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Ad Info
Review By: Jared Black
Developer:   Smart Dog
Publisher:   Titus
# of Players:   1-2
Genre:   Racing
ESRB:   Everyone


-10 tracks, all mirrored and reversed
-Realistic handling in different weather conditions
-4 game types: Trophy, Multiplayer, Quick Race, and Time Trial
-30 different cars, all modifiable
-8 drivers
-Two-player championship mode

Anyone who has read my review of the Dreamcast version of Roadsters knows that I was a little disappointed by that version. With a few more months of tweaking, it could've been an excellent racer. Well, it appears that all that development time was put into this version, because I'm happy to report that this version is far superior to the DC version.

Unlike the Dreamcast version of Roadsters, the PSX version has a more "sim" feel to it. Of course it's still an arcade racer, but now it's an arcade racer with a lot more depth. That's a good thing. Since all of that added depth falls in the gameplay category, I shall discuss that first.

The formula here is very similar to the other versions. In Roadster Trophy mode you select a driver and then race throughout a season. Depending on how you finish each race, you earn money good for car upgrades and moving up to higher-level competition. You can also earn money by placing bets on where you will finish. Multiplayer is…duh…multiplayer racing. Quick Race allows you to race any course you've already visited in Roadster Trophy mode, and Time Trial allows you to refine your skills. Since this is an arcade racer, you'll still slide around turns and bounce off of barriers. The difference here is that the player has a lot more control over how the car reacts on-screen. The controls are a lot tighter then those found in the Dreamcast version, which translates into more control for the player. Instead of being forced to bounce off of walls, the player can now choose to do so to aid them in making apass. Also, this version features none of the terrible inconsistencies found in other versions, such as objects on one track behaving differently on another track.

Everything here is quite realistic. Upgrading your car is a key to success, as race conditions have a big impact on your ability to perform in a race. Choosing the right tires and other car upgrades is essential to staying competitive, and each upgrade effects your car in a realistic manner. Since the controls are tighter, you can achieve almost any desired handling you want by upgrading correctly. There are also no shortcuts to be found in this game. The emphasis here is on racing and only racing.

Much like the gameplay, the graphics are also very polished. Environments range from Area 51 to Ski Resorts, and all look very nice. Polygonal models are solid, with very little flicker or seams showing. Car models are also nice, accurately representing their real-life counterparts. Unfortunately, this high level of detail in a PSX game ultimately leads to a significant amount of draw-in. I'm talking "Daytona USA" type draw-in. While it doesn't really effect gameplay, it's mildly annoying. Also, the framerate will occasionally drop a few FPS when trying to draw lots of things on-screen, but it doesn't really affect gameplay. Overall, despite being on the aging Playstation, the graphics here rival those found in the Dreamcast version. While the graphics aren't perfect, they still look pretty good.

There's not a lot to talk about in the sound department, because it's nearly identical to that found in the Dreamcast version. The music manages to capture both the "cool" feel of driving a Roadster and the "upbeat" driving action found on-screen. My only complaints in the sound department are with the voice samples. While not terrible, the fact that there are so few of them (only one per driver per 'event' like getting passed) make them very annoying very quickly.

One thing you should be warned about is a "non-bug" I found while playing this title. Everytime you enter or exit a race, the analog function in your dual shock is kicked off. At first I thought this was a very bad bug, but what it actually does is turn the analog function back on once the race begins (or when the menu screen pops up). I assume they did this because of problems with analog support during the loading screens.

Overall, this is a much better version of Roadsters than the DC version. The gameplay is much more polished, the graphics make good use of the PSX's power, and annoying problems with the DC version are no where to be found here. If you've always wanted to race in a Lotus, this is the game to pick up.

Overall: 8.1


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