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Konami Ships Metal Gear Acid
March 21, 2005

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – March 21, 2005 - Konami Digital Entertainment - America, a division of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., today shipped Metal Gear Acid (MGA) to retail stores nationwide, in preparation for the upcoming launch of the PSP™ handheld entertainment system on March 24, 2005.  The newest addition to the heavily-lauded Metal Gear franchise combines the renowned stealth action with new emphasis on tactical turn-based strategy. MGA takes gamers on an exciting new espionage adventure in which they assume the role of Snake, a top secret U.S. agent, who must infiltrate a remote base and uncover the secrets of a mysterious research project in order to save the lives of hundreds of people held hostage.  Created especially for the PSP handheld system, MGA includes all the Metal Gear essentials and more, featuring a dramatic storyline driven by new game mechanics, stylish cut scenes, a second playable character and a wireless mode for multiplayer action.

“Creating a Metal Gear game for the PSP handheld system has allowed us to expand the franchise into a new direction,” said Jason Enos, product manager, Konami Digital Entertainment - America. “By making MGA a turn-based game, we were able to concentrate on the series’ crucial elements – stealth and strategy - and make an entirely original experience that is accessible to gamers on the move.”

Metal Gear Acid will test players’ abilities to use cards strategically to advance throughout the game.  The game is packed with over 200 cards which are accumulated through gameplay or that can also be purchased at the “Card Shop” in the game. The cards are based on the actions, support moves, items and characters found throughout the entire Metal Gear franchise.  Players will have to consider each card’s special features and how to combine them to carry out and complete elaborate missions.  As in all Metal Gear games, the objective is to incorporate stealth moves and evade enemy encounters. Players can employ a number of techniques, such as crawling or using the “HANG” card to remain hidden and out of enemy sight.  However, if combat is necessary, players can draw from a number of cards to battle their opponents.  By combing weapons and action cards – such as the “SOCOM” and “ADD FALL” cards – players will find that their attack is much more powerful and effective, with the opponent taking direct damage and then being knocked to the ground.

Taking full advantage of the PSP handheld system capabilities, Metal Gear Acid includes two exciting features rarely seen throughout the franchise.   Players will now have the ability to control a second playable character, Teliko Friedman. A member of a special forces unit, Teliko’s presence will give players an added advantage over their opponents.  Reaching this point in the game will also unlock the wireless mode where players can go head-to head with their friends.  With each player controlling two characters, the competition heats up as they both strive to be the first team to reach the same goal!

Metal Gear Acid comes complete with a majestic soundtrack, rich graphics and an epic storyline that will keep gamers captivated for hours on end. The game is available exclusively for the PSP handheld system for an SRP of $39.99 and rated "M" for Mature by the ESRB. For more information on the game, please visit:

Reported By: Jared Black
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