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Chrono Cross
Review By: Lyenhardt
Developer:   Square
Publisher:   Square EA
# of Players:   1
Genre:   RPG
ESRB:   Teen
Date Posted:    9-4-00

While I was purchasing this game, I about suffered a tragic mistake. Purchasing might not be the word to use, so I'll say 'getting' it. Anyway, since I was strapped of cash, I had to rely on some games to trade in at my local EB (Electronics Boutique). I had brought a few games -- two of which were two copies of FFVIII, just in case. Well, it turns out that I couldn't use any of those copies to trade in for Chrono Cross, because I had CC on the mind when I left my house, not thinking to put in the instruction booklets into the FFVIII cases (both copies). Being thirty miles away from home, and bumming a ride from my mom, there was no way I could go back and get the manuals. I had a few choices. One was to hope the other games I had brought, along with the bookletless FFVIII's, would cover the price (two bookletless FFVIII's would probably get a trade-in of about five to six bucks), or hope that I had enough money in my pocket, and hope the other games besides the FFVIII's would cover it. Much to my relief, I had just enough. I remember the whole time I was about to die if I didn't get Chrono Cross that day. The thoughts of another Square masterpiece -- and a pseudo-sequel to one of my favorite RPG's of all time, Chrono Trigger -- slipping through my hands was unbearable... inhumane even! But, as fate -- it seemed -- would have it, I was able to get Chrono Cross and play it that day...

Chrono Cross is pretty much a sequel to Chrono Trigger, a very innovative RPG adventure back on the SNES in the mid-nineties. Fans have long clamored for a sequel to it, and here it is. While it's not directly linked to the original, it still shares similar traits that drew in so many people back in its time. The theme about time is back, but it takes quite a different twist with it. The bright, cheery atmosphere returns (most of the time), along with the music. There are also things in CC that will instantly bring a cheesy, fan-boyish grin to anyone who has played the original -- sweet nostalgia is what it's all about. Not only does this game resemble its first incarnation, it also diversifies itself from it -- in a VERY BIG way. I shall elaborate...

Gone are the days of the typical RPG storylines, and in with the days of strange, yet, cool plots. Chrono Cross has a pretty original story to follow to say the least. While it's not the best Square's done, it's rather interesting nonetheless. Here's the lowdown: the story starts you out in a mysterious dungeon/tower of sorts, with moderate strength and abilities, along with two other party members. Once you pass this place, everything gets weird. It's almost as if it's a flashback of sorts. Some things happen, but you won't understand them until later... Anyway, the story then goes from action packed, to slow-mode. You are in a typically small village (Arni) where Serge and his childhood crush have grown up since they were little. Everything seems normal, until one day. While searching a beach, Serge is thrown into hysteria, where he awakes upon the beach once more... except, the friends he was with are gone. He travels back to Arni village, and finds out that no one there knows him. Even his childhood sweetheart, Leena, doesn't know who he is, or his own mother! He soon discovers that he is in another dimension -- an alternate dimension, and he has died in this world. Serge must find out exactly what happened... The story then goes on to make a few twists and turns, some more surprising than others, all the while keeping you confused in the process. Well, that's Square for ya. Yet, you can't deny the cool things they think of as far as a storyline goes.

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