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Devil May Cry
Review By:  Dan Peters
Developer:  Capcom
Publisher:  Capcom
# of Players:  1
Genre:  Adventure
ESRB:  Mature
Online:  No
Accessories:  Memory Card
Date Posted:  7-2-02

For the PSOne, Capcom was best known for the highly-praised Resident Evil series.  Resident Evil changed the face of gaming forever - it created the benchmark for survival horror games.  I mean, have you ever read a review of a survival horror game that wasn't being compared to Resident Evil in some shape or form?  Unfortunately for PS2 fans, Resident Evil will only be GameCube-exclusive, so Resident Evil will most likely not see the light of day on the PS2.  Devil May Cry might tide you over though, but be pre-warned:  this is NOT Resident Evil.  Devil May Cry has no elements of horror in it (well, in my opinion), and the only thing the games have in common is that they both came from Capcom.  This game actually reminded me a lot of another PS2 great, Onimusha, but Devil May Cry can stand on its on.

Story is your basic battle of good vs. evil, except this game has a darker tone.  Two thousand years ago, a warrior named Sparta fought against the evils of the devil, and established justice.  Sparta then ruled the human world until his death.  Now two thousand years later, Sparta's son, Dante, is a guy who only takes on strange missions (think of him as a ghostbuster) at his place of business called Devil May Cry.  However, Dante is about to get his strangest and most personal mission yet:  the Devil is gonna try and bring his evil back into the world, and only one man can stop him.

Devil May Cry has a lot of shoot-and-slash type gameplay, and it never gets tiring.  Everything is separated into missions (23 in all), and they range from really short and easy to longer and harder.  Basic objectives in missions is retrieving an item that you will use in another mission or in that mission to solve a puzzle, or fighting a boss enemy.  There are four sub-bosses in the game that you fight three times each (a giant spider, a giant bird, this gunk of goo, and a warrior much like yourself) and then theres the main boss whom you also fight three times.  Your basic enemies range from zombie puppets to monkey-type creatures with explosives to mutant bugs.  Weapons range from various types of swords to various types of guns (including a grenade launcher and a shotgun), and there's one cool thing about the guns:  infinite ammo!     No hunting all over the place for ammo in this game, and that's a big plus for me.

A huge part in this game is the Devil Guage.  When you press the L1 button, your Devil Guage will start going down, and your attacks will be very strong for a limited amount of time.  When you're in Devil mode, it also refills your life status.  When the Devil Guage runs out, you will turn into your normal-self, and once you fight more enemies (it highers when you fight enemies in normal mode), your Devil Guage will be full again.  Or if you're impatient, you can use a Devil Star and get it back up right away.

In-between missions or in missions themselves, you have the opportunity to buy items that'll help you on your quest.  Items including upgrades to your weapons, which will give your enemies a harder time killing you.  Other items include yellow orbs (there are no continues in this game, as you have to buy these to get continues, which will start you at a given point, and not at the beginning of a mission everytime you die), Devil Stars (which will recover your Devil Bar status), and your usual health items.  You buy these items with red orbs, which you can collect throughout the game by killing enemies, or finding them hidden somewhere.

The game also includes secret missions, and there's 12 of them in all.  You can find them in certain missions by entering a room that's not crucial to the main mission.  Secret missions, of course, are optional and they range from easy to fairly difficult.  Secret missions include trying to make two spiders kill each other, and jumping from skull to skull trying to retrieve an item.

The graphics in the game are awesome.  All the characters (including Dante, bosses, and other characters you run into) are all nicely detailed, and they're all really cool to look at (except that goo boss, but I disgress).  The environments also look really good, and the graphics help add to the dark mood in the game.  Don't get me wrong, it's no MGS2, but they're still good. 

The sound is also good.  The voice acting is slightly above-average, as the voice actors don't sound like they're just reading from the script, like a lot of games out today.  Sound effects are also good, as is the heavy-rock soundtrack (I was actually head banging to the tune that plays when you fight enemies).


  • It's always fun to kill demons
  • No running around looking for ammo
  • Good story, with several twists
  • Good graphics and sound


  • Will take only about 10 hours to beat
  • Not exactly a replacement for Resident Evil


Devil May Cry is one of the most fun games available for the PS2, and a highly recommended purchase.  The short length of the game might turn some people off, but the game is so much fun that you'll barely give that a second's thought.  Oh, and you won't have to look for any ammo!

Overall Score: 9.3

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