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Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssey
Review By: Jesse Mason
Developer:   Oddworld Inhabitants
Publisher:   Oddworld Inhabitants
# of Players:   1
Genre:   Adventure
ESRB:   Teen

Every so often a game comes around and really isn't that original, but has so much character, it feels like it made its genre. Well Oddworld is one of those games. For reality it resembles Flashback or Out of This World. But the game's feel and look is so different, you know it's its own game.

The game starts off with an amazing but terrorizing story (well if it happened to you). Abe (the guy you play), a happy Mudokan floor waxer slave at a meat processing plant called Rupture Farms in Oddworld works late one night to discover a new product called New and Tasty. He hears the main guys discussing the new meat only to discover that New and Tasty is actually Mudokan meat. Terrorized at this new info he knows he must escape and your oddysee begins. He'll go much farther than Rupture Farms however. He will travel all throughout Oddworld.

As you go through the various levels you will find that you are horrendously outnumbered and outpowered. The enemies kill you in one swipe and you die many many times. Thankfully Oddworld gives you infinite lives and you start not too far off from where you died. The puzzles that you face start off pretty easy but get hard fast. You could spend a very long time on one sequence. In an attempt to add replay value you can also same your fellow Mudokans. Simply say Hello and Follow Me they'll follow you. If you die they simply go back to their job. In an attempt to mock you in your attempts there's a casualty counter that counts how many times you kill one of them. Not very nice world huh.

The graphics are very beautiful. Definitely some of the best 2D graphics ever. You can tell that GT Interactive put as much work into these as they did into the gameplay. The sounds are a crucial part of the game. You have to use what Abe says so you can do various things. The voices are done excellently so you won't cringe when you hear Abe talk. The music doesn't get in the way anyways.

When a game like this comes around it is wise to try it out. You sure will have a fun time guiding Abe through his Oddysee.

Overall: 8.8
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