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Final Fantasy VII
Review By: Joel Fajardo
Developer:   Square
Publisher:   Sony
# of Players:   1
Genre:   RPG
ESRB:   Teen

What can I say? When you're on a role, you're on a role, and baby Final Fantasy 7 is Square's prize gem!

Finally, there's a square deal out there, and that's no fantasy! I don't know if it's the lucky number seven or if it's the gods of programming that did it, but the result is the finest example of gaming history taken to the ultimate limits, breaking ground in every way possible. Final Fantasy 7 brings glory to all RPGs of the past and shaming others like Shining the Holy Arc and Blazing Heroes, while putting down even Wild Arms. On a full set of 3 discs, it is no wonder that this gem sold 2.4 million copies on the weekend of its release [in Japan]. While you play this game, take everything that you know about reality and put it aside, because in a final breath, you know this game must be a fantasy. A Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy 7…

The utter most important part of FF7 is the story. You take the role of a mercenary group, by the name of Avalanche, trying to slowly save the world from the notorious company Shinra, who is absorbing the life out of the world. Starting off as a simple mission to blow up a company plant, the main character of the game, Cloud, is led by memories and the will to fight for what he knows is right. Shortly, you find yourself in various quests and upon a new world above the earth that you have not known before. It is here that you begin your journey across the land to find out your true enemy-Sephiroth. With amazing depth, you travel on a remarkable journey across the land to find means to save the world from the meteor and Sephiroth that are bound to destroy it. It is up to you and your skills to save the world.

If any game were to be judged by graphics alone, Final Fantasy 7 is the game that would surpass them all, but one (RE2). Working for a year and half on character design, enemies, spells and more, Squaresoft brought forth a new godly game that was previously unimaginable for a 32-bit system. Characters look eye-popping in the their smooth, textured polygons, gliding through the sceneries, step after step. Every square inch brings forth remarkable detail via the colors and light sourcing used in all areas. Backgrounds look incredibly flush and realistic, using prerendered graphics as the means of viewing. Every dungeon, every town acquires such a dazzling look that it must be seen to be believed. It's understandable how much time and effort was put into each design, because everywhere you go, all you can is godforsaken work.

Turn based battles are arguably the most impressive and imaginative ever seen. With dozens of spells to choose from and hundreds of enemies to see, every battle gives a fresh new feeling. You take control of 3 of your favorite 9 characters and bring them into a huge environment where they battle to the death. Enemies differentiate greatly, from animals to beasts down to magicians, while magic spells are a main source of attraction in this game.

It is your decision to argue what is the best part of Final Fantasy 7. I have heard from a great many people that it is the either the summoning spells or the FMV. You envy your friends if they get a summoning spell before you because they are the most anticipated part of the game. You live to see what will come next out of the small materia caplets that you collect. On the other hand, the FMV is BEYOND belief in what could be said to be the best ever seen.

Makes sure to get a Q-tip and clean your ears, cause they are in for one big treat. Countless, unique tones appear everywhere you go. Never can anyone say that they are bored or put down from the music because. I have never been so impressed with any other music in my entire life. The ultimate treat lies in the battles with the bosses. Not only do you see visuals not humanly possible, but you listen to angelic, fierce songs. You'll be biting your toenails as you play because the adrenaline rush you get makes you feel undeniably supreme. The last battle with Sephiroth is one that'll keep you coming back. Opera singers chant as you fight and orchestras play to their hearts content. Understand one thing: THE LAST BATTLE HERE IS THE BEST EVER PLAYED, SEEN, OR HEARD ON ANY GAME!

For some reason, the control at first did not seem comfortable. Moving the character around seemed to be more of as task than enjoyment, and sometimes they may seem to get a bit lost. The materia system (the new magic system) brings forth a great many complications to the game, but adds a depth to it not found many other places. You must be able to strategically use magic in order to succeed. It's an interesting aspect.

Final Fantasy 7 is creative in every aspect, but it lacks depth. It is creative in the sense that many aspects found on here have never been seen before but have done already a great many times. The graphics, sound, and everything else are beyond recognition, but it's still an rpg.

I have seldomly been able to play a game this good, but hey, it's made by Square. It's the best game ever made, making it hard for me hard to write a review on it. You have never seen such a piece of art until you've played FF7.

Overall: 10
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