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The World Is Not Enough
Preview By: Joe Rolfe
Developer:    EA
Publisher:    EA
Genre:    First Person Shooter
Est. Release Date:    March 2001
Posted:    9-6-00

Back in August of 1997, Rareware released a little game on the Nintendo 64 named Goldeneye 007, a James Bond shooter based on the movie of the same name. With little marketing push and hardly any public attention beforehand, it was a surprise how quickly the game’s popularity caught on like wildfire. But, why should it have? After all, Goldeneye was one of the first FPS games on any platform to truly redefine how a shooter should be played, incorporating stealthy, intelligent single-player campaigns with an incredibly addicting multiplayer mode. Three years later, people are still huddling around a TV to get a quick dish of Bond multiplayer action, which proved a testament to both Rare’s technique and the game’s overall quality.

Sadly, that would be Rare’s only 007 showing, for the license was a one-shot deal. Following that was Electronic Arts, the behemoth 3rd party developer, whom quickly swooped down and picked up the rights to produce future James Bond titles. Their first offering, Tomorrow Never Dies, was a large disappointment on the PSX, failing to live up to the legacy which Goldeneye bestowed upon that lucrative Bond title.

EA is once again back for another attempt at 007 stardom, and this time it looks like they’ve got it right. Based on the latest Bond flick "The World Is Not Enough" and utilizing id Software’s Quake 3: Arena engine, it appears as though EA putting all its resources into making sure that TWINE will live up to the glory of Goldeneye on N64. TWINE will loosely follow the movie’s script, but thankfully EA is not planning on using a linear design. While you’ll have the same plot objective at the beginning of a mission, TWINE will open doors for multiple ways of defeating a puzzle and/or foe, ala Eidos’ smash hit Deus Ex.

But what good is Mr. Bond himself without all his weapons and gadgets? Of course, EA was not going to forget the most exciting part about 007 experience. In The World Is Not Enough, over 20 weapons and tools for James to play with will be included. PK99, X-ray glasses, laser watch – just about every staple of the Bond universe should make an appearance.

Levels will be spanning all over the place as seen in the big screen version itself. TWINE’s developers found that a few of the movie’s action sequences were a tad too short to replicate into a game, so they decided to add a couple more elements to spice things up. What this means is if you saw any of the chase scenes in the movie (which most of should be in the game), varied – though still unannounced -- objectives will be implemented so that the levels themselves don’t fall short on length.

The World Is Not Enough will be pushed by the Q3 engine, which, at this point in time, is showing that it can display some of the best graphical physics seen today. Light sourcing, textures, architecture design; it’s all sweetness for 007. Character models and the levels themselves are filled with lush colors and crammed with the tiniest details. One problem that is plaguing the design team is the PlayStation 2 itself, however, since the complex geometry of the Quake 3 engine combined with the already-puzzling PlayStation 2 hardware is putting a strain on the game’s development. This seems to be a common factor with a lot of the first-generation PS2 software and one annoyance that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. Hopefully EA will be able to clean up on the dilemma at hand so the game doesn’t end up getting set back numerous times.

Bond’s PS2 multiplayer is still in the shadows, though. Obviously there won’t be any online-compatibility for it (unless the game gets pushed back ‘till around the time that Sony intends on launching it’s network), but 4-player multitap action would be a good filler in any case. Whether EA Studios can keep a 4-screen deathmatch playing smoothly is still up in the air, but I’m sure that TWINE’s multiplayer mode will not go to waste, especially since Goldeneye’s biggest draw was it’s deathmatch duels.

All in all, The World Is Not Enough is looking hot right now. If EA can over come the development issues, the game should by all means be a success. The PlayStation 2 hardware truly expands a game’s potential, so here’s to EA being able to exploit that. TWINE is still half a year off from launch (March ’01), so check back in the future to PSGF for more screens and updated info on our favorite super spy’s next romp.

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