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Review By: Louis Yakobson
Developer:   EA
Publisher:   EA
# of Players:   1-2
Genre:   Snowboarding
ESRB:   Everyone
Date Posted:   11-07-00

The best game launching alongside the PS2 is...? That was the question on everyone's mind when the Playstation 2 was ready to launch on October 26, 2000. Many thought that the PS2 launch was weak, while others thought it as the greatest launch of games ever. Although there were many good games out at launch, no one knew which game was the best. With games like Madden NFL 2001, SSX, Ridge Racer V, Tekken Tag Tournament, Summoner, and Timesplitters all available at launch, no one had a clue which one to pick up. SSX was considered by many to be the game to get along with your PS2, but many people had their doubts about it. Some people were saying "A snowboarding game can't be a great game," and boy, do they wish they never said that. With all the extreme sports games coming out all topped by Tony Hawk, EA Sports took a chance on a snowboarding game called SSX.

SSX delivers great graphics, great sound, and nothing but fun to your household. There are 2 main gameplay modes, single event, and world circuit. In single event, you are given 4 characters to participate with, and 4 that need to be unlocked. As you pick one of these players, you begin as a newbie, so the competition is quite difficult. You are given 2 different boards and outfits that you may select. After these selections are made, there are 2 available race venues allowed for you to race on. Basically, this mode is just to practice and have fun. SSX also delivers a multi-player game where up to 2 players can race or compete in showoff mode. If youíre playing against a friend, the screen will be split vertically. This is an important area of the game because itís great cruising down a mountain against your own buddy.

World Circuit mode is the core of SSX. Like in single event, you start out as a newbie and have to work your way up by gaining experience points. You gain these points as you win races or complete enough tricks to win a medal in showoff mode. In race mode, you have to race three straight times on the same mountain. If you're lucky enough to come in at least 3rd place during the first two races, you move onto the final race. In this race, 1st place gets you gold, 2nd place gets you silver, and 3rd place gets you bronze. If you win one of these medals, you gain experience points, which you add on to any area you want your boarder to improve in. You will unlock characters, outfits, mountains, boards, and tricks after winning a medal.

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