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Jumping Flash
Review By: Joel Fajardo
Developer:   Sony
Publisher:   Sony
# of Players:   1
Genre:   Action/Adventure
ESRB:   Teen

To be honest, this game came out a while ago, but surely deserves a review because I have never seen or played a game, still, to this day, that is the exact kind of game that JF is. Jumping Flash is the rabbit hopping, moo moo bopping, 3D shooting, maniac hootin, action game made by the masterminds of Sony. It's obviously not the best game ever made for the PSX, but heck, it was hella fun.

In Jumping Flash, you take the role of a small, robotic rabbit, humorously named Robbit. Robbit's mission: free the planets from the grasps of Baron Aloha. Sound simple enough? Not quite. You must travel through the 6 unique worlds, plus Baron's world to reclaim each of the 3 lands hidden within each world. In order to progress through the first 2 lands in each scenario, you are taken into a level where you are required to find 4 jetpods that spell " E-X-I-T" and hence, exit it. It may sound simple enough, but the 3D environments are huge, and if precise timing and accuracy are not part of your videogame skills, then you will surely lose. Each jetpod is hidden mysteriously, in different sections, and as Robbit, you must jump to find them.

The mechanics really sound so simple, but it's really cool. You have the ability to jump 3 times in a row, each jump taking you higher up. On the bottom of the screen is a gauge bar, which fills up the higher you go. As long as you take a second and third jump before the bar fills, you will be able to progress higher into the air. This takes a great amount of skill that comes quite easily, for the control is one of the best aspects. You need to jump from building to building, carefully jump on enemy to enemy, just to survive.

Survival comes in many forms, one being jumping skills, the other being lasers and special weapons. Being a mechanical robot, Robbit has the ability to shoot tiny lasers at enemies to destroy them, though it is not always important to do so (the 3rd stage of every world is the boss, where you need to attack). Enemies are quite creative and abundant, but the bigger threat is being knocked off a cliff, rather then losing your life. In addition, in each level there are numerous amounts of special weapons that you can use, and save for the boss.

As said before, all the worlds and lands within them are gigantic. The game is so damn uniquely designed, for the worlds that you are in are all distorted and extremely interactive. You can jump on anything and shoot at almost every item in sight that it's grand. The best worlds are the casino and carnival worlds, because the colors and texture in which they are used, put you in an "Alice in Wonderland" kinda setting. The bosses as well are exceptional, and for the most part, humorous.

Jumping Flash has a somewhat repetitive beat to it and the sound effects are extremely limited. Enemies give the same cries as they are being hit, and when lasers hit different items with different complexions, it all sounds the same. The tunes are new and offer a fresh beat, but they offer nothing that you haven't seen before, and better.

Despite the flaws of the game, Jumping Flash is definitely an exciting game rent and a probable game to buy. Despite how fun it is, and the fact that the scenarios change every time you beat it, the game is too short, and if you are as experienced in videogames as I am, you can easily beat it in one day. Disregarding that fact, it is so challenging, interactive, mysterious, and fun that I have beaten the games many a great times.

Simply put, if you are looking for an old game to buy, consider this depending on the skills you have when it comes to games, but if you have been playing games all your life, this little title might be a tad bit too easy for you. Overall, this is one great game.

Overall: 9.0
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