major scourges of the game industry, ‘Sales Clerks Who Know Just Enough to be Stupid’. This is an increasingly difficult problem, because while many employees at game stores have a genuine interest in providing you with up-to-date information and the games industry in general, there are more than enough of the losers to make trusting any of them a dubious practice. What most likely happened, was that this guy remembered that Sega didn’t release their first-party light gun (this was due to the recent, at the time, Columbine shootings, and Sega didn’t need any extra heat at their launch) and assumed that because there wasn’t one for the PS2 yet, they were doing the same. Add in a little creative embellishment on the clerk’s part to give the impression they have a better handle on the industry than they actually do, and you see the results.


I was just wondering if this amazing addition to the resident evil series [Code Veronica on DC and soon PS2] will ever be coming to pc.

Adrian: Unfortunately I am unaware of any such conversion. On the up side, they are releasing an enhanced version for the Dreamcast and PS2, which will include additional scenes and improved visuals. The PS2 version will likely see our shores, but the Dreamcast one may not.


Can anybody tell me how to use your coach's challenge in > Madden 2001 forthe PS2??? I can't seem to figure it out.. ANY HELP would be good..Thanks, ER

Jared: From what I understand, you can't. The computer will offer it to you automatically whenever there is a close call.


Could you please add Monster Rancher2 to the downloads list?

Joe: Honestly, I never thought we had a downloads list. Guess I was wrong.


Im lookin for more information regarding the true portability of the psone. when will the lcd screen be released for it? what does it look like? probably i wish i knew. please help me find the answers i so desperately seek.

Joe: You’re best selection is the Interact Mobile Moniter, which should be available in early January for about $129.99


I have a saved file (On a friends memory card) of final fantasy 9 for playstation, will I be able to transfer the file onto the PS2 and continue my saved game?

Thanks alot!

Joe: Sadly, no you cannot save your PSOne game saves onto a PlayStation 2 memory card and load right off of it. A standard PSOne memory card is required for that.


Hello there!! I wonder if you know about homepages who sell copyed/burned playstation games???? If you do, let me know.

Joe: There are some out there, but piracy is against my morals. Without having to go into a big discussion, copied games are bad for the industry and therefore I and PSGF will in no way whatsoever promote it on our site.


Hi! I have a question about the psx. My analog controller and memory card won't work and their both psx branded. I tried using friends analog controller and it still does'nt work.My analog controller and memory card seems to work all right on friends psx but not on mine.My regular(not analog but psx branded) psx controller seems to work fine on my psx but when I try to insert the memory card, and or the analog controller it disables the regular psx controller so I won't be able to use the regular controller.I even opened my psx and switched the controller port with a newer one, and I still have the same problem.Can you please help me, because I already have two broken psx in my garage. Do you think I should get it repaired for $56.00 from the sony company or buy the new Psone console since I have a huge library of psx games since I don't won't to buy the ps2 until the price drops.So can you please help me

Joe: Yeah, you can spend half the price of a new PSOne on getting it fixed, but personally I'd make the dive and get a brand new PlayStation without the fear that Sony might not have fixed everything that was the problem.

Plus, you'll be able to hook up an LCD screen in the near future to the PSOne, so why not? :)


I was just wondering is the government really banning gun accessories for playstation 2 or is that a rumor because my mother told me the people in the store told her that was happening. PLEASE fill me in if this information is true because i was really looking forward to using it for time splitters on PS2! thanks, Elijah Manfredi

Joe: The government isn’t banning the gun peripherals. What Sony may be doing, however, it banning them because of the negative criticism they’d probably receive if one was published. This happened with Sega last year at the start of the Dreamcast launch, although multiple 3rd parties released light guns. If the shooting genre ever takes off on the PS2, then be sure to see at least a few 3rd party light guns.



Joe: And the relevance of this is…?

Jared adds: I think what he's referring to is my review of Madden NFL 2001.  In my review I didn't mention that Route Passing was an option because I really didn't find it to be any better than normal passing.


Hey I have a Playstation 2 and I was wondering if you have any codes for the X games snowboarding game or for the Rumble boxing game Thanks annoumus

Joe: Yep, I do, but I’m not telling. They’re secret codes.




Joe: No.


hey i love the review on The Bouncer.. seein this i just can't wait for it to come out.. scince square soft made it i would say that it is goin to kick ass.

Square Always make wicked games. umm Do u know when it will come out in Australia the pics a cool

Joe: Actually, it was a preview but… No, I don’t know the Aussie release date. Check your local retailer for more info.


hi my name is kate and i have cheat codes for my playstation but i am not sure how to use them could you please help me on this i have looked everywhere for an answer. thanks!!

Joe: Press the "Turn On Cheat Codes" button, the big, square, pinkish-green button on the bottom left side of the PSOne’s controller.


make codes for the new mega man legends 2

Joe: OK, but give me a second so I can go find my Code Maker machine.


have been looking for Dragonball Gt Final Bout - American Version for playstation. do you have this game available or maybe know where i can find
it. Please email me back. Thank you.

Joe: The game is not published anymore, so check a local game dealer that might have it in a bargain bin or see some video stores that might have a copy still kicking around.


I have read that the game Mat Hoffman Pro BMX game was supposed to come out fall 2000, but I can't find it anywhere if you can find out when or if it is.

Joe: It’s set to be released in late February/early March.


I really need to know when more PS2's are going to be realeased. I am willing to buy one but this is ridiculous. Why release them if the public can't get one? Rob

Joe: It all depends on what store you're talking about, really. I could give you an estimate, but whatever I say will most likely not apply to whichever store/retailer you're speaking about. Check with the manager of x store if you want to know when the shipments are going to arrive and how many.


-Joe Rolfe wonders when readers will start saying "please"…
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