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Ad Info
The Bouncer
Preview By: Lyenhardt
Developer:   Dream Factory
Publisher:   Squaresoft
Genre:   RPG
Est. Release Date:   Winter 2001
Posted:   9-30-00

The Bouncer, a game Square has been fairly tight-lipped about, has been in development for as long as the announcement of the PS2 almost a year or so ago -- and even longer than that. In fact, it was presented first as one of the tech demos for the PS2 -- which demonstrated a sprawling fight scene with multiple levels and environmental weapons (e.g. chairs and tables). Finally, some vital information has surfaced among the gaming world, and I shall give you a quick look into this potential blockbuster... Trust me, it's shaping up to look like one of Square's most innovative and finest!

The Bouncer is undoubtedly (by the way it looks and 'feels') set in a futuristic world, where concepts that were common to the latter Final Fantasy games are thrown about with an artistic touch. If you have played any of the Tobal series, then you should know what to expect as far as the gameplay goes. As a matter of fact, don't be surprised if the game is a fine mixture of RPG elements and action/fighting elements. From the screens I've seen, the action looks truly intense and fervid, complete with cool camera angles, awesome and tripped out blur motion, depth of field perception (cool camera effects that can shed focus on the background, while making the foreground all blurry), possibly interchangeable characters during fighting, tons of environmental weaponry, freedom to move about the scenery and use it to your advantage, plus lots more. Dream Factory, the developer of the Tobal series, is behind this game, by the way, which should give you a good hint at how the game will turn out. But, there's more! In addition to Dream Factory’s team working on this game is famed character/concept designer Tetsuya Nomura (a personal fav. of mine, who did the character designs for FFVII and VIII, and a few more Square titles) has done the character designs, and some more artwork on this game; it truly shows, too. They're great! Here's a list of the characters known by far and their physical and characteristic descriptions:

Sion Barzahd: He is a 19-year-old bouncer who has that 'Squall' look about him, and he gives you the impression that he is the main character of the game. He sports brown hair, with long sideburns, a red and black vest, blue shorts about knee's length, and a very heavy looking chain necklace -- much longer than Squall's Griever. He also has a chain pendant hanging from his left wrist, and he wears a collar of sorts. Sion, it appears, had lost a loved one (a girlfriend, I assume) a year prior to the beginning of the game, and has fallen in love with another main character named Dominique Cross who had recently came to Fate (the bar were the bouncers work at).

Koh Leifoh: Koh sorta resembles Zell from FFVIII, having that same wild-man smile. Koh actually looks like a mix of Zell and Laguna. Anyhoo, he has dark brown hair about shoulder's length, wears only a small leather vest, and army pants. He also has about a million tattoos -- all of which are black blade-looking things that make interesting patterns around his chest, abdomen, arms, and forehead. Koh is another bouncer of the game, but has a pessimistic outlook upon things when things get bad. Besides that, he is a nice, easy-going guy.

Volt Krueger: Volt's one mean looking mother! Volt has short, blonde hair, that sticks up. He has many face piercings on his nose, lips, ears, and on his forehead. He even has two little horns sticking out on either side of his forehead! His red, piercing eyes make him look like even more of a bad dude, but, in all honest truth, he is really a caring and compassionate kinda guy. He is very built, wears a leather jacket full of spikey studs, and blue jeans. Interestingly enough, his leather jacket has a logo of an escaping Cactur/Cactrot (an FF enemy famous to the series) on the back and sleeve, enclosed with a crossed sign -- as if signifying "no escape". Cool, huh? He is the oldest bouncer.

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