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Nippon Ichi Announce Phantom Kingdom
November 14, 2004

On Friday, Nippon Ichi, the company responsible for three of the best strategy RPGs to be released in a decade, announced their next big project. The PS2 exclusive Phantom Kingdom, set before a familiar netherworld backdrop, will retain Nippon Ichi’s “comedic anime style” and continue their tradition of combining fresh ideas with staple genre traits. Players will take the role of Lord Zetta as he fights to reclaim his status as supreme ruler of the underworld. In your quest, you’ll have access to both ancient and modern weaponry, as well as a new “INVITE” system for summoning facilities and deploying troops on the battlefield. Most exciting of all, levels will be randomly generated, which will add even more longevity to Nippon Ichi’s already addictive-by-design gameplay. No release date has been mentioned, but I would imagine fans of Phantom Brave and Disgaea have already begun saving those pennies.

Reported By: J. Michael Neal
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