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Mike Tyson Screens & Details
October 11, 2001

Codemasters is set to land the hardest punch of all with the confirmation that Mike Tyson, the former Undisputed Heavyweight Champion, is returning to game screens in Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing.

Due April 2002, the game's a next-generation big-hitting boxing title that sees Codemasters extend its license with Tyson. Codemasters is aiming to make the game the undisputed heavyweight boxing title.

Enabling gamers to get right in the ring and go face to face with Tyson in 3rd or frightening 1st-person views, Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing is being designed as a complete sports action game with immediate accessibility to appeal to fight fans.

Proving that heavyweights can really do some damage, there will be a realistic facial damage graphics engine written especially for the game. Codemasters is determined that the game will capture Tyson's spirit and likeness as effectively and dramatically as possible to bring his console-counterpart to intimidating life.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing has a belt-winning team behind it. For Codemasters, Jon Hare is Lead Designer and this is his first complete project for the publisher. Atomic Planet, a new venture from Jason and Darren Falcus, previously of Iguana and Acclaim Teeside, is responsible for the game's development and John Roberts, head of one of Codemasters' studios, is producer.

Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing will enable players to create up to four of their own boxers, choosing their personal, physical and boxing attributes. Players can also choose their own boxers' theme tunes, taunts, speeches, and knockout moves.

Player-created boxers will be able to "win" special moves from opponents as each is beaten, building their own boxer's skills up.

As players progress through fights in the seven gaming modes, more challengers and game features are unlocked in preparation for the player to enter the ring with Tyson himself.

Bronze, Silver and Gold title belts are featured and the player's challenge is to develop his boxer through these championships to win the belt and purse money. Cash prizes play an important part: the more a player earns, the more of the game can be unlocked. Feeling confident? Players can, at any time, call up Tyson for a "friendly" match to see how their skills and techniques are coming along.

Says Jon Hare, Codemasters' Lead Designer for the game: "Tyson's a remarkable global presence and we've now got all the right elements, great gameplay, top licenses, real depth to create the definitive console boxing game. We learnt a lot from the production of the PS one Tyson game and with that experience, and the fresh approach Atomic Planet will bring, I'm confident we're onto a real heavyweight hard-hitting winner."

Speaking about his continuing involvement with Codemasters, Mike Tyson says: "My kids talked me into doing last year's PlayStation game and now they're getting into their new consoles and they want to see me on those too so it's cool that Codemasters want to go on with the Tyson games. The ideas for the new game sound awesome and it'll be good to see me going face to face in a heavyweight-specific game."

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