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Ad Info
Twisted Metal: Black
Preview By: Louis Yakobson
Developer:  Incognito Ent.
Publisher:  Sony
Genre:  Driving
# of Players:  1-4
Est. Release:  June 2001
Posted:  4-4-01

The most popular vehicle combat series is making its way back, stronger than ever on the Sony PlayStation 2. After enjoying success in its earlier versions, many gamers believed the Twisted Metal series wasnít getting better and the series slowed down considerably. After all these mixed emotions, fans of the series are anticipating Twisted Metal: Black more than any other game on Sonyís next-gen console.

As of now, the game is expected to be released sometime in the summer of 2001. Twisted Metal: Black will support 1-4 players. An assuring fact is that many of the game designers are from the Singletrac team, who produced the first two versions of Twisted Metal. The designers have incorporated fourteen combat vehicles, four of which need to be unlocked. If youíre a fan of the early games, youíll be happy to know that some of the fourteen vehicles are the same vehicles found in earlier versions of the series, including the hearse, ice cream truck, and more.

The game will feature a total of eight single player levels, and ten deathmatch levels in game modes called Pure Death, Endurance, and some co-op modes. The reality in Twisted Metal: Black will also rise from previous versions, as the interaction will be much improved. Objects, people, cars and more will add to the fun as you destroy everything in your path en route to victory. Once youíre in that car and ready to go, you will definitely notice the sheer massiveness of the environments. Reports also indicate that Incognito Studios has produced a proprietary game engine which will get rid of unwanted pop-in (somewhat of an early PS2 problem, along with anti-aliasing) and create smooth textures. As if the facts above arenít enough to float your boat, the proprietary engine will also render massive explosions, real-time effects to drool over, and keep the game running at a blistering 60 frames per second while having multiple vehicles on screen. Finally, the game will feature a 2 or 4 player, split-screen deathmatch that will allow you to destroy your friends.

Twisted Metal: Black has the potential to be the blockbuster hit of the summer of 2001. With what the game has to initially offer, plus the amazing amount of Twisted Metal fans waiting for this game, I donít see why this canít break some sales records. The screens are a pleasure to look at and Twisted Metal: Black will definitely be on the top of my list.

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