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Ad Info
Resident Evil: Director's Cut
Review By: Jesse Mason
Developer:   Capcom
Publisher:   Capcom
# of Players:   1
Genre:   Survival Horror
ESRB:   Mature

While I never thought Resident Evil ever needed a Director's Cut (the game's plenty bloody already), it seemed like a pretty good idea. Well, I went to Blockbuster and rented this update (I do have a limited budget you know).

Well, the first thing I did was (obviously) plug in the Resident Evil 2 demo.  It starts you (you being Leon) off right there next to a few zombies. You make your way to a frightened gun shop owner (who unfortunately gets devoured).  After that, you make your way into the police station.  In the police station, there'll be more monsters.  The graphics look a lot better and more detailed than the first Resident Evil, and the light shading is phenomenal.  The control was also improved, but it's still confusing for first time players.  From playing through this demo I can justify stating that Resident Evil 2 should be better than the original.

Well, after I finished with that, I put in the regular Director's Cut game.  I knew from the start there wouldn't be any extra gore (which sucks) so I wasn't as surprised as EGM (who based their entire reviews off of this one little fact) when I didn't see these so called "cut scenes."  What I did notice was that a few things were out of place, a new outfit for Jill Valentine, and about double the monsters. Plus, while this may just be the copy I rented, I did notice a little breakup in the speech (which isn't totally a bad thing).   There are a few new views but there's really nothing extraordinary.

In addition to the Advanced harder Director's Cut you can choose the easier Training version of the game and the original game which makes this game all the more a better purchase for first time buyers.

While this game does not do anything to grant a purchase if you already own the first version, it is Resident Evil, and that's not a bad thing

Overall: 7.6
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