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Ad Info
Jumping Flash 2
Review By: Joel Fajardo
Developer:   Sony
Publisher:   Sony
# of Players:   1
Genre:   Action/Adventure
ESRB:   Teen

Robbit returns in his sequel to Jumping Flash, Jumping Flash 2! The only thing different about this title from the first are the things that the first managed to mess up on. This game is basically a revamped Jumping Flash 1, with all new levels and the rabbit-robot excitement of the first. Fans of the first JF should jump for joy, because they are in for another good title.

The first out of a few little things that I disliked about this game was that it's too easy; easier than the first, meaning that it's extremely easy. After I brought it (heck, it was on clearance for $14.99) and came home to pop it in my PSX, who would've known that three hours later I would beat it? Major disappointment, I must add.

Furthermore, this game is exactly like the first, with a few changes here and there, many of them being very tiny, but in the end, important. And out of all things, the themes of the worlds were closely related to that of the first title. This was somewhat shocking, but still, all the weird areas that Robbit was forced to go in his first mission, he will be taken to again, but in a better fashion. Also, almost all the special items were the same and enemies had many similarities.

Captain Suzuki is the latest edition to the Jumping Flash series, and plays a major role in the game. It all started when Baron Aloha returned to the Planet Muu-Muu with his incapable minions. They lived happily, not even giving notice to Robbit version 1, whom had destroyed their efforts in claiming power. All was peaceful until the bigger than life (literally) Captain Suzuki managed to capture Baron Aloha's collection of planet Muu-muus! It is up to him to put aside his differences and work with the new and improved Robbit, Version 2!

Despite some flaws, I enjoyed every minute of the game, to be honest. The worlds were still zany and wacky in every aspect and they were just as big. Actually, they are much bigger and more cleverly designed, too. This enables items to become more well hidden and at times, harder to see. There's colors galore, as in the first title, and not to mention even bigger bosses and just as creative as well. Every diminutive amount of pixelation that you barely noticed in the first title, is faded away in the second, and offers sheer onscreen perfection. Polygons still make up blocky enemies but they are as smooth as can get, with seamless perfection. Everything that was here from the JF1-- the waterfalls, rainbow, jets, flying platforms, and moving enemies return, but never looking the way they did before! It's grand.

After beating a world, and reclaiming it, a special FMV scene will come up in which the story progresses, until the very end of the game, where you fight Captain Suzuki herself.

One factor that was not implemented in the first, was the role that distance played in sound effects. Depending on how far you are from an object, falling water from a waterfall, an enemy flapping its wings, missles shooting torward you, the loudness of which you hear it will differ. The closer that you get to a moving or sounding object, the louder the sound will be.

In addition to this, the sound is just the same as the first, which is exactly what I wanted, because it is far more improved in every aspect, taking further advantage of the PSX software and hardware.

Overall: 9.0
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