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Ad Info
Conflict: Desert Storm
Preview By: Dan Peters
Developer:  Pivotal Games/SCi
Publisher:  Gotham Games
Genre:  Action
Est. Release:  September 30, 2002
Posted:  8-27-02
Updated:  9-10-02
Updated By:  Jared Black

Gotham Games has passed along some new information and screen shots of Conflict: Desert Storm in action on the PS2.  In addition to confirming a September 30th release date, they also released this feature list:

  • 15 intense missions that the player must accomplish specific objectives and goals in order to succeed and advance to ultimately end Saddam’s reign of terror
  • Squad-based action that allows a player to fully command four easy-to-control soldiers
  • Heart stopping, realistic tactical action designed by Cameron Spence, a former British SAS officer with Gulf War experience
  • Expansive, realistic environments with smoke, heat haze, and shadows
  • Cyclical lighting allows players to engage in day and night combat
  • Seamless movement between indoor and outdoor environments
  • Interact with Humvees, tanks and other Gulf War-era vehicles
  • Experience system gives a player’s soldiers more depth by allowing them to improve their skills from mission to mission
  • In-depth Artificial Intelligence governs enemy actions and fellow team members
  • Dynamic, interactive music and stunning battle sound effects

Gaze at the first PS2-specific screens of the game in action below:

Additional Media:

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Image 7
Image 8
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Image 13
Image 14
Image 15


The Gulf War was a very important part of the ‘90s, and fortunately, there were very few casualties on our side.  In Conflict:  Desert Storm, you’ll be able to relive the experience of the Gulf War, as you’ll be joining the U.S. and British Special Forces units as they go to Iraq and try and find Saddam Hussein himself.  You’ll be able to command up to four soldiers at one time, and you’ll guide them to do the objectives.

“Wow, that sounds nice and dandy, but don’t we have too many unrealistic war games out there?”  Stop right there…Conflict: Desert Storm will probably be as real as gaming can get. The game has the help of Cameron Spence who served in Desert Storm as a technical consultant, so you know the game is going to be fairly realistic  as he's designing a lot of the action in this game. Your talent in stealth, tactics, and firepower will be put to the test as your missions range from assassination attempts to rescue attempts to scud-hunting missions.  Your environments will be very realistic, with detail like smoke, heat haze, and shadows.  Some combat will take place in the daytime or at night, and some will take place indoors or outdoors.

Realism is the main objective this game is going to try to accomplish.  The game will have Gulf War-era vehicles like Humvees and tanks. As you progress, the soldiers will gain more experience in battle, so naturally, their skills will grow.  The game is also promising to be historically-accurate, and you’ll take part in actual events in history.  The game will also have very good AI for the enemies, who will react to your every move, and respond with deadly force.  It will also have “dynamic, interactive music and stunning battle sound effects.”

When I was asked to preview this game, I didn’t know that much about it, except that it took place during Desert Storm (well, anybody could’ve known that).  After reading some information about the game, it is easily one of my most-anticipated games.  Medal of Honor, eat your heart out.  Conflict: Desert Storm looks like it could take your crown for “Best War Game of the Year.” The game will be released this fall on all major platforms.

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