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Mega Man X4
Review By: Jesse Mason
Developer:   Capcom
Publisher:   Capcom
# of Players:   1-2
Genre:   Platformer
ESRB:   Everyone

While Doom is famous for its myriad of clones, another game is famous for its endless line of unoriginal sequels. This game is Mega Man. While I didn't mind the sequels at first I grew tired around Mega Man 4. Mega Man X was fun but then I realized that this new Mega Man series is also gaining ground on its more cartoony parent. Even with the power of 32 bits this series can't seem to be doing anything new. One big feature is new but it still feels like the same ol stuff.

Mega Man X4 is the newest game in the X series. This game plays like the originals except now you can play the whole game as Zero and there's some cheesy story elements implemented within the game.

Zero puts a new spin on things. In Mega Man X3 you could choose him for a level until you wanted to stop using him but he played almost exactly the same as Mega Man. This time you can play the entire game as him. Instead of using a blaster he uses a sword. This while finally changes something in this endless series doesn't really add anything that feels new. He simply plays like Mega Man with a limited range.

The game starts off like the other X games, with you fighting an introductory level before you go into the main game. This introductory level is simply to guide new players into the game. Why anyone would need it is another story.

After this mandatory level you move into the same ol selection screen. This game's lineup of guys range from Split Mushroom to Cyber Peacock (running out of animals aren't you Capcom). The levels are uninterestingly designed. They don't offer the thrill of other games like Gunstar Heroes. The levels are really short too. I found myself breezing through them in about 5 minutes. What's up with that? Then you fight the boss enemies who have their attack patterns which are broken through within a matter of seconds. Of course you gain their weapon when you defeat them.

This game has a small story to go with it. The voices were well done except Mega Man's little kid voice (it brings back terrible nightmares of Slippy). The cut scenes add a small flare to Mega Man but its only for Mega Man freaks.

The graphics manage to stay on par with Mega Man 8, but they don't offer the pizzazz that other 2D games such as Oddworld or Castlevania manage to bring. The sounds are typical Japanese music Mega Man style. It is annoying so my advice is to turn up the radio or something. The control is basic Mega Man which is ok. You still have the wall jump and the dash. And your other assorted powers you gain along the way.

Mega Man has obviously not learned yet that he is old and boring. 

Overall: 6.1
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