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Fantastic Four
Review By: Jesse Mason
Developer:   Acclaim
Publisher:   Acclaim
# of Players:   1
Genre:   Platformer
ESRB:   Everyone

I have heard nothing but bad reviews of this game. They range from worst game of all time to worst game of the year. Curious as to just how bad this game was I foolishly went to Blockbuster to rent it. Well I must say the guys were right. This game really sucks.

First off the graphics are grainy, very 2D, animateD poorly, and use a small amount of colors. It's hard to see exactly where to go and what to hit sometimes. The sounds sound like a bunch of bats screeching their heads off. Sad, sad, sad.

The control is so bad it's a wonder that you're even controlling the guys at all. Slippery movement beyond comprehension. Bad response time = lots of game overs. And the punches should clearly hit the bad guys miss because of a bad target zone (although it seems to be the opposite with the bad guys hitting you from a mile away).

The bad guys are dumb. They fall for all the tricks in the book like walking up and down. The Fantastic Four are straight from Marvel comics. They each have their own unique personality yet play virtually the same.

Acclaim, you're on the edge of becoming a non-insulting games company again. Don't go back to the old days of licenses and bad games. Don't bring out sucky games like this.

Overall: 0.4
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