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Ad Info
Red Faction II
Preview By: Dan Peters
Developer:  Volition
Publisher:  THQ
Genre:  FPS
Est. Release:  Fall 2002
Posted:  6-12-02

Red Faction was a really good first person shooter (FPS) for PS2.  It was much better than the "other" earlier FPS (TimeSplitters) because Red Faction actually had a story.  The multiplayer wasn't quite as good as TimeSplitters, but overall it was an improvement.  Red Faction 2 promises to be bigger, badder (in a good way), and more kick-ass than the previous game.  I just hope that Volition doesn't disappoint.

In terms of story, Red Faction 2 has nothing to do with the first game (the first game involved a rebel miner invasion on Mars).  This game almost has the same story to an otherwise completely different game also coming out in the fall (Vexx, which I also wrote that preview).  Sopot is a vicious and infamous leader who treats his people horribly, and this devastation has been going on for about 15 years.  That's 15 years too much in Alias's eyes, so along with five other companions (whom have their own special talents), you set on a quest to overthrow Sopot.  Alias will have an impressive arsenal of weapons (15 in all), including grenades, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, and rail drivers.  A new feature when it comes to weapons that'll be in Red Faction 2 is dual-handed guns, which should also help out the multi-player mode.

Geo-Mod was a groundbreaking game engine that allowed players to destroy areas in the game.  This was primarily for people that just wanted to see explosions in the first game (it's uses were pretty limited), but in the sequel, it will be a very important feature.  You'll have to destroy walls and such to find special items, and it'll also help you move on with your quest.  Geo-Mod will also be fun to have in the multi-player mode, which will include a four player split-screen this time around.  Also, another thing missing from the first game, customizable CPU controlled bots, will be in the sequel.  The game will be compatible with the USB keyboard and mouse, which will undoubtedly attract PC gamers and hardcore FPS fans.

Red Faction 2 is looking awesome, and will hopefully be even better than the already-good Red Faction.  The game should be out by the fall or winter of this year.  Oh, and to tide you over, you should go out right now and buy Red Faction, which is now going for the low price of $20.  It's a great deal, trust me.

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