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Ad Info
Preview By: Dan Peters
Developer:  Sega
Publisher:  Acclaim
Genre:  Adventure
# of Players:  1
Est. Release:  4-15-02
Posted:  3-26-02

Headhunter was one of the very last Dreamcast games... but it never reached the United States (it was released to Europe with favorable reviews, with people comparing the game to Metal Gear Solid). Now, thanks to Acclaim, we will now get a chance to play as Jack Wade, a "headhunter" working for the Anti-Crime Network (what a creative name) in Los Angeles in the not-too-distant future. The ACN is not exactly the police though. When a person commits a crime, he/she has to pay for it, or else, their body parts will be sold to patients that need the organs. However, after a series of events, Jack is caught up in a big conspiracy (and is fired from the ACN), but there's a significant problem: he has lost all of his memory. So, with the help of a girl named Angela, daughter of a murdered ACN chief, he must set things straight.

The game is a third person shooter, and you'll mostly be on foot, but you also have the option of speeding through Los Angeles with a cool-ass motorcycle. The more you drive the motorcycle through town, the more skill points you'll earn, and thus, controlling the motorcycle will be just a little easier. Communication is through a device thats a cell-phone and an uplink device (it's almost like the Codec in MGS). Sneaking around is another important part in the game, and you'll get a radar screen that shows your enemies and their line of sight (also like MGS). Your arsenal of weapons is rather limited (shotgun and rocket launcher are a few of the choices), but the game isn't all about shooting and killing.

There's also the option of motorcycle, weapons, and stealth training. Motorcycle training has you racing through a virtual version of LA passing checkpoints. Weapons training has you with a certain number of enemies, and you must kill them before they kill you. Finally, stealth training has you trying to sneak by guards. This feature gets you used to the controls of the game, and also gives you a feel of how the game is played.

One of the only real complaints against Headhunter for the Dreamcast was its graphics, and reportedly, the PS2 version has most of the problems fixed. From the looks of the screenshots we have this game is really great to look at. Reviews for Headhunter praised about the sound of the game, and all of that should be intact to the PS2 version.

Headhunter for the PS2 is basically a straight-forward port with some minor tweaks here and there, but since hardly any American gamers have actually played the game, the game should fare well (even though it probably won't be the MGS killer). The game should be out by late April of this year.
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